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The difference between the two types of sitemaps and the reasons to use both for a web site

The difference between the two types of sitemaps and the reasons to use both for a web site

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  • 1. About Sitemaps Create Sitemaps for SEO & Sitemaps for Users April 8, 2009 1
  • 2. Sitemap Types Sitemaps for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • XML file listing the pages of a web site • Provides site information to search engines • Helps to ensure sites get fully indexed • Not all site pages may be linked from other pages Sitemaps for Users • HTML/XHTML page listing the pages of a site • Provides a site navigation aid to users of a site 2
  • 3. Sitemaps for SEO Pros • Helps search engines learn about new sites • Helps index content that changes frequently • Helps to identify canonical pages for duplicate content • Helps classify pages missed by normal crawling • Pages with rich Ajax or Flash content • Pages not linked from other pages Cons • Sitemap data has to be submitted • Search engines don’t support some Sitemap formats • Can mask bad content/link structures on a site 3
  • 4. Sitemaps for Users Pros • Provides an extra navigation aid to visitors • Helps users learn about content on a site • Helps users locate what they are looking for Cons • Users must browse through Sitemap hierarchy • Dynamic content may not fit in the hierarchy • Does not reflect user pathways or user flow • Doesn’t show how content relates to other content 4
  • 5. Sitemap Protocol Purpose • Informs search engines about pages on a site • Useful for … • Pages that cannot be accessed from other links • Pages that are only accessible from a form Content • XML file that lists the URLs of pages on a site 5
  • 6. Why Sitemaps are Used Use Sitemaps to help Users… • Get a comprehensive view of your site • Locate something specific on your site Use Sitemaps for Site Engine Optimization • To improve rankings in organic search results • To reduce the time for bots to revisit the site 6
  • 7. How to Implement Sitemaps Add a Sitemap XHTML page to your site • Some CMS programs will auto-generate a sitemap • Create a Sitemap XML file • Adhere to the Sitemap Protocol format • Use http://www.xml-sitemaps.com to generate 7
  • 8. In Summary Include a User Sitemap on your site • Create a Sitemap that reflects the needs of users • Provide a Sitemap that is useful to new users • Provide a link to your Sitemap on the bottom of pages Create a Sitemap for SEO and submit it • Add a Sitemaps file to the root of your site • Verify site content/link structure before submitting • Use the Sitemap protocol so all search engines can use it • Specify your preferred URL for pages in your Sitemap • Periodically submit a Sitemap to all search engines • Identify the location of your Sitemap file in robots.txt 8
  • 9. Caveat Emptor There are many ways to manage Sitemaps for Sitecore sites • Skilled developers can provide other solutions • Review your Sitemaps needs with your Sitecore partner • Review proposed changes with all stakeholders • Implement new configurations on a test system first This presentation is intended to be academic • To enhance public knowledge of Sitemaps issues • To promote a better understanding of Sitemaps & Sitecore Author cannot guarantee accuracy or fitness for your site • Author makes no representations or warranties • Author disclaims any liability if you act on this information 9
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  • 11. The Inside Corner, Inc. • The Inside Corner, Inc. (TIC) is owned by Craig Nelson • TIC is a Sitecore partner & web consultancy • A U.S. point of contact for teams of Sitecore specialists • We create new Sitecore sites & enhance existing ones 11
  • 12. Primary Developer - Craig Nelson • Sitecore Specialist certified for Sitecore 7 • 10 years of system administration experience • 10 years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer • 5 years of ASP.NET web development experience • 4 years of Sitecore development experience • 3 years as a Sitecore technical instructor • Sitecore architecture & configuration expert • Performance & SEO optimization specialist • Workflow configuration specialist 12
  • 13. Get Help with your Sitecore Site Follow TIC on LinkedIn • http://www.linkedin.com/company/the-inside-corner-inc. Add TIC to your Circles on Google Plus • http://google.com/+Theinsidecorner Follow TIC on Twitter • https://twitter.com/TheInsideCorner Contact Craig Directly • Craig Nelson - Certified 7.0 Developer and Sitecore Partner • cwnelson[at]ticdevs.com • Mobile - 707.319.7446 Visit the TIC website • http://ticdevs.com 13
  • 14. Thank you for taking the time to view this presentation on About Sitemaps Please share with others and add a comment if you think it is useful Thanks! April 8, 2009 14