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Sitecore Maintenance Tips


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Implementing Routine Sitecore Maintenance - Sitecore Routine Maintenance Tips - August 14, 2013 …

Implementing Routine Sitecore Maintenance - Sitecore Routine Maintenance Tips - August 14, 2013

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  • 1. Implementing Routine Sitecore Maintenance Sitecore Routine Maintenance Tips August 14, 2013 1
  • 2. Sitecore Enterprise Web CMS • Popular .NET Web Content Management System for mid-to-large organizations • Provides friendly tools for non-technical Content Authors and Marketers • Can be customized and extended to meet almost any conceivable business need 2
  • 3. Types of Site Maintenance There are four types of site maintenance tasks • Corrective maintenance includes tasks related to fixing site errors and failures • Update maintenance includes tasks related to updating code, assemblies, caches and security • Upgrade maintenance includes tasks related to upgrading the Sitecore version and hardware • Preventive maintenance includes tasks that help to avoid errors, site outages and slow response times 3
  • 4. Corrective Maintenance Performing corrective maintenance tasks • Inspect, detect and correct errors in a systematic way • Unmaintained systems tend to be less reliable • Address incipient issues before they become major • Steadily narrow the scope to troubleshoot issues • Add other maintenance types to minimize costs • Corrective maintenance can be the least cost effective • Don’t ignore “the cost of doing nothing” 4
  • 5. Update Maintenance Performing scheduled update maintenance tasks • Caching and other settings need to be tuned regularly • Microsoft security updates need to be installed ASAP • Scheduled maintenance is a key success factor • Maintenance is a recurring process, not an event • Maintenance should be done on a regular schedule • Provides for budgeting of site updates and simple fixes • Once a month may be enough for tight budgets • Updates & reboots should occur at least once a quarter 5
  • 6. Upgrade Maintenance Performing upgrade maintenance tasks • Product enhancements are only available on upgrades • Newer versions address bugs in earlier versions • Timely upgrades help to avoid multi-stage upgrades • An annual upgrade should be enough for most sites 6 Sitecore 6.6 MVC Lucene Upgrade Sitecore 7.0 LINQ Item Buckets
  • 7. Preventive Maintenance Performing preventive maintenance tasks • Extends the useful lifetime of a website • Eliminates the expense of unexpected downtime • Helps avoid and mitigate site failures • Neglected websites eventually fail • Responding reactively to site failures can be expensive • Preventive is less stressful than corrective maintenance 7
  • 8. Setting Maintenance Scope Define a scope for planned maintenance • Business requirements • Review your Sitecore implementation and deployment • Identify your business needs and tolerance for risk • Create a practical maintenance plan • Financial requirements • Review existing support and maintenance agreements • Identify resources available to perform maintenance • Create a budget to implement the maintenance plan 8
  • 9. Creating a Maintenance Plan Create a practical maintenance plan • Identify the servers and components for maintenance • Define a workflow for the maintenance tasks • Component optimizations, backups and fixed issues • Tasks will form the basis of a Maintenance Checklist • Identify the frequency for doing maintenance tasks • Specify the distribution of maintenance information 9 Maintenance Plan Maintenance Checklist Distribution List
  • 10. Using a Maintenance Checklist Use a maintenance checklist for efficiency • Helps ensure maintenance gets done regularly • Helps ensure checks & actions do not get skipped • Provides a history of completed maintenance actions Create a custom checklist for your organization • Tailor maintenance tasks to your business needs • Some maintenance tasks can be done less frequently • Some maintenance tasks can be skipped entirely • Start with a generic checklist and then customize it • Have your Sitecore partner create a custom checklist • Use these slides to build your own custom checklist 10
  • 11. Using Maintenance Windows Schedule a maintenance window • Schedule site down time for maintenance support • Ensures no users are logged on during maintenance • Generally scheduled for off hours once a month • Disclose it to allow clients to prepare for disruptions • Should be part of any Service Level Agreement (SLA) Display a simple maintenance page to visitors • Notifies visitors that your site still exists • Lets visitors know that maintenance is only temporary • Display message in all languages supported by the site 11
  • 12. ‘Hosting Service’ Maintenance Routine ‘hosting service’ maintenance actions • Log on to hosting service to verify access before need • Check for messages/warnings from hosting service • Verify when hosting agreement is scheduled to expire • Verify remaining free space for backups • Consider re-creating disk safes to reclaim lost space • Review users with access to hosting service interface • Disable unused accounts and users on extended leaves 12
  • 13. Server System Maintenance Routine server system maintenance actions • Review Windows System log for warnings & errors • Review Windows Application log for warnings & errors • Remove server roles that are unused or not needed • Verify server configuration documentation is accurate • Verify change control documentation is up-to-date • Review recent system performance logs in PerfMon • Verify performance logging is occurring regularly • Compare current performance statistics with baseline 13
  • 14. Server File System Maintenance Routine server file system maintenance actions • Verify file system backups are occurring as scheduled • Use Disk Management to check the status of drives • Verify remaining free space on file system • Check file system fragmentation levels • Verify scheduled defragmentation is occurring off hours • Manually defragment disks as needed • View the Windows Recycle Bin & empty as needed 14
  • 15. Server Security Maintenance Routine server security maintenance actions • Install latest Microsoft security updates • Reboot server for security updates to take effect • Review Windows Security logs • Check for both successful and failed audited actions • Disable unused Windows accounts for users on leave • Check members of Local Administrators group • Check users with Remote Desktop access • Check users with FTP access 15
  • 16. IIS Maintenance Routine IIS maintenance actions • Stop and disable any unused or unwanted web sites • Review the IIS logs for 404 and other errors • Review the recently logged IIS performance counters • Make a backup of your IIS configuration information • Open a console to C:WindowsSystem32inetsrv • Type "appcmd.exe add backup <backup filename>" • Press the <Enter> key to backup all IIS config settings • The backup is added to the C:WindowsSystem32inetsrvbackup folder • Copy your IIS backup file to a separate server 16
  • 17. SQL Database Maintenance Routine SQL database maintenance actions • Verify your logon to SQL Server Management Studio • Verify database backups are occurring as scheduled • Take any unused or unneeded SQL databases offline • Compare recent SQL performance stats with baseline • Run DBCC CHECKDB on databases to verify integrity • Use Index Physical Statistics report for index rebuilds Configure Maintenance Plans for routine actions • Runs an automated set of tasks on a scheduled basis • Eliminates the need for manual maintenance • Verify Maintenance Plan is running as scheduled 17
  • 18. ASP.NET Code Maintenance Routine ASP.NET code maintenance actions • Fixing non-optimum behavior of a site • Adding new functionality to a site • Updating code to use strongly-typed controls • Minimizes the amount of strings in code • Compiler can catch more errors at build time • Updating Web Forms to Model-view-controller (MVC) • Archiving or removing stale code files Routine source control maintenance actions • Check Git or other source control logs for errors • Check CCNET for errors 18
  • 19. Sitecore Maintenance Routine Sitecore maintenance actions • Use the Sitecore Control Panel to update databases • Rebuild the Link Database for all databases • Rebuild the Search Index for all indexes • Clean up Databases for all databases • Tune all Sitecore caches as needed • Use /sitecore/admin/stats.aspx for slow renderings • Use /sitecore/admin/cache.aspx for tuning caches • Disable unused admin accounts for users on leave • Review Sitecore logs for application restarts & errors • Open Sitecore Support tickets as needed • Review the Sitecore Recycle Bin and empty as needed 19
  • 20. Content Tree Maintenance Routine Content Tree maintenance actions • Locate items that contain more than 10 versions • Remove or archive oldest versions to reduce versions • Identify items with more than 100 immediate children • Consider distributing children to descendant locations • Use bucket items for huge amounts of descendants • Review the Quick Action Bar for items with issues • Items with validation errors • Items with duplicate names and same parent • Items with broken links • Items with missing versions • Items with publishing warnings 20
  • 21. Advanced System Reporter Use Advanced System Reporter for maintenance • Sitecore shared source module • Generates reports on Sitecore maintenance issues • You can schedule reports to be emailed regularly • Available at 21
  • 22. Sitecore Analytics Maintenance Digital Marketing System maintenance actions • Verify DMS is successfully recording analytics • Review recent Engagement Analytics reports • Update visitor classifications • Correct issues in Site Health reports • Check Analytics Status Information for failures • Sitecore Control Panel > Analytics > Status Information • Check up on DMS campaigns and multivariate tests • View Executive Insight Dashboard graphs • Verify remaining number of MaxMind lookups 22
  • 23. Google Analytics Maintenance Google Analytics (GA) maintenance actions • Verify you can log on to the Google Analytics site • Use the Dashboard to verify GA is recording analytics • Verify GA account and email settings are correct 23
  • 24. In Summary • There are four types of site maintenance tasks • Corrective maintenance can be the least cost effective • Perform maintenance on a regularly scheduled basis • Timely upgrades help to avoid multi-stage upgrades • Create a practical maintenance plan • Create a custom checklist of maintenance tasks • Include servers, databases, IIS, code, analytics, etc. • Advanced System Reporter helps with Sitecore tasks 24
  • 25. Caveat Emptor There are many ways to perform Sitecore maintenance • Skilled administrators can provide other solutions • Review your maintenance needs with a Sitecore partner • Review proposed changes with all stakeholders • Implement new configurations on a test system first This presentation is intended to be academic • To enhance public knowledge of Sitecore maintenance • To promote better understanding of maintenance tasks Author cannot guarantee accuracy or fitness for your site • Author makes no representations or warranties • Author disclaims any liability if you act on this information 25
  • 26. More Topics from Sitecore Craig All Sitecore-related SlideShares from TIC Adding Context to Sitecore Content (Tagging) Creating Web 2.0 Sitecore Sites How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the SEO Sitecore 7 – New Features for Users Troubleshooting Sitecore Performance 26
  • 27. The Inside Corner, Inc. • The Inside Corner, Inc. (TIC) is owned by Craig Nelson • TIC is a Sitecore partner & web consultancy • A U.S. point of contact for teams of Sitecore specialists • We create new Sitecore sites & enhance existing ones 27
  • 28. Primary Developer - Craig Nelson • Sitecore Specialist certified for Sitecore 7 • 10 years of system administration experience • 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer • 5 years of ASP.NET web development experience • 4 years of Sitecore development experience • 3 years as a Sitecore technical instructor • Sitecore architecture & configuration expert • Performance & SEO optimization specialist • Workflow configuration specialist 28
  • 29. Get Help with your Sitecore Site Follow TIC on LinkedIn • Add TIC to your Circles on Google Plus • Follow TIC on Twitter • Contact Craig Directly • Craig Nelson - Certified 7.0 Developer and Sitecore Partner • cwnelson[at] • Mobile - 707.319.7446 Visit the TIC website • 29
  • 30. Bibliography Windows Server Management & Maintenance Practices Sitecore 6.0 - 6.6 CMS Performance Tuning Guide Sitecore CMS 6.6 Marketing Operations Cookbook TechNet - Top Tips for Effective Database Maintenance Wikipedia – Preventive Maintenance Download slide presentation to view URLs 30
  • 31. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on Implementing Routine Sitecore Maintenance Please share with others and add a comment if you think it is useful Thanks! August 14, 2013 31