bcliving.ca 2012 Media Kit


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Advertise with bcliving.ca for prime exposure to the BC lifestyle market

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bcliving.ca 2012 Media Kit

  1. 1. Better Living, West Coast Style
  2. 2. Reach BC with bcliving What is bcliving? The name says it all! bcliving is about living the good life in BC. We are the province’s go-to resource for inspired everyday living. The only local site to bring you the best of West Coast living, bcliving features quality, on-trend content from both leading web writers and top print magazines in the province on 7 popular lifestyle topics in BC: Food Health Home Garden Entertainment Style Travel And it’s all presented in a beautiful, mobile-friendly design with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate structure that facilitates the best possible user experience.www.bcliving.ca
  3. 3. Reach BC with bclivingWho comes to bcliving?bcliving appeals to anyone interested in improving their lifestyle and living well in BC. But there is also a keytarget demographic: 70/30 female/male audience Aged 30-55 Employed with mid-to-high household income Well-educated, socially aware, discerning and web-savvy consumers interested in achieving work-life- family balance on the West Coast The primary purchasers Sample Visitor Profiles The Modern Mom - The multi-tasking guru looks to bcliving as a trusted resource for her range of daily interests from health tips, recipes, gardening know-how, home décor ideas to weekend planning. The Gourmet - Food and drink aficionados rely on bcliving to stay informed on the best restaurants in town, inspiring new tastes in the kitchen, and the latest dining trends. The Social Butterfly - What are the hottest events to check out in town this week? bcliving has the answers! Connect with BC through bcliving Let us help you showcase your business and increase your brand awareness in the regional markets of BC through a wide range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Let bcliving drive your business in BC!www.bcliving.ca
  4. 4. Advertising opportunities with bclivingGet Results with bclivingbcliving o ers a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities to help you connect with the BC lifestylemarket. Whether your goal is to reach broad or to target a specific market segment, bcliving can get you results!Advertising Opportunities at a GlanceDisplay Banners. Get noticed with run-of-site (ROS) ortargeted, category-specific display ad banner campaigns.Category Homepage Sponsorship. Position your brand infront of a specific market segment by sponsoring one ormore of bcliving’s 7 categories. Receive page dominationand a business profile to promote your company’sproducts and services.Featured Business Profiles. Showcase your business witha detailed profile, including an image gallery, video, andcontact information.E-Newsletter Banners. bcliving sends out regulare-newsletters to double opt-in subscribers for each of our7 lifestyle categories. Enjoy high visibility to a targetedaudience with display advertising banners.Promotional Features. Share your industry expertise inyour own words with a branded content piece that will bepromoted within a bcliving category of your choice.Contests. Entice reader interest and boost brandengagement by headlining a contest hosted on thebcliving website. A great way to reach new customers,generate sales leads, and stimulate viral attention.www.bcliving.ca
  5. 5. Header LeaderboardDisplay Banners: Run of Site Big Box 1For Comprehensive Reach:Reach a broad audience with ROS display advertising onbcliving. With just 4 ad spots on each page, you willreceive exceptional exposure.The Rates*ROSHeader Leaderboard (728 x 90) $450/monthBig Box 1 (300 x 250) $500/monthBig Box 2 (300 x 250) $400/monthFooter (728 x 90) $350/month* Rates are based on supplied artwork. Extra charges apply if design and productionservices are required. Big Box 2www.bcliving.ca Footer
  6. 6. Header LeaderboardDisplay Banners: Category SpecificFor Specific Category Reach:Target one or more of bcliving’s 7 lifestyle Big Box 1categories by displaying your ad next to editorial Example shows display bannerscontent within the category of your choice, including running beside anFood, Health, Home, Garden, Entertainment, Style, article within theand Travel. Home categoryThe Rates*Category Specific Advertising (per category)Header Leaderboard (728 x 90) $900/monthBig Box 1 (300 x 250) $1000/monthBig Box 2 (300 x 250) $800/monthFooter Leaderboard (728 x 90) $750/monthBuy More and Save!Purchase 2 categories and receive a 10% discountPurchase 3 categories and receive a 20% discountPurchase 4 or more categories and receive a 30% discountLimit to 3 category-specific advertisers per ad spot percategory (a minimum 30% share of exposure within content Big Box 2of selected category)* Rates are based on supplied artwork. Extra charges apply if design and productionservices are required.www.bcliving.ca Footer
  7. 7. Category Homepage Sponsorship Make a Big Splash to Readers! Header LeaderboardAlign your brand with one or more of thetop lifestyle categories on bcliving.Category Homepage Sponsorships give youexclusive exposure to a niche audience atthe front door. Page Domination Logo ownership in the main featuresection of the category homepage- Exclusive ownership of headerleaderboard and big box ad banners on thecategory homepage Big Box 1BONUS: Have your logo link to a custom YourBusiness Profile where you can promoteyour company’s products and services. LogoThe Rate*$750/month* Rates are based on supplied artwork. Extra charges apply ifdesign and production services are required.www.bcliving.ca
  8. 8. Featured Business ProfileShowcase Your Business to bclivingreadersPromote your company’s products and servicesto new and existing customers with a uniquefeatured business profile on bcliving. Package Includes:- A unique profile page with slideshow and video features*- 30-day rotating promotion on homepage- Regular rotating promotion on category content pages- Exclusive, one-time promotion in a category- specific e-newsletter- SEO copy-editing- A permanent link to your website for longterm tra c value The Rate* $300/month (12-month commitment)* All information and materials to be supplied by client. Videoproduction services available for an additional fee.www.bcliving.ca
  9. 9. Featured Business Profile (con’t) Your Business Profile will receive ample promotion throughout the bcliving website to increase exposure to your target market. 30-day rotation on homepage Additional spotlight on homepage Promotion on content pages within specified category High-profile promotion in one category-specific e-newsletter editionwww.bcliving.ca
  10. 10. E-Newsletter BannersFor Higher Visibility with Target Consumers Header LeaderboardWhen you want your message to go directly to targetconsumers, the bcliving family of newsletters will deliver.You know you are reaching the right audience because oursubscribers have signed up to receive the type ofinformation they want.For each of the 7 content categories, bcliving sends outregular bite-sized e-newsletters to a growing list of doubleopt-in subscribers. Cumulatively, the entire bcliving brandof newsletters reaches close to 20,000 subscribers, with animpressive average open rate of 47%.There are only three exclusive positions available for eache-newsletter: Header Leaderboard, Big Box and Footer.Secure your spot today!The Rates* Big BoxTRAVEL $500/month, bi-weeklyHEALTH $500/month, bi-weeklyHOME $500/month, bi-weeklySTYLE $500/month, bi-weeklyENTERTAINMENT $500/month, weeklyFOOD $500/month, bi-weeklyGARDEN (beginning in April) $500/month, bi-weeklyBC’s BEST $500/month, monthly Footerwww.bcliving.ca * Rates are based on supplied artwork. Extra charges apply if design and production services are required.
  11. 11. Promotional FeaturesEngage the bcliving Audience in Your Own Positioning within editorial content categoriesWordsPromotional Features o er a unique way of sharing yourindustry expertise with prospective customers in aneditorial setting.Use the bcliving content format as a direct platform toestablish rapport with your target market and get themthinking about your products and services.Package Includes:- Custom article with image tobe placed on bcliving as apromotional feature- Feature will be showcased onthe relevant editorial category A “Promotional Feature”landing page(s) label will be applied- SEO copy-editing formaximizing exposure- 30-day promotion on thebcliving homepageThe Rate:$2000/feature** with client-supplied copy and image www.bcliving.ca
  12. 12. Contests Generate sales leads and perform quick market research Who doesn’t love winning free prizes? Running contests on bcliving gives you the opportunity to build buzz, promote your products and services, and generate quality leads from bcliving visitors. Contest package includes: A contest page with entry form promoting your prize and business Promotion of contest on bcliving Contest can run for up to 2 months Promotion of contest in a monthly Contest Update newsletter sent to opt-in subscribers The option of including a marketing research question Submission data from all entrants* The Rate $500/contest plus prize * information provided in accordance with privacy lawswww.bcliving.ca
  13. 13. Contact Us Today! For more info or to book your next campaign with bcliving: Email: sales@bcliving.ca Call: 604.299.7311 Or visit: bcliving.ca/advertisewww.bcliving.ca