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How to set up a pay pal account

How to set up a pay pal account



If you want to make money at home, you definitely need to create a PayPal account. This newbie-friendly guide shows you how!

If you want to make money at home, you definitely need to create a PayPal account. This newbie-friendly guide shows you how!



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    How to set up a pay pal account How to set up a pay pal account Presentation Transcript

    • How to Set Up a PayPal Account: A Guide for Absolute Newbies by Diane de la Cruz
    • What is PayPal?
    • PayPal is an onlinepayment processor.
    • It allows buyers to makeonline purchases withoutgiving out theircredit/debit card details.
    • PayPal also makes iteasy for sellers to getpaid.
    • All sellers have to do isgive out the e-mailaddress they associatewith their PayPalAccount.
    • If you are going to sellgoods and/or servicesonline, a PayPalaccount is a must-have for you.
    • Let’s create yourPayPal account.
    • But first, you needto have two thingsready:
    • 1) A valid e-mail address.2) Your bank account details.
    • Now, let’s begin.
    • Go to thePayPal website:http://www.paypal.com
    • You willautomatically bebrought to thePayPal site foryour country.
    • Click theSign Up link.
    • You will see this:
    • Select Premierby clicking thegold button.
    • Next, fill out thedetails in thefollowing page:
    • Let’s take a closer look:
    • Your e-mail goes here:
    • Make sure you enter astrong password (atleast 8 characters).
    • A strong password is acombination of lettersand numbers.
    • Filling out the restof the form shouldbe easy.
    • But wait…
    • There’s more.
    • Make sure yourphone number is validor you will not beable to proceed.
    • Do not put the plussign (+) before thecountry code.
    • Do not put aplus sign!
    • You will need a debitor a credit card toverify your account.
    • But don’t worry if youdon’t have one yet.You can verify youraccount later on.
    • Just un-checkthis box:
    • Un-check this ifyou don’t have acredit or debitcard yet.
    • Click thegolden button:
    • Congratulations!You now have aPayPal account.
    • Now, it’s time toassociate yourbank account withyour PayPalaccount.
    • Click theWithdraw link.
    • You will see this:
    • Click this:
    • Since you haven’tadded your bankaccount to yourPayPal account justyet, you will see this:
    • Remember that yourPayPal name shouldexactly match yourbank account name.
    • Fill out the form.
    • To avoid problems,make sure youdon’t make anymistake.
    • Wait! Where canyou find yourbank’s code?
    • ???
    • If you are in thePhilippines, you’rein luck.
    • I have a completelist of Philippinebank codes.
    • Just go to this link:http://make-money-at-home-with-diane.blogspot.com/2012/05/this-is-complete-list-of-paypal.html
    • If you’reelsewhere, youcan always Googlethe info.
    • Type the followingin Google:PayPal bank codes+ (name of yourcountry)
    • Here’s an example:
    • Don’t forget to hitthe golden buttonwhen you’re done.
    • You may have tofollow some moreinstructions toconfirm your bankaccount.
    • For more tutorials andinformation aboutmaking moneyonline…
    • Visit:http://make-money-at-home-with-diane.blogspot.com/
    • $$$ Let’s makesome moneyonline! $$$
    • The End 