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Creating New Sitecore Sites Summary


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A short summary version of the Creating New Sitecore Sites (full version) slide presentation. Explains how to avoid common pitfalls of new Sitecore projects. This data can help project managers …

A short summary version of the Creating New Sitecore Sites (full version) slide presentation. Explains how to avoid common pitfalls of new Sitecore projects. This data can help project managers achieve success with their first Sitecore project.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. How to Assure Success for a New Sitecore Site (Summary Presentation) Development Tips for New Sitecore Sites September 18, 2013 1
  • 2. Sitecore Enterprise Web CMS • Popular .NET Web Content Management System for mid-to-large organizations • Provides friendly tools for non-technical Content Authors and Marketers • Can be customized and extended to meet almost any conceivable business need 2
  • 3. Sitecore Projects: Success vs. Failure • Indicators of a Successful Sitecore Project • Reasons for Sitecore Project Failures • Sitecore Project Success Factors 3 1. Establish Business Goals for Site 2. Get Stakeholders Involved Early 3. Learning Sitecore is the First Step
  • 4. Customize Sitecore to Reduce TCO • Customizing Tools • Customizing the User Interface • Reducing Questions Reduces TCO • Sitecore UI Customization Examples 4 Remove Unused Tools Extend Existing Tools Add New Tools
  • 5. CMS Developers • CMS Generalists • Sitecore Generalists • Sitecore Specialists 5
  • 6. Using Internal Staff for New Sites Benefits and Risks 6 Internal Developer Guidelines
  • 7. Using Vendors for Creating Sites Benefits and Risks 7 Vendor Developer Guidelines
  • 8. Obtaining Good Developer Value • Guidelines for Good Developer Value • Using Remote Collaboration • Reducing Site Development Costs 8
  • 9. Oh… you actually want to reach people? • Redirecting Link Juice to New Site • Optimizing Your Site for SEO • Setting up Staging Sites for SEO • How Specialists Help Marketers • Why Performance is Important • Optimizing Sitecore Performance 9
  • 10. Why Mobile Speed is Important • Issues that Affect Mobile Speeds • Optimizing Mobile Performance 10
  • 11. Providing Customer Interaction Sitecore supports social media & blog comments 11
  • 12. Tagging Content • Tags vs. Sitecore Content Tree • Managing Tags in Sitecore • Tagging Content in Sitecore 7 • Using Sitecore 7 to Lower TCO 12
  • 13. In Summary Assure success for a Sitecore new site project • Learn how Sitecore’s features can meet requirements • Use Sitecore modules to reduce development costs • Use Sitecore experts to supplement internal staff • Customize the UI to make it friendly for business users • Plan for mobile display & performance at the start • Plan for obtaining high SEO rankings at the start • Use source control, continuous integration & TDS The most cost effective way to assure success for a new Sitecore site is to use Specialists who can get it done right the first time. 13
  • 14. Caveat Emptor There are many ways to plan for a new Sitecore site • Experienced vendors can propose additional solutions • Review your hosting needs with a Sitecore partner • Review proposed Sitecore sites with all stakeholders This presentation is intended to be academic • To enhance public knowledge of issues related to new sites • To promote better understanding of Sitecore sites Author cannot guarantee accuracy or fitness for your site • Author makes no representations or warranties • Author disclaims any liability if you act on this information 14
  • 15. More Topics from TIC All Sitecore-related SlideShares from TIC How to Assure Success for a New Sitecore Site (full slide deck) Implementing Routine Sitecore Maintenance Performance Tips for Sitecore Mobile Users Sitecore 7 – New Features for Users Sitecore Performance Tips for Visitor Engagement Troubleshooting Sitecore Performance 15
  • 16. The Inside Corner, Inc. • The Inside Corner, Inc. (TIC) is owned by Craig Nelson • TIC is a Sitecore partner & web consultancy • A U.S. point of contact for teams of Sitecore specialists • We create new Sitecore sites & enhance existing ones 16
  • 17. Primary Developer - Craig Nelson • Sitecore Specialist certified for Sitecore 7 • 10 years of system administration experience • 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer • 5 years of ASP.NET web development experience • 4 years of Sitecore development experience • 3 years as a Sitecore technical instructor • Sitecore architecture & configuration expert • Performance & SEO optimization specialist • Workflow configuration specialist 17
  • 18. Get Help with your Sitecore Site Follow TIC on LinkedIn • Add TIC to your Circles on Google Plus • Follow TIC on Twitter • Contact Craig Directly • Craig Nelson - Certified 7.0 Developer and Sitecore Partner • cwnelson[at] • Mobile - 707.319.7446 Visit the TIC website • 18
  • 19. Bibliography 7 Things Your Website Developer Won’t Tell You Establish Business Goals for Your Web Site Learning How to Avoid Project Failure Sitecore Marketplace The Successful Vendor Selection Process Why Some Projects Fail and Why Some Succeed? Download slide presentation to view URLs 19
  • 20. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on How to Assure Success for a New Sitecore Site (Summary Presentation) Please share with others and add a comment if you think it is useful Thanks! September 18, 2013 20