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Presentation by Shahram Yassemi on Geokov, delivered at the Water and Environmental Hub track of the 2011 Cybera Summit.

Presentation by Shahram Yassemi on Geokov, delivered at the Water and Environmental Hub track of the 2011 Cybera Summit.

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  • 1. Geokov http://geokov.comShahram Yassemi Project Initiation: 2009Founder and Developer
  • 2. Outline•  Why a Web Platform?•  Geokov Overview•  Geokov Map Maker•  Data Formats•  Data Providers•  Sharing & Collaboration•  Users
  • 3. Why an online platform?•  No platform (operating system & hardware) dependence can access the application from anywhere with an internet connection and web browser•  Access to remote databases as well as real-time data facilitates efficient data and information dissemination, integration, and sharing•  No need for specialized GIS software application, database upgrades and debugging are done from a central location•  A user-friendly interface with only the essential tools / functionality no interaction with complex GIS software•  Facilitates communication and collaboration
  • 4. Map Maker Geokov Outdoors EducationA free web application providing: •  user-friendly mapping and visualization functionality •  allowing for integration of geospatial data from various sources
  • 5. Server Client-Server Architecture ClientMicrosoft ASP.NetVisual Studio (VB) Google Maps API Javascript
  • 6. Geokov Map Maker•  Regional, provincial or country-wide web page•  Interactive map•  Different base maps; ability to overlay data•  Tools for drawing on the map•  Data import and export•  Direct data read/write to Garmin GPS device•  Distance and bearing calculations
  • 7. Drawing on the map
  • 8. Base Maps
  • 9. Import / Export Data
  • 10. Gridlines
  • 11. Distance – Bearing Calculations
  • 12. Geokov A Data ConsumerStrives to:•  Make data readily available to the end user•  Add value to the data
  • 13. Data Formats•  Web Map Service, KML Nework Link, GeoRss –  Suitable for dynamic data –  Less maintenance –  No access to raw data –  Dependent on the provider for availability•  XML (KML, GPX), Shapefile and other GIS file formats –  Data conversion needed for GIS file formats –  Data currency issue –  Data size issue –  Control over data presentation / manipulation –  Useful for the user with GIS knowledge
  • 14. Dynamic Data – KML Network Link e.g. Earthquake, Fire, Streamflow, Weather
  • 15. Web Map Service (WMS) – Changing Data
  • 16. Web Map Service (WMS) – Static Data
  • 17. Web Map Service (WMS) – Static Data
  • 18. KML (Static Data)
  • 19. Power of Mashup
  • 20. Data ProvidersData Used from:•  GeoGratis – Natural Resources Canada Earth Science Sector•  GeoBC – Government of British Columbia•  GEOweb – District of North Vancouver•  Land Information Ontario – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources•  Open data shared by individuals•  US National Forest Service•  US National Park ServiceAvailable Data (sampling of North America):•  GeoBase ••  GeoConnections •  Individual State Data Clearinghouses•  Government of Yukon •  Government Ministries / Departments•  Nova Scotia•  Alberta Geological Survey Many provinces and municipalities have•  Open Data Canada (Pilot) kept their data locked up (collected with•  Open Data BC tax-payer money)!!!!!
  • 21. Data storage / sharing, collaborative mapping Import KML to Google maps My places
  • 22. Expand user base to utilize open data and communicate with maps Field Worker / Researcher Park Ragner Silviculture Contractor Conservation Officer GIS softwareConservation Group, Mapping knowledge NGOEnvironmental Club Data file types (esp. developing countries) projections/datums Small Town Search &Guide / Outfitter Rescue VolunteerBackcountry traveler Geography Teacher University Lecturer
  • 23. Thanks to:•  Water and Environmental Hub / Cybera Alex Joseph Meagan Hampel•  Google