Walk for Plumpy'nut PR Materials 2010


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Walk for Plumpy'nut PR Materials 2010

  1. 1. Publicity Materials 2010 By: Colleen Wormsley
  2. 2. IntroductionFood for Thought, originally founded by Ithaca College student Elizabeth Stoltz in 2008,is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping children around the world whoare facing malnutrition, lack of education, and poverty. In Spring 2010, the Ithaca Collegechapter was started by five freshmen students, including myself. Although the organizationis relatively new on campus, it has been tremendously active both locally and internationallyin its relief and awareness efforts. To date, the organization has raised money to supportfemale education in Malawi, collected school supplies for an orphanage in Peru, collectedmoney for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, hosted a “Free Rice” event, collected winter clothing fororphanages in Russia, and sold bracelets to raise money for a Nicaraguan orphanage.However, the biggest and most successful event the Ithaca College chapter of Food forThought hosted was Ithaca’s 1st Walk for Plumpy’nut. Plumpy’nut is a therapeutic foodsupplement that can save the lives of severely malnourished children. Food for Thought heldthe Walk for Plumpy’nut to raise money to purchase packets of Plumpy’nut for ConcernWorldwide’s feeding stations in Ethiopia.On October 9, 2010, over 80 college students and community members joined together in thefight against hunger at Cass Park. The Walk for Plumpy’nut was extremely successful andraised over $1,500, enough to buy 5,054 packets of Plumpy’nut.The walk would not have been nearly as successful without proper marketing and publicity.As the Communications Director of Food for Thought, it was my responsibility to promotethe event. I used a variety of methods including promotional materials, press releases, a radiopublic service announcement, online media, partnering with WICB, and tabling in CampusCenter and at Apple Fest.
  3. 3. Poster In order to attract partipants, I designed posters that were placed on various parts of the campus. They were also paced in The Commons, the Farmer’s Market, grocery stores, and local buisnesses around town.
  4. 4. LCD Screen Display I also designed this advertisment that was used for the LCD screen displays in Campus Center and IC Square.
  5. 5. Table at Apple FestIn order to reach more community members and collect donations, we had a table at Apple Fest from Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 2, 2010. We also tabled in Campus Center the week before the walk.
  6. 6. WICB Click here to listen to the Walk for Plumpy’nut PSA WICB played a huge role in the success of the walk. I worked with the PSA Director to develop and record a radio public service announcement that played over the air. The public serviceannouncement proved to be a great way to attract walkers. A teacher at Dryden High School heardthe radio PSA and made it an extra credit projct for her students to attend the walk. As a result, we had over 15 Dryden High School students come out and support our cause.I arranged for WICB to play live music throughout the Walk’s duration. In addition, I worked with the station’s Promotions Director to publicize the Walk on WICB’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter. I also served as the event’s spokesperson through a live interview broadcast on WICB the day before the event.
  7. 7. Press Release Colleen Wormsley Food for Thought News Communications Director Phone: (914) 772-8144 E-mail: cwormsl1@ithaca.edu FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Colleen Wormsley at (914) 772-8144 or via e-mail at: cwormsl1@ithaca.edu Ithaca College organization hosts Walk for Plumpy’nut ITHACA, NY--September 16, 2010-- The Ithaca College chapter of Food for Thought Inc., will host Ithaca’s first 5k “Walk for Plumpy’nut” on October 9, 2010 at the Cass Park Pavilion. Registration begins at 10 a.m. and the walk begins at 11 a.m. All of the proceeds from the walk will be donated directly to purchase Plumpy’nut to distribute through Concern Worldwide’s feeding centers in Ethiopia. Plumpy’nut is a peanut butter based therapeutic food that is revolutionary in the fight against hunger. It uses peanut paste, vegetable oil, powdered milk and essential vitamins and minerals and is packed in a foil packet to provide severely malnourished children with a high protein and high energy packed therapeutic food. Food for Thought Inc., is a non-profit organization started by Ithaca College student Elizabeth Stoltz in 2008. The Ithaca College chapter was started in Spring 2010 and is continuing to grow. Food for Thought is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world who are denied access to basic living necessities, a quality education, and proper nutrition. Registration is $10 before the walk and $12 the day of the walk. To register, please visit: http://www.icfoodforthought.webs.com. ###
  8. 8. Press Clips
  9. 9. Student organizes club to fight malnutrition | The Ithacan Stay Connected / Thursday, December 09, 2010 Search The Ithacan Home News Opinion Accent Sports Multimedia ABOUT ADVERTISE AWARDS BLOGS CARTOONS PDF ARCHIVE SUBSCRIBE Student organizes club to fight Wrestling: Bombers improve to 6–0 malnutrition 1 on 1 – Derek Brenon Exception to the Rule Federal government shuts down pirating sites By: Erica Palumbo — Contributing Writer | September 15, 2010 College’s medical amnesty policy requires approval Job prospects improve for senior class Like Be the first of your friends to like this. Early decision brings in 270 applications College to hold ceremony for December graduates SGA closes fall semester with campus outreach For sophomore Elizabeth Stoltz, getting involved in the Ithaca College ITS to drop Blackboard service community started with a Plumpy’nut. During her sophomore year in high school, Stoltz said she came across an article about the effects of malnutrition on children in Africa while flipping through an issue of CosmoGirl magazine. She said once she heard about Plumpy’nut, she was inspired to use the peanut-based food packed with protein and essential nutrients to help curb malnutrition rates in Africa. Plumpy’nut is packed in foil and requires no preparation. It has a shelf life of two years and a caloric count of about 500 calories per serving. It costs about $35 to sustain a child under 5 years old for a month. In March 2008, Stoltz started Food for Thought, Inc., a nonprofit organization in her hometown of York, Pa., Sophomore Elizabeth Stoltz poses with her students in Sendafa, Ethiopia, during the summer of 2009. Stoltz traveled to Ethiopia on which has raised $15,000 a mission trip to teach children English with Living Word Community Church of Red Lion, Pa. COURTESY OF ELIZABETH to date. The organization STOLTZ coordinated yearly Walks for Plumpy’nut and a Trick o’ Treat for UNICEF, among other events. In May, Stoltz launched the student organization IC Food for Thought to continue her work with Plumpy’nut. Stoltz said the club’s main goal is to help children around the world who are affected by inadequate nutrition, lack of education and poverty. She said community support is essential to the group’s success. “Without having friends, family and supporters who recognize the amazing possibilities for Plumpy’nut and ending malnutrition, Food for Thought would’ve never even come into existence,” Stoltz said. Stoltz has been joined by fellow board members and sophomores Conor Harrington, Colleen Wormsley, Brittany Kenyon and Lilly Miller, a blogger for The Ithacan, all of whom have been involved with IC Food for Thought since its founding in May. Wormsley, director of communications, said she believes Food for Thought can significantly improve the lives of malnourished children. “There are children all around the world suffering from malnutrition and lack of education, and it’s so empowering to know that we, as students of IC, can be a force for change,” Wormsley said. Food for Thought held its first meeting of the year at 8 p.m. Sept. 7 in the Buttermilk Falls Room. The get-together had a turnout of about 25file:///Users/...msley/Desktop/Plumpynut%20Portfolio/Student%20organizes%20club%20to%20fight%20malnutrition%20%20%20The%20Ithacan.html[12/9/10 10:31:31 PM]
  10. 10. Student organizes club to fight malnutrition | The Ithacan new and returning members. The club’s next event will be a Walk for Plumpy’nut, held at 11 a.m. Oct. 9 at Cass Park in Ithaca. The money raised will purchase Plumpy’nut for feeding stations in Ethiopia, run by Concern Worldwide, a nongovernmental, international and humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing suffering and eliminating extreme poverty in the world’s poorest nations. Stoltz said she hopes this year’s walk will be as successful as the walks she organized in high school. “The first walk for Plumpy’nut was extremely successful,” Stoltz said. “The community response was absolutely fantastic, and it was great having friends and family participate as well. We ended up raising [more than] $5,000.” Stoltz said all of the club’s proceeds go directly to Concern Worldwide. This year, Food for Thought plans to hold new events, including a “Hunger Banquet” — a night where participants will be grouped into different classes and must eat like the class to which they are assigned. Stoltz said, for example, if they receive the No. 3, they are given a small bowl of rice and a glass of dirty water, just like people in Third World countries eat every day. The group plans to host a booth Oct. 1-3 at the Downtown Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival to register walkers for their Oct. 9 Walk for Plumpy’nut and spread the word about Food for Thought. In May, Food for Thought held a meal sign-away for female education in Malawi, during which students could opt to give up a meal to fund a Malawian woman’s education. Annette Levine, the club’s adviser, said she decided to take a backseat role in the organization’s planning stages because of Stoltz’s experience and the board’s enthusiasm. “The students seemed very capable and needed very little from me,” Levine said. “They know that I’m always there if they need support.” Stoltz said she has reaped the rewards of pursuing a passion for helping others. “I knew Plumpy’nut was capable of saving lives, but I never realized how much it would change mine,” Stoltz said. The club meets at 7 p.m. Mondays in Friends 203. For more information, visit the organization’s website at icfoodforthought.webs.com. NEWS OPINION ACCENT SPORTS MULTIMEDIA ABOUT ADVERTISE AWARDS BLOGS CARTOONS PDF ARCHIVE SEARCH SUBSCRIBE RSS © 2010 The Ithacan. All rights reserved. Contact Webmaster.file:///Users/...msley/Desktop/Plumpynut%20Portfolio/Student%20organizes%20club%20to%20fight%20malnutrition%20%20%20The%20Ithacan.html[12/9/10 10:31:31 PM]
  11. 11. Online Coverage
  12. 12. Food for Thought website I created a website for IC Food for Thought where people could learn more information about the Walk for Plumpy’nut as well as register for the walk.
  13. 13. Facebook Ithacas 1st Walk for Plumpynut Search Home Profile Account Ithacas 1st Walk for Plumpynut Edit Event Message Guests You are Attending · Share · Public Event Sponsored Create an Ad Time Saturday, October 9 · 11:00am - 1:00pm Ithaca CourseRank courserank.com Select Guests to Invite Location Cass Park Ithaca average grades now on Ithaca CourseRank.com 98 Attending See All Created By IC Food For Thought Sammi Verost More Info The Ithaca College Chapter of Food for Thought is hosting Ithacas 1st Walk for Plumpynut on October 9, 2010 at Cass Park. Microfinance gift cards Jenna Jablonski worldvisionmicro.org Registration begins at 10 a.m. and the 5k walk begins at 11 a.m. World Visions Registration is $10 before the walk, and $12 the day of the walk. microfinance gift cards Ali Buchanan let you celebrate loved ones with a gift that To register visit: changes lives. Erin Irby http://www.mycommunitytickets.com/event_info.asp?eventid=27207 JAGTAG Rachel Heiss or look out for our table at Campus Center and at Apple Fest! jagtag1.webex.com So youve activated a All proceeds from the walk will be used to purchase packets of mobile marketing Elizabeth Stoltz Plumpynut for Concern Worldwides feeding centers in Ethiopia. campaign. Now what? Plumpynut is a therapeutic food that is used to save severely Attend JAGTAGs Lindsey Smith malnourished children. Analytics Webinar. 12/15 at 1pm EST for The first 60 participants to register will receive a t-shirt and the first stats class. Ted Alhanti 100 participants to register will receive a goodie bag. Nucoffee There will also be free food, Gimme Coffee, and raffle prizes! NUCOFFEE connects 236 Maybe Attending View growers, cooperatives and roasters in a Raffle Prizes include: transparent business - $15 Loose Threads Gift Card partnership. - $50 Gift Card to Moosewood Restaurant 252 Awaiting Reply View - A Chocolate Tour of Lifes So Sweet Chocolate Like · 65 people like this. - A gift basket from Luciennes Fine Foods For more information please visit: http://www.icfoodforthough 414 Not Attending View t.webs.com/ or e-mail food_for_thought@ymail.com Share: Post Link Photo Video Write something... Share Elizabeth Stoltz DSC_3004 Ithacas 1st Walk for Plumpynut Chat (51) October 10 at 5:20pm via iPhoto Uploader · Like · Comment · Share Allyson Rose likes this. Write a comment... Elizabeth Stoltz todays the day! come to the Ithacas 1st Walk for Plumpynut!!!! October 9 at 8:33am · View Post Rachel Heiss is at Ithacas 1st Walk for Plumpynut! Also, good luck to Ruthie Goff as she takes the LSATs! Youll do fabulous! file:///Users/cwormsley/Desktop/Ithacas%201st%20Walk%20for%20Plumpynut.html[12/9/10 8:51:15 PM]
  14. 14. Twitter
  15. 15. Park News E-mail
  16. 16. Dean’s BlogAll Things Park: help Colleen raise money for malnourished children Report Abuse Next Blog» Create Blog Sign In ALL THINGS PARK THE DEANS BLOG FOR THE PARK SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATIONS AT ITHACA COLLEGE. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 ABOUT ME DIANE GAYESKI help Colleen raise money for malnourished VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE children PREVIOUS POSTS help Prof Peruta raise money for Endure to Cure! IC alums stick together Radio wins again An incredible line-up of speakers this fall one MORE award for the Ithacan! YouBoob Funniest Video Contest - win $10k!! PCIM Associate Directors article on fracking Colleen Wormsley, a sophomore Integrated Marketing Alum producer of JAMIE OLIVERS Communications major, is the Communications Director FOOD REVOLUTION wi... for a group on campus called IC Food for Thought. You did it! NEEDLEMOUSE: The Their aim is to improving the lives of children around MUSICAL won! the world who are denied basic living necessities, get Matt on World Famous a quality education, and proper nutrition. Hollywood Improv Colleen invites you to IC Food for Thoughts "Walk for Plumpynut on October 9, 2010 at Cass Park. All proceeds from the walk will be used to purchase packets of Plumpynut to distribute to Concern Worldwides feeding stations in Ethiopia. Plumpynut is a therapeutic food supplement that helps save the lives of severely malnourished children. Registration for the walk begins at 10 a.m. and the walk starts at 11 a.m. For more information about Food for Thought, and The Walk for Plumpynut visit: http://www.icfoodforthought.webs.com. POSTED BY DEAN OF THE PARK SCHOOL AT 7:33 PMfile:///Users/...Things%20Park%20%20help%20Colleen%20raise%20money%20for%20malnourished%20children.html[12/9/10 9:20:28 PM]
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  19. 19. Intercom
  20. 20. ConclusionThe Walk for Plumpy’nut was a huge success and a great learning experience. It would nothave attracted as many participants if it wasn’t for collaboration with student media and localmedia. I was able to work with The Ithacan, The Ithaca Journal, and WICB before the walk, allof which made a significant impact on creating awareness and attracting participants.After the walk, The Ithaca Joural published my press release about our success and there wasalso a segment about the walk on Newswatch 16. Both of these pieces made the communityaware of how local college students made a significant impact in their community and aroundthe world.The Walk for Plumpy’nut allowed me to apply everything I have learned in my Park classesfor an amazing cause. It was a life-changing experience, and I loved using my educationfrom the Roy H. Park School of Communications to help save the lives of children and sparkinterest in other students to take action and create change.