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Sitecore Hosting Tips



Hosting Sitecore Sites on a Budget - Web Hosting Tips for Sitecore Sites - August 17, 2013

Hosting Sitecore Sites on a Budget - Web Hosting Tips for Sitecore Sites - August 17, 2013



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Sitecore Hosting Tips Sitecore Hosting Tips Presentation Transcript

  • Hosting Sitecore Sites on a Budget Web Hosting Tips for Sitecore Sites August 17, 2013 1
  • Sitecore Enterprise Web CMS • Popular .NET Web Content Management System for mid-to-large organizations • Provides friendly tools for non-technical Content Authors and Marketers • Can be customized and extended to meet almost any conceivable business need 2
  • Types of Web Hosting Each type of web hosting has benefits & risks • Shared web hosting • Dedicated web hosting • Virtual web hosting • Cloud hosting services • Colocation facilities • Managed web hosting • Fully managed Sitecore hosting 3
  • Shared Web Hosting Benefits • Hosting vendor manages servers for clients • Services include monitoring, backups & tech support • Most affordable type of paid hosting Risks • Multiple client sites are hosted on a common server • Any server security hardening is at option of vendor • Limited isolation from other unknown sites & users • Your site could be compromised due to another site • Shared resources may not be available when needed 4
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Benefits • Client is assigned their own private physical server • Client has more control over server configuration • Client has root access and can harden their server • Client may also obtain their own private network • Hosting vendor manages infrastructure for servers • Services include monitoring, backups & tech support Risks • Client is responsible for server & site administration • Costs are higher than shared or virtual hosting • Client pays for resources whether they are used or not 5
  • Virtual Hosting Benefits • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are assigned to clients • Each VPS has its own files, users, ports, resources, etc. • Client has root access to their own VPS • Hosting vendor manages underlying hypervisor • Virtual hosting is a good option for lower budgets • Less expensive than dedicated hosting • Each VPS has its own set of resource guarantees • A VPS can access extra resources if they are available Risks • The vendor could overload too many VPS per server • Several VPS could contend for resources at same time 6
  • Cloud Hosting Benefits • Fast server provisioning • Fully automated self-service platform • Additional resources can be provisioned within minutes • High availability • Eliminates single points of failure • Guaranteed 99.95% compute uptime • Lower capital costs • No hardware to rent, purchase, set up or manage • Clients only pay for the system time and space used Risks • This technology is less mature than other host options • Reliability, performance & security depends on vendor 7
  • Availability and Uptime 8 Availability Downtime per year Downtime per thirty-day month Downtime per week 90% 36.5 days 72 hours 16.8 hours 95% 18.25 days 36 hours 8.4 hours 97% 10.96 days 21.6 hours 5.04 hours 98% 7.30 days 14.4 hours 3.36 hours 99% 3.65 days 7.20 hours 1.68 hours 99.5% 1.83 days 3.60 hours 50.4 minutes 99.8% 17.52 hours 86.23 minutes 20.16 minutes 99.9% 8.76 hours 43.2 minutes 10.1 minutes 99.95% 4.38 hours 21.56 minutes 5.04 minutes 99.99% 52.56 minutes 4.32 minutes 1.01 minutes
  • Sitecore Azure Edition Architecture • Sitecore CMS & Sitecore Digital Marketing System • Core & master databases are deployed on-premise • Live site hosted at Microsoft Azure data centers • Hybrid approach good for enterprise deployments Features • High availability • Fast server response times • Fast site deployments • Fast scalability 9
  • Colocation Facilities Benefits • A data center that provides fast Internet connections • Rents facility, racks, power & cooling to clients • Provides the speed & security for money transactions • Clients own & manage their own equipment • Servers, storage, networking, etc. Risks • Client is responsible for all hardware purchases • Client is responsible for server & network provisioning • Client is responsible for all server & site management 10
  • Managed Web Hosting Benefits • Hosting plans administered by hosting vendors • Companies can focus on business objectives of sites • Technical and infrastructure needs handled by vendor • Cost savings • Reduces staffing requirements for managing sites • Reduces personnel training requirements • Contracts can lock in prices for extended time periods Risks • Clients may be required to perform some admin tasks • Higher costs than dedicated or virtual hosting 11
  • Fully-Managed Sitecore Hosting Benefits • Sitecore support & updates handled by experts • Sitecore preventive & corrective maintenance tasks • Sitecore performance monitoring & optimization • Sitecore security configuration & reviews • Sitecore implementation advice & mentoring • Better budgeting for Sitecore support & updates • Costs become predictable for managing Sitecore sites • Help with cost benefit analysis for Sitecore upgrades Risks • Complete dependence on provider for Sitecore sites • Higher costs than dedicated, virtual or managed plans 12
  • Defining Server Requirements Server Resources • Number and type of Windows servers • Dedicated physical servers • Virtual private servers (VPS) • Use load testing & WCAT to predict resource needs • Amount of memory • Speed & number of CPUs/cores • Speed & number of network cards • Speed, type & amount of disk storage 13
  • Defining Network Requirements Public network • Number of static IP addresses • Upstream and downstream speeds • Perimeter firewall • DNS domain name resolution Private network • Internal network to connect servers • Publishing content • Database traffic • Server backups • Dedicated internal network switch 14
  • Defining Security Requirements Server security • Server configuration settings • Software firewall settings • Microsoft security updates Sitecore security • Sitecore configuration settings • Users & roles • Permissions settings 15
  • Defining Service Requirements Server services • Server monitoring • File system backups • Technical support Sitecore-related services • Source control & continuous integration • Code maintenance, updates & upgrades • Mentoring internal staff on their Sitecore domains 16
  • Defining Sitecore Requirements Content Management server • Number of concurrent content authors • Amount of content, media & versions in Content Tree Content Delivery (Live) server • Requests per minute • Typical vs. peak traffic loads • Publishing during low and high traffic periods • Optimized code helps reduce server requirements Database server • Assign more resources to it than CMS or Live server • Create a private network with CMS & Live servers 17
  • Selecting a Hosting Vendor Suggested Steps • Assemble stakeholders into an evaluation team • Define requirements in writing • Technical • Business • Vendor • Compile list of possible vendors • Conduct a side-by-side comparison • Evaluate service, support & costs • Avoid selecting a vendor solely on price • Create a short list of provider candidates • Select vendor based on your needs & budget 18
  • Calculating Web Hosting Costs Hosting components • Servers for CMS, staging & live sites • More powerful server for SQL databases • Microsoft operating system & SQL software • Backup software & storage space • Switch for private network Managed hosting services • Routine server management & maintenance • Operating system updates & patches • Sitecore management & maintenance • Sitecore code updates & upgrades 19
  • Reducing Hosting Costs Reduced hosting resources • Use virtual hosting over dedicated hosting • Eliminate unused & unneeded resources • Scale back the CPU, memory, storage, bandwidth, etc. • Use one database server rather than one for each site • Only host the Live site with the hosting provider • Use your own facilities & equipment for all other sites • Host your own DNS or use a dedicated DNS provider • Negotiate lower monthly prices with a longer contract • Perform additional verifications of vendor quality first 20
  • Reducing Managed Hosting Costs Reduced hosting services • Provision Sitecore support separate from hosting • Use a combination of resources to keep costs low • Internal staff who could perform some of the work • Low cost Sitecore partners that provide flexible plans • Contractors who are already familiar with your site • Sitecore experts on LinkedIn, Google+, etc. • Assign low-cost persons the Sitecore work they can do • Assign the remaining work to higher-cost experts • Ensure external experts can work with internal staff • Use collaboration & mentoring so staff can do more 21
  • Off Shore Hosting Benefits • Reduced infrastructure & set-up costs • Significant savings in monthly hosting costs Risks • Potentially lower reliability & support quality • Slower response times for US visitors due to latency • Domestic legal & regulatory compliance issues • Data is subject to laws of country where it is stored • Issues from servers located in different time zones 22
  • Sitecore Hosting Partners Benefits • Companies selected to provide tested solutions • Expert support of websites based on .NET & Sitecore Risks • May be more expensive than using internal staff or contractors to supplement your internal staff 23
  • In Summary • A successful Web site depends on a good web host • Each type of web hosting has benefits & risks • Virtual hosting is a good option for lower budgets • Use a systematic approach to select a hosting vendor • Select the hosting vendor with the best value plan • Avoid resource & service costs that you don’t need • Try to use internal staff to do some Sitecore support • Use Sitecore experts to supplement your internal staff • Encourage knowledge transfers so staff can do more 24
  • Bibliography Benefits of Cloud Website Hosting Managed Web Hosting - Six Reasons to Outsource Sitecore Hosting Partners Sitecore Hosting Calculator The Successful Vendor Selection Process Wikipedia - Web hosting service Download slide presentation to view URLs 25
  • Caveat Emptor There are many ways to plan for Sitecore hosting • Experienced vendors can propose additional solutions • Review your hosting needs with a Sitecore partner • Review proposed hosting plans with all stakeholders This presentation is intended to be academic • To enhance public knowledge of hosting issues • To promote better understanding of Sitecore hosting Author cannot guarantee accuracy or fitness for your site • Author makes no representations or warranties • Author disclaims any liability if you act on this information 26
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  • Get Help with your Sitecore Site Invite Sitecore Craig to connect with you on LinkedIn • Add Sitecore Craig to your Circles on Google Plus • Follow Sitecore Craig on Twitter • Contact Craig directly to get help with Sitecore hosting • Craig Nelson - Certified Developer and Sitecore Partner • cwnelson[at] • Mobile - 707.319.7446 Visit Craig’s Sitecore instructional site • 28
  • Thankyoufor taking the time to viewthis presentationon HostingSitecoreSites on a Budget Pleaseshare withothers and add a commentif youthinkit is useful Thanks! -Craig August 17, 2013 29