Fleet & Asset Management Report 2012


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Market Forecasts, Strategy Analysis & Solutions to Position Your Brand as a Front-Runner of the Automotive Fleet Telematics Space

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Fleet & Asset Management Report 2012

  1. 1. RE Ex oRT Sid P in cl R E! uS ES iv ul Order befOr E TS 20 th Ja e n 2012 & save $400Fleet & Asset Management Report 2012Market Forecasts, Strategy Analysis & Solutionsto Position Your Brand as a Front-Runner of theAutomotive Fleet Telematics SpaceThis report will provide: A sample of interviewees: Y Corroboration of the market with extensive analysis of fleets, telematics P providers and the value chain including top innovators and carriers with M2M solutions: Identify where you fit into the commercial telematics space O and action your business strategy today C Market forecasts of key trends including mergers, acquisitions, T consolidation and scalability: Determine how the market is evolving and F create a blueprint for enhancing fleet efficiency with integrated solutions A Insight into govt. regulations such as the FMCA proposed rule and R hazardous material laws and the implications for US and EU fleet operators: Take on best practise cargo management now to safe-guard D your place in the market for the next five years Competitive analysis of market drivers such as fuel management applications and penetration rates: Appeal to fleet manager’s market specifications with telematics solutions and secure vital partnerships Comprehensive analysis of technical standards, PLCF4 and RFID, and the standards specialists ascertain to be introduced: Factor standards into your strategic planning to achieve higher market penetrationAccess brand new data findings with: Case studies from key players in the fleet telematics space such as fleet operators, innovators and automakers: Use new tech. to provide data on driver behaviour for time and cost efficient fleets Crucial market penetration rates by country, emerging markets and verticals (transport, automotive, commercial) to identify exactly where your business can profitably access the market List of the top 20 fleet operators makes sense of the fragmented market: You can pinpoint the key players and potential business partners and match your business strategy accordingly Open nOw for detailed contents, chapter summaries and exclusive selected findings
  2. 2. Order befOr 20 th Ja e n 2012 & save $400Why is this report in high demand?Evolving technologies, changing security, legislation and the standardization debate has created an unpredictableenvironment for telematics service providers in the fleet space. The fragmented market has made penetration an immensechallenge for companies looking to become industry leaders. Fleet operators seek to minimize costs, mitigate risk andoptimize efficiency. They are looking for best practise strategies to increase profits and telematics vendors are the key toproviding this critical technology.Inclusive of market trends, opportunities for growth and disruptive forces that will affect the market place, this report identifiesthe USPs telematics vendors must address in order to differentiate their products’ offerings, appeal to fleet operators needsand take their brand mass market. A snapshot of this business critical report: Methodology  find out how the regulatory environment is shaping up – and the Months of in-depth market implications for fleets research has been accumulated  read exclusive, up-to-date market statistics on the penetration Y in this comprehensive report. rates of the leading fleet operators P  telematics Update’s survey data with insight on which carriers  TU interviewed 20+ industry experts O are providing a differentiated service, the community’s priorities and including suppliers, fleet managers, growth opportunities in the space C service providers, wireless carriers and technology providers to give a  read experts’ thoughts on standardization problems for the fleet T market – and how to solve it thorough insight into the entire value F chain.  In-depth and exclusive market forecasts revealing the 20 front- A runners of the fleet space with a breakdown of their market share  discover how enabling technologies can optimize efficiencies and R  TU included north american and european leaders in the commercial add value to your products’ offerings D telematics space to provide you with  see how start-ups are providing alternative approaches that fleet global analysis and market forecasts. operators are keen to benefit from  TU has compiled stats, graphs and This is a must-read report for: figures from industry surveys targeting 160+ key technology providers, fleet • Fleet service providers • Wireless carriers operators and service providers • Vehicle manufacturers • Government agencies to reveal which issues are having a • Telematics vendors • Consultants detrimental impact on the industry and how to solve them. • Investors finally you can get to grips with problems at the center  The independent report was peer of the commercial telematics space and strategize the reviewed by industry experts through solutions essential to the market. each draft stage to ensure quality control, providing critical guidance on the contents which helped inform the quality and direction of the research. Now you can capitalize on all this exclusive knowledge which will guide you on how to differentiate your brand, minimize risk and maximize fleet efficiency to penetrate the market. Contact reports@telematicsupdate.com for more information
  3. 3. Order befOr 20 th Ja e n 2012 & save $400 Chapters Overview Here is a run-down of the meticulously detailed chapters in the Fleet & Asset Management Report. 1. Introduction and methodology: 6. Fleet management case studies: 40+ interviews, two industry surveys and rigorous The report offers exclusive insider knowledge from fleet secondary research revealed a high demand for a fleet operators, commercial fleets through best practice fleet and asset management report. This section explains how and asset management case studies. This chapter looks at and why Telematics Update produced its latest business how United Parcel Services (UPS), Oldcastle Materials and intelligence report. McDonald’s, amongst other key players, are dealing with challenges that threaten their competitive edge. Discover 2. Fleet providers and the value chain: how they are using technologies to improve ROI. This is an analysis of fleet operators, innovators, OEMs 7. The problem of standardization for fleets: and carriers’ strategies. Telematics Update’s proprietary market research has pinpointed the leaders in this space To solve this challenge we offer a comprehensive directory with detailed insight on tracking technologies. The chapter to existing standards with standardization forecasts. includes threats to growth and how vehicle OEMs are Telematics Update analyzes with scrutiny how standards Y breaking out of old patterns to embrace new business could be introduced practically, how security could be at P models. the heart of standardization and the indications for fleet operators, OEMs and suppliers. O 3. Market forecasts: C 8. Enablement: We examine penetration rates for the top 17 market T leaders. Each market leader has +100,000 units in service, Using Freescale and NXP as examples, we uncover how F based on statistics unearthed by Telematics Update. enabling technologies can optimize fleet efficiency. Learn Growth rates are forecasted up to and including 2015. from their strategies and develop an intelligent business A model inclusive of enabling technologies to form lucrative R 4. Government regulations: partnerships with fleet operators. D This is a guide to the regulatory environment and the 9. Survey responses: impact for fleet operators. With analysis of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) legislation, including The results from an industry-wide survey have been the key proposed regulation for electronic on board clearly documented through graphs, tables and figures recorders (EOBR), the chapter looks at driver distraction and analysed in detail. You can benefit from insight on and fuel economy. You can find out how government standards, priorities, best in class operators, implementers funding is being spent and how this will give fleet solution and opportunities for growth from 160+ stakeholders to providers the means to create a competitive edge. ensure your telematics solutions appeal to the needs of the market. 5. Safety and insurance companies: 10. Conclusions: This chapter focuses on why insurance telematics is becoming increasingly important for fleet operators and The author shares his market forecasts, based on how insurance companies have become involved in dozens of interviews, statistics and months of research. the fleet and asset management market due to driver The chapter will aid you in safe guarding your business behaviour. Telematics Update examines case studies strategies for future developments in technology, including Zurich Financial Services, Traveller’s Inland and government mandates and standardization. LoJack SCI to help you capitalize on insurance telematics and incorporate this into your fleet business model. A sample of the valuable case studies in this report: Find out how market leaders differentiate their offerings with case studies on trends, predictions and best practice tips: Zurich Trimble Safelite FleetMatics TMW Systems Sprint Daimler John Deere SeeControl SkyBitzOrder your copy today at www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index.php
  4. 4. Order befOr 20 th Ja e n 2012 & save $400 Report Contents Find out exactly what you can learn in this up-to-the-minute report with extensive contents. Foreword 4 GOVeRnMenT ReGULATIOnS 4.0.1 National Transportation Safety Board executive summary 4.1 Implications for Fleet Providers 4.1.1 FMCSA Proposed Rule 395.16 for EOBRs / Case Study 1 InTRODUCTIOn AnD MeTHODOLOGY 4.1.2 Driver Distraction 4.1.3 Hazardous Material Regulations 4.1.4 Fuel Economy 2 FLeeT pROVIDeRS AnD THe VALUe CHAIn 4.1.5 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) for 2.1 History of Telematics …and Asset Management Collision Avoidance 2.2 Asset Tracking: The Barcode to RFID Transition and More 4.1.6 Other Government Activities 2.3 The Top Fleet Providers in the Industry 4.2 Where is Government Funding Going? / Case Study 2.3.1 Masternaut/Case Study 4.3 Peripheral Vision and Standards 2.3.2 Navman Wireless 2.3.3 I.D. Systems /Case Study 2.3.4 C-Track (DigiCore) 5 SAFeTY & InSURAnCe COMpAnIeS 2.3.5 Qualcomm 5.1 Safety 2.3.6 Trimble/ Case Study 5.1.1 Zurich / Case Study 2.3.7 SkyBitz /Case Study 5.2 Security / Case Study 2.3.8 Xora Y 2.3.9 GE’s Asset Intelligence Unit (Now Part of I.D. Systems) 2.3.10 Networkfleet / Case Study 6 FLeeT MAnAGeMenT CASe STUDIeS P 2.3.11 Teletrac / Case Study 6.1 Fleet Operators 2.3.12 PeopleNet (Now part of Trimble) / Case Study 6.1.1 Third Party Input O 2.3.13 FleetMatics/ Case Study 6.2 Delivery Experts Take Different Routes 2.3.14 Roadnet Technologies / Case Study C 6.2.1 United Parcel Service / Case Study / Geotab 2.3.15 TransCore 6.2.2 FedEx Express /PowerPad 2 /SenseAware 2.3.16 Hughes Telematics Inc. 6.3 Other Fleet Operators’ Input 2.4 Top Innovators T 6.3.1 Oldcastle Materials 2.4.1 TMW Systems /Case Study F 6.3.2 STERIS 2.4.2 Shell 6.3.3 Safelite / Case Study 2.4.3 IBM 6.3.4 McDonald’s Corp. A 2.4.4 PHH Arval 6.3.5 USG 2.4.5 Garmin 6.3.6 Other Observations 2.4.6 IDENTEC Solutions R 2.4.7 Zebra Technologies 6.4 Best Practices: Fleet & Asset Management Guidelines 2.4.8 EarthSearch Communications / Case Study D 2.4.9 RFID Centre 7 THe pROBLeM OF STAnDARDIZATIOn FOR FLeeT 2.4.10 Gateway Communications, Inc. 2.4.11 SeeControl /Case Study 7.01 CVTA 2.4.12 LoJack SCI 7.1 Existing Standards 2.4.13 Numerex 7.1.1 PLC4Trucks 2.4.14 Telenor Connexion 7.1.2 RFID 2.4.15 Trafficmaster Plc 7.2 Who Will Develop or Sponsor the Required Standards? 2.4.16 TeleNav 7.3 Trusted Computing Group 2.4.17 Secondary Market 2.4 18 Cell-Phone Based Telematics 2.5 Issues to watch 8 enABLeMenT 2.5.1 Security 8.1 Enabling Technology Providers 2.5.2 Driver Health Monitoring 8.1.1 Freescale Semiconductor 2.5.3 Potential Disruption - Major Network Changes 8.1.2 NXP Semiconductor Cisco 8.1.3 Renesas 2.6 Vehicle OEMs 8.2 Other Semiconductor-based Embedded Technologies/Products 2.6.1 PACCAR / TruckerLink 2.6.2 Ford Motor Company /Work Solutions 2.6.3 General Motors / Business Bridge 9 SURVeY ReSpOnSeS 2.6.4 John Deere /Phoenix International /Case Study 2.6.5 Daimler /FleetBoard/ Case Study 2.6.6 Volvo Group/ Wireless Car 10 COnCLUSIOnS 2.6.7 Hino Trucks /INSIGHT 2.6.8 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America 2.7 Carriers M2M Solutions Other Information: Acronyms 2.7.1 SignalSet /Sprint &T-Mobile 2.7.2 Sprint/Case Study References 2.7.3 Vodafone Acknowledgements 2.7.4 KPN 2.7.5 Trimble/ Sprint & AT&T endnotes 2.7.6 TechnoCom/ Several Carriers About the author 3 MARKeT FOReCASTS Appendix 3.1 Where is the Market Going? /Case Study 3.2 Asset and Cargo Management 3.3 Key Trends 3.4 Penetration RatesOrder your copy today at www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index.php
  5. 5. Order befOr 20 th Ja e n 2012 & save $400FiguresThis report uses figures, graphs and statistics to strengthen its discoveries and supports itsmarket forecasts.Figure 1: Fundamental TICS services Figure 17: FleetBoard provides Figure 33: Profile of survey respondents, connectivity and real-time management fleet operator or technology provider.Figure 2: The progression from enabling throughout the vehicle’s traveltechnologies to usable driver and fleet Figure 34: What items are of most information Figure 18: Daimler FleetBoard says that interest regarding your involvement with 80% of the cost can be influenced by its Telematics?Figure 3: Different RFID frequencies for F&AM solutionpassive and active tags Figure 35: Which of the following do Figure 19: The difference between vehicle you consider the Best in Class in fleetFigure 4: The vehicle communications centric and non-vehicle centric services operators implementing telematicsand management infrastructure involves technology?several critical entities Figure 20: Existing vehicle centric and non-vehicle centric F&AM solutions will Figure 36: Which of the following market Figure 5: VeriWise uses GPS and two-way transform to a merged solution in the leaders do you consider the Best in Class future for providing telematics technology? Ysatellite communications PFigure 6: Sources of costs savings (cash Figure 21: The display demonstrates the Figure 37: What factors would increase Oflow gains) from implementing GE’s driver’s information available from the your implementation of telematicsVeriWise system HINO INSIGHT systems/devices/services? CFigure 7: Asset tracking technology can Figure 22: The growth in the area of fleet Figure 38: How important are the Tbenefit several areas of fleet operations and asset management following: FFigure 8: VeriWise cargo sensors are Figure 23: The value chain for Figure 39: What area has the highest Ainstalled at the front of the trailer implementing F&AM technology involves potential growth for fleet and asset several aspects management? RFigure 9: Networkfleet’s dashboard Dshow the types of summary reports for Figure 24: Zurich’s view of the telematics Figure 40: What technology will take fleet monitoring sped history, mpg trends and systems is similar to suppliers and asset management to the next level?fuel efficiency Figure 25: With Novacom Europe’s Figure 41: What variations of positioning Figure 10: The variety of hardware for dashboard, Zurich’s Virtual Risk Manager technology do you see occurring in thevehicle monitoring provides driver scores future?Figure 11: The value of monitoring gas Figure 26: Increased fuel cost has driven Figure 42: How likely do you feelprices within a region and a solution using interest in telematics insurance company initiatives, includingTMW Systems modified rate programs, are going to have Figure 27: UPS trucks are the focal point a significant impact on F&AM within theFigure 12: The DB Schenker smartbox of UPS F&AM strategy next five years?offers several sensing options tocustomers Figure 28: FedEx Express PowerPad 2 Figure 43: Which of the following organizations needs to develop additionalFigure 13: PACCAR TruckerLink Figure 29: FedEx SenseAware has GPS standards for increased fleet and asset tracking and other sensing capabilities for management success?Figure 14: Ford Work Solutions high-value packages Figure 44: Which of the following carriers Figure 30: Vertical markets, different is providing differentiating service thatFigure 15: John Deere’s JDLink offer communication protocols and available could change the future of fleet & assetfeatures for lower cost and high-end devices management?applications Figure 31: A commercial vehicle with its Figure 45: In asset management that isFigure 16: John Deere’s JD Link has on-board equipment for DSRC not at the vehicle level, at what rate doaccess to the Modular Telematics you think barcodes will be replaced byGateway (MTG) in the vehicle the following technologies within the next Figure 32: Two competitors that use a 5 years? cloud computing provider Turn the page now for a select sample of the report’s findings
  6. 6. Order befOr 20 th Ja e n 2012Exclusive findings from Telematics Update’s & save $400unprecedented research.Here is a snapshot of the solid statistics and facts you can expect in the full report. FedEx will see a hike of nearly 30,000 units in service  The average long-haul truck uses over $3,700 of fuel (UIS) by May 2012 (from 14,000 to 42,000 UIS) per year idling Luke smithwick, Segment Operations Manager at Cyndi brandt, Vice President of Marketing at Mobile Freescale Semiconductor, sees significant changes Cast, said: “We know that people are really interested coming based on control chips currently in to find better ways to solve problems. The biggest development: “The next-generation device will be trends that we see in our core markets are: how Y highly integrated with the cost structure that will serve do I control more of my fuel spend, how do I really P this market very well and take implementers to the understand how drivers are driving the vehicles and O next level in their system.” what’s the corresponding cost relative to how they’re driving?” C “What we are seeing there is not any one Savior T application, so what we are looking at is basically an F Nearly 96% of the registered motor carriers in the U.S. ecosystem or a slew of different entities that have to operate 20 or fewer trucks A come together to make this whole thing fly-to-drive adoption and build the business model.” D R scott McCormick. President of CVTA, observed of standardization: “Common thinking is that in 2016 it  difference between the best and the worst The [NHTSA] will establish a rule. It is very likely that the driver can cost a company up to 30% higher fuel rule will be in place in 2014 for interstate commercial consumption in the same vehicle using the same route vehicles because it does not involve a large process with the states. So in 2014, they will already know what is required for commercial vehicles regarding the type of information that has to be passed from vehicle  Hardware costs in China are around $40 whereas, in to vehicle.” the U.S., the average is about $200.  70% of supply chain leaders say the end-to-end  One asset intelligence company added $500,000 to its visibility is the single largest challenge in North bottom line profits year-on-year after adding real-time American ports trailer analytics to its processes  900,000 vehicles are currently being tracked in ChinaTurn the page now to hear what your peers thought of the full report
  7. 7. Order befOr 20 th Ja e n 2012 & save $400 Peer Reviews Industry experts are able to validate the quality of this report. scott McCormick, President, helene hartlief, International david Mcnamara, President, the Connected Vehicle Trade Marketing Manager, KPN, said: McNamara Technology Solutions, Association (CVTA), said: “I have covered the fleet market said: “Having followed the fleet “Telematics Update’s Fleet & for some time providing me with domain for several years for Asset Management Report 2012 a firm grasp of the major issues clients, I have found it to be the is a 160-page report that provides affecting fleet operators and service leading market for new telematics excellent thought leadership on the providers in the market. applications - it has a viable important issues of fleet providers, business model for connectivity. telematics service providers and “In an age when budgets are tight This report leverages the extensive others in the F&AM value chain. and the need to justify ROI of insider network available to With exclusive market data and business intelligence is paramount, Telematics Update. We hear from in-depth insight provided by Telematics Update’s insight-packed those in the know who can provide dozens of industry experts, this case studies and proprietary data us with insights into the winning make the decision for you.” Y report provides an exceptional strategies and tell us what to expect quality and quantity of content.” next. We get more than the basic P facts we can glean from the Internet. O Indeed, we get a sophisticated C I am happy to answer any enquires you may have about the Fleet & Asset study which delves deeper into Management Report. Please contact me directly on the details below. fleet market trends, hones in on the T significant issues that are foremost Thanks, F in fleet operators’ thoughts and uncovers exclusive market data.” A Charlotte R Charlotte Wright e: reports@telematicsupdate.com Marketing Manager W: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index D Telematics Update t: + 44 (0) 207 375 7585 / 1 800 814 3459 ext. 7585 Order your report in less than Your information 60 seconds First Name: Last Name: Just fill in this form and access the knowledge Company: you need to penetrate the fleet market today Telephone: Pages:140 Email: Price: $1795 Address: Launch Price expires 20th January 2012: $1395 City: Zip/Postcode: release date: 20th January 2012 Report Name: fax this form back to + (0) 44 2073757576 Quantity: Payment details More ways to order… Name (as it appears on the card): Call: 44 (0) 207 375 7585 Card Number: Type of Card: email: reports@telematicsupdate.com Expiry Date: Online: www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index Security Code:Order your copy today at www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index.