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Tim Johnston Firepower Powerpoint Slideshow from; http://firepowerserver.yolasite.com/

Tim Johnston Firepower Powerpoint Slideshow from; http://firepowerserver.yolasite.com/

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  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Who are we ?
    • Firepower is a joint venture business between :
    • Shell Services brings people and ideas together from a diversity of perspectives to create better products, open up new energy markets and provide leading-edge service solutions.
    • The TPS Group leads the world in the development of solid and liquid super concentrates. Our products have achieved international credibility for superior performance by improving fuel efficiency, greater equipment performance and reducing harmful exhaust emissions. TPS is the inventor of the FP8000 Engine Oil Purge Machine.
    • Firepower is a route to market for Ultra Shine Aviation International. The original business was initially founded in 1980. The core business being the specialization of products and services for the Aviation industry.
  • 3. Firepower is a Perth based Australian company that provides technology to increase performance and economy while reducing harmful emissions that are polluting our planet, and poisoning the air we breathe.
  • 4. Value Propositions
    • Aircraft Paint Restoration and Sealing process
    • Exterior dry water washing and degreasing of aircraft surface
    • Fire retardants application for aircraft interiors
    • Removal of scratches and crazing on windows and screens of aircraft
    • Turnaround flight detailing available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week *
    • * Australian Offering Only
  • 5. International Value Proposition
    • 1. Aircraft Paint Restoration and Sealing Process
    • Comprehensive Training of Maintenance Staff of product application
    • Supply of Pro-seal products to operating partner
    • Supply of equipment to operating partner
    • 2. Window Restoration
    • Receipt and repair of windows in Perth – Western Australia
    • NDI (Non-destructive inspection) report
    • NDI endorsement
    • Distribution of windows back to source
  • 6. 1. Aircraft Paint Restoration and Sealing Process Features :
    • Powerful Ultra Violet Ray screening agent against sunlight
    • High Gloss Finish
    • Boeing Approval D6-17487 Revision L
    • CASA approval # C536536
    • Exceeds Military Specification No : pp A-A-15 Type 1 Class II
    • Rejuvenates old paintwork
    • Reduces maintenance costs and aircraft ‘downtime’ dramatically
  • 7. 1 (Cont). Aircraft Paint Restoration and Sealing Process Advantages & Benefits :
    • Resists the deterioration effect of sunlight on paintwork
    • Simplifies cleaning process
    • Resists salt attack
    • Resists effect of acid rain
    • Ideal in minimizing corrosion
    • Aviation approved
    • Extends lifespan of painted surface
    • Professional finish, projecting a first class image
    • Low cost to aircraft operators
  • 8. Quality Products :
    • Products meet and exceed Boeing, US Military specifications and CASA regulations for aviation use
  • 9. CASA and Boeing Approvals
  • 10. Results of a sample of the Ultra Shine on the deteriorated fuselage of a Russian Helicopter 2.Ultra Shine Process (before and after)
  • 11. Testimonial Partners
    • Skywest Airlines
    • Qantas Airlink
    • China Southern
    • National Jet Systems
    • Hawker Pacific
    • Surveillance Australia (Customs)
    • Civil Aviation Authority
    • Singapore Airlines Flying Academy
    • Police Air Wing
    • Skippers Aviation
    • Royal Flying Doctor Services
    • Royal Aero Club
    • Channel 7
    • Channel 9
    • Channel 10
  • 12.  
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17. Paint or Pro-Seal ?
    • Downtime Days …
  • 18. Paint or Pro-Seal ?
    • Time Frame …
  • 19. Paint or Pro-Seal ?
    • Cost …
  • 20. Paint or Pro-Seal ?
    • Cost over 5 years …
  • 21. Examples of severe crazing in a aircraft window 2.Window Crazing (before)
  • 22. Window after crazing repair 2 (Cont). Window Crazing (after)
  • 23. In no way is it possible for any of our products to damage even the most expensive engines on the market. For peace of mind, a US$10 million insurance policy is in place for any single claim proving engine damage to be caused by our products. Our manufacturing processes are also ISO 9002 Certified. Our Guarantee
  • 24. Partners & Countries Some of the Countries currently using Firepower products: China Cambodia Malaysia Laos Singapore Indonesia Taiwan Philippines Myanmar Nepal India Russia Ukraine Turkmenistan Belarussia Poland Tonga Fiji Samoa New Zealand Australia