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Alex Joseph's WEHUB University of Lethbridge presentation on September 2, 2010

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  • Today we are both empowered by laptops connected to wireless high speed networks and swamped by information that that provides.For many this is a problem including organizations that collect data.However, if we could easily sort through this mess we have an opportunity.
  • More recently, the web has transformed from being less oneway and static, to a two-way sharing network where we are all not just consumers but now can easily be producers.The world's store of digital content is now the equivalent of one full top-of-the-range iPod for every two people on the planet, following the explosion of social networking sites, internet-enabled mobile phones and government surveillance. - guardian.co.uk, Monday 18 May 2009
  • And this has allowed us as a species to produce more data and information since Obama took his presendency than all previous history combined.
  • Water and Environmental Hub - U of L

    1. 1. Water and Environmental Hub since 26.04.2010 Alex Joseph Executive Director University of Lethbridge September 2, 2010
    2. 2. Problem or Opportunity?
    3. 3. STORE 32000 YRS MOVE 5000 YRS AMASS 20 YRSDISTRIBUTE 1994 PRODUCE 2008
    4. 4. 32000 YRS5000 YRS20 YRS199420082010
    5. 5. If there’s all this data out there...Why do I and my students spend 50-75% of time trying to find it?|
    6. 6. The Problem Until Now• Data is exploding• Data sets are large• Data has been hard to move around• Data is precious• Ironically data is our first and last thought...
    7. 7. "Access to and sharing of water and land use information and knowledge remains one of themost significant challenges to the development of responsible management policies and plans"- University of Lethbridge President and Vice- chancellor Dr. Bill Cade
    8. 8. Google Apps AB EnvIP3/WC2N UNGEMS
    9. 9. VisionTo become the open source, web platform that connects water and environmental data with the tools and people needed to advance water research, integrated management, innovation, and economic diversification.
    10. 10. We will try to do to water data and informationWhat Google has done to text, images, video... volume – accessibility – mashups - customization
    11. 11. if <this> data explosion web 2.0 + open data high speed networks cloud computing </this> IS TRUE for WATERthen {benefit} = > data open and accessible online < time and $ spent in acquisition > eresearch, innovation, economic diversification
    12. 12. AppsWEHUBMediatorsData IP3/WC2N UNGEMS GIN ...
    13. 13. Approach• Distributed: data stays with owners• Scalable: exists in the cloud• Seamless: acts as one virtual database• Multi-access: multiple portals, tools• Standards-based: use nat’l & int’l standards e.g. Groundwater ML (GWML) WaterML GeoSciML
    14. 14. Integrated Management Industry Energy Agriculture Integrated Apps Policy General Government PublicCitizenScience Civic Innovation Users Economic Environment WPACs eResearch NGOs Academia Economic Environment Flood/Drought Repository
    15. 15. Who
    16. 16. INITIAL FUNDINGScanning • Q2 2010 Development • Q3 2010 Public Launch • Q3 2011 Feedback & • Q3 2011 Refinement
    17. 17. Alex JosephExecutive Director - Water and Environmental HubCybera Inc.Direct: (403) 826-3915Email: alex.joseph@cybera.cahttp://www.cybera.ca/project/water-and-environmental-hub