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This PowerPoint outlines some of the things I accomplished as a Marketing Intern at during the summer of 2012.

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  1. 1. Colleen WormsleyMarketing Intern Summer 2012
  2. 2. WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER1.  Marketing Support for The Hunt Campaign2.  Marketing Support for Thumb Wars Campaign3.  Marketing Support for Give a Spit Campaign4.  Rachel Crow Event Planning5.  Created Marketing Pitches6.  Established a Relationship With A New, Big Marketing Partner7.  Researched Member Incentives8.  Created a Strategy to Reach More “Old People”9.  Contributed to the Facebook Category of the Do Something Award Nominees10.  Ongoing projects
  3. 3. MARKETING SUPPORT Acquired 626 new members!THE HUNT • Challenge •  Donated PSA space •  Oklahoma City CW affiliate (aired the PSA 32 times) •  Madison Wisconsin CW affiliate (aired the PSA 13 times) •  Elmira CW affiliate Aired the PSA 42 times!
  4. 4. MARKETING SUPPORT 530,552 muvs!•  THUMB WARS • •  Blog post, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest •  DriversEd.Com •  Facebook, Twitter
  5. 5. MARKETING SUPPORT•  GIVE A SPIT •  Wrote a proposal that awarded 30+ free ad placements in college newspapers throughout the country for the “Give a Spit” campaign
  6. 6. RACHEL CROW EVENTS•  Secured event locations•  Acted as a liaison between, Rachel Crow’s team, and the point person at the venue•  Pitched local press•  Created a wrap report Isn’t she awesome?
  7. 7. CREATED MARKETING PITCHES•  Created a research doc and marketing suggestions for Fandango, GrubHub, National Honor Society, and Student Council
  8. 8. DAILYBREAK.COMNEW EVERGREENMARKETING PARTNER •  Challenge for The Hunt •  Over 10k people completed the challenge •  4182 visited The Hunt page •  626 signed up, 15% conversion rate •  Great reviews for the game! •  Upcoming Generic Challenge for member acquisiton •  Upcoming Vote Up or Shut Up Challenge
  9. 9. INCENTIVES RESEARCHCREATED A DOC OF MEMBER INCENTIVE IDEAS.SOME INCLUDE:•  Exclusive Content (Ex: Sign up to see Harry Shum’s thumb dance)•  Online Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu+, Spotify Premium•  App downloads•  Customizable “Elf Yourself”-type experience•  Free food coupons (Ben & Jerry’s, GrubHub, etc)•  Gift card for free textbooks (Chegg, Barnes & Noble)•  Bedroom/Dorm makeover•  Free tickets to an amusement park•  Report back photos in a cool place (ex: Times Square, Six Flags)•  Star in a PSA
  10. 10. OLD PEOPLERESEARCHED WAYS TO REACH MORE “OLD PEOPLE” WHILE STAYINGON BRAND:•  Pinterest •  49.5% of users are 25-44 •  50% of Pinterest users have kids •  68.2% are female •  Make “mom-friendly” boards•  National Honor Society & Student Council Advisors •  Talking about featuring in the Leadership for Student Activities magazine
  11. 11. DO SOMETHING AWARDS •  Researched and chose the celebrity nominees for the Facebook Category •  Reached out to fan sites of nominees to encourage voting
  12. 12. ONGOING PROJECTS•  Created a list of marketing partner benefits•  Created a list of creative marketing ideas•  Created a list of virtual world sites and pitch them•  Worked on the Culture Book•  Helped create the job description for the Campus Coordinator position and interviewed candidates•  Marketing newsletter •  Researched current events in marketing and presented to the marketing team every week
  13. 13. Cool Things I Got To Do As AN Intern•  Pitch an idea to the President of Weight Watchers•  See the former VP of Marketing for Apple speak•  Go to a Do Something Awards meeting at VH1•  Eat lunch at the Google office•  Run the office & @DoSomething Twitter account for a week•  See Beyonce live!
  14. 14. This is how I felt onmy last day.