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Ecorig Catalogue Low

Ecorig Catalogue Low



EcoRIG Company Brochure

EcoRIG Company Brochure



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    Ecorig Catalogue Low Ecorig Catalogue Low Document Transcript

    • Platform
      Lighting Track
      Lighting Raft
      Project Management
      Site consultation
      Bespoke display solutions
      3D concept drawings
      Print specification
      Print contracts
      Site surveys
      Testing and certification
    • What other retailers are currently using EcoRIG?
    • What is EcoRIG?
      ....the intelligent solutions for high level display and lighting.
      EcoRIG is a range of ground operated systems to raise and lower high level display and lighting negating the need to use access equipment for installing and maintaining fixtures. EcoRIG will reduce costs, save time, use less energy, and improve health and safety to realise the full commercial and creative potential of high vertical spaces.
      The original concept was developed for retail and leisure environments to optimise the space in double height windows, atria areas, escalator voids, balconies and entrances for visual merchandising, lighting and advertising. Each clients bespoke requirements creates new challenges for which we are continually developing our product range to provide cost effective solutions.
      Atria Stairwells
      Escalator Walling
      Double height Shopfronts
      Bulkheads Inaccessible window voids
    • EcoRIG Graphic
      Raise & lower banners and graphics
      EcoRIG Platform
      Raise & lower illuminated platforms for freestanding displays; mannequins, products & display
      EcoRIG Prop
      Raise & lower props & single point decorations
      EcoRIG Raft
      Raise & lower ceiling Rafts with lighting & VM hanging bars
      EcoRIG Grid
      Raise & lower Visual Merchandising
      EcoRIG Atrium
      Raise & lower illuminated decorations and displays
    • PlatformSystem
      “It’s an amazing success and looks great, has ease of operation and allows a fast, efficient and cost-effective window scheme turnaround.”
      Tim Richardson – Store Design
      Mamas and Papas
    • PlatformSystem
      EcoRIG Platform Systemallows the user to display and change their freestanding props, products and visual merchandising on cantilevered platforms, by lowering via remote control to a safe working height without the use of access equipment, up to heights of 8m.
      Platform Options
      Edge Lit LED Edge LitCeilings Lighting
    • RaftSystem
      “The new EcoRIG Raft System’s flexibility allows the VM team to quickly and safely update or exchange our window displays to suit the current seasonal trend, the VM team are excited by the introduction of the EcoRIG technology giving us full control of our window displays with virtually no design restrictions.”.
      Lucy Engwell – Head of Visual Retail
    • RaftSystem
      EcoRIG Raft System allows the user to change their illuminated props, products and visual merchandising by lowering a raft ceiling via remote control to a safe working height without the use of access equipment, up to heights of 8m.
      Raft Options
      Mesh Ceiling MDF Raft Built to client specification
    • Graphic System
      “The EcoRIG Graphic system does look impressive, it really enhances the space that otherwise would have been left blank.“
      Nik Masiak – Project Manager
    • Graphic System
      The EcoRIG Graphic System allows the store to utilise their in house staff to change their graphics by lowering them via remote control to a safe working height without the use of access equipment. The system’s flexibility allows the suspension of almost any flexible or rigid substrate up to 15m high x 10m wide.
      Display Options
      ANYflexible substrate Rigid panels up to6mm Beaded/fringed curtains
    • GridSystem
      “Due to the height of our shop front, maximising our store window displays was very difficult. Since the installation of the EcoRIG Grid system the external appearance of the store has a new dimension.”
      Dean Healey – Head of Visual Merchandising
      House of Fraser
    • GridSystem
      Grid Options
      Grid MeshVMBars Powered Grid
      EcoRIG Grid System allows the user to change their props, products and visual merchandising by lowering the display via remote control to a safe working height without the use of access equipment,up to heights of 8 m.
      Upgrade grid system with plug sockets for suspended illuminated props or visual merchandising
    • PropSystem
      “We now have a system installed which means we can utilise the full height and frontage of our flagship store in London Westfield which gives us ultimate flexibility with our schemes and the ability to create a huge impact. EcoRIG has designed this system to our site specific brief and fulfilled all our requirements“
      Nicola Chetwynd - Head of Visual Merchandising
    • PropSystem
      EcoRIG Prop System allows the user to change their single point suspended, illuminated props, products and visual merchandising by lowering via remote control to a safe working height without the use of access equipment, up to heights of 8m.
      Cover discs Power/illumination feeds
    • AtriumSystem
    • AtriumSystem
      EcoRIG Atrium System allows the store to change their single point suspended, illuminated props, products and visual merchandising within an atrium, by lowering via remote control to a safe working height without the use of access equipment, up to heights of 30m and a safe working load of 100kg.
      Atrium Options
      Cover discs Power/illumination feeds
    • Display System Overview
    • How can EcoRIG benefit you?
      Reach new heights in creativity, efficiency and profitability
      EcoRIG installations enable you to utilise previously inaccessible under utilised high spaces by remotely lowering/raising the entire display. Graphic, Lighting and powered displays breathe new life into these high vertical spaces. As the cost-effective and sustainable alternative to access equipment, EcoRIG is used by many of the UK’s largest retailers to enhance the sales impact of the double height shop windows found in retail environments.
      Enabling Frequent changes without access equipment
      EcoRIG makes it much easier to maintain the impact of displays by simplifying the process of installing and replacing display and lighting. Changing and altering window schemes takes far less time, effort and resources meaning more changes can be made during a season to merchandise more lines to attract more traffic. The system allows for individual elements of a display to be altered so it’s possible to change the display incrementally without replacing the entire scheme. This flexibility enables Visual Merchandisers to react immediately to trends and maintain their store’s visibility to their customers as a must visit destination.
      Reduce costs
      Utilise high spaces without the high cost of access equipment. Retailers currently spend a material amount of their VM and maintenance budget on hiring access equipment and employing certified contractors. EcoRIG’s product range has been developed to eliminate the necessity to use specialist apparatus by empowering in-house teams with a simple to operate system for raising, securing and lowering high level fixtures which enables work to be carried out in less time and during normal operating hours to minimise disruption and reduce operational costs.
      Improve health & safety
      The Health & Safety Executive advise businesses to avoid working at height if at all possible. If an employee or contractor suffers a fall whilst carrying out work on your behalf, any resulting injury may lead to sickness and/or compensation claims. EcoRIG virtually eliminates manual lifting and the need to work at height as all EcoRIG products are designed and powered to be lowered to a safe working height at the touch of a button or remote..  
      Better cleaning & maintenance
      By lowering fixtures to a safe working height it is much easier to clean and maintain lighting and visual merchandising collateral as staff are able to access fixtures at ground level. This is ideal for example with chandeliers which have many small parts that are difficult to reach and clean. Re-lamping is a simple task that can be undertaken by in-house staff quickly and safely with less administration.
      In operation the standard EcoRIG system will use roughly the same amount of energy required to boil a kettle: 4kw. Compare that to the energy required to run a cherry picker or scissor lift and it’s easy to see why EcoRIG is the smart choice. When you add up the additional energy required for transporting access equipment (to transport a cherry picker 2 miles takes 3 times the energy required to boil 1 kettle) and then the additional hours it needs to operate, the emissions and costs soon mount up. As they can normally only operate outside of normal hours there is the additional requirement for extra security and support staff. An EcoRIG installation encourages efficient working practices that can play a major part in reducing your carbon footprint. 
      No risk of damaging property
      Heavy access equipment can cause damage to floors, fittings and escalators. In addition their use can be limited by property owners to reduce the wear and tear in new developments. Access equipment can also be difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces especially in units above the ground floor.
      Chris Wojarski
      New Business Manager
      EcoRIG Ltd
      31 Burley Road
      LS3 1JT
      M: 07875 322 037
      T: 0113 22 44 818
      E: chris.wojarski@ecorig.co.uk