The Facebook Formula - Successfully Generating Mortgage Clients with Facebook


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The Facebook Formula - Successfully Generating Mortgage Clients with Facebook

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The Facebook Formula - Successfully Generating Mortgage Clients with Facebook

  1. 1. The Facebook Formula Created for you by: Chris Johnstone
  2. 2. The Steps To Viral Testimonials on Facebook 1.Brainstorm Value Partners 2.Get Your Facebook Business Page Link 3.Customize Your Email Template 4.Create Your Screenshot Boost 5.Message Contacts on Facebook 6.Email Remaining Contacts
  3. 3. It’s incredible but Facebook is STILL growing! • Source: Global Web Index Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users December 2013
  4. 4. They are still the #1 Social Network • Source: Global Web Index
  5. 5. Our Clients Have FUNDAMENTALLY Changed word of mouth • We all know today that if you don’t have a website for your business you are behind the times. • In Today’s market you are now missing out if your business is not on Facebook! WHY? People want to see what OTHER PEOPLE are saying about your business! • Big business and the Fortune 500 has done their exhaustive research. • In 2012 58% of the companies on the Fortune 500 had a Facebook Page. • In 2013 that number grew to 70%
  6. 6. Why is Social Media So Important To Business? • Our clients are finding us Online and are deciding who to do business with based on Reviews.
  7. 7. We Now Live In The World of “Intelligent Reviews”
  8. 8. When Your Local Client Starts Discussing Mortgage Topics...
  9. 9. Why is Social Media So Important To Business? • We can target our clients at the very Second they decide they need a mortgage or financing help.
  10. 10. Before We Start Getting You Mortgage Clients From Facebook • I started my career as an Entrepreneur by becoming a Mortgage Broker. • Failed miserably on the Rate Sheets and Donuts circuit in Guelph ON • Discovered the power of online advertising. • Have generated Tens of Thousands of online leads for Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate professionals.
  11. 11. I Have Realized That Almost All of Us In The Mortgage Business Are Leaving Massive Amounts of $ On The Table In Lost Opportunity! HOW? We Are Not Completing The Lifetime Buying Cycle of Our Clients! EVEN WORSE! We Are Missing Out On The Majority of Referrals That Can Be Had From Our Customers!
  12. 12. Over A Year Ago I Started Testing And Working With Some of The Largest Companies And Brokerages To Figure Out How To Use Social Media To Capitalize On This Opportunity
  13. 13. A Quick Summary • Today I am Social Media Consultant and Trainer for First National Financial LP (The largest non bank mortgage lender in Canada) • Provide Social Media strategy and support to one of the top 5 Real Estate Brands in Canada. • My articles have been featured numerous times in The Mortgage Journal and other industry newsletters • Am the only speaker ever to be featured on the CAAMP regional symposium tour 3 years in a row! • Have now been invited to speak at over 100 industry events across North America • Helped run the Social Media for CAAMP during this years Mortgage Forum
  14. 14. Your Roadmap To Success With Facebook Marketing
  15. 15. Strategy #1 - The Personal Networker
  16. 16. Step 1: Targeting Your Audience
  17. 17. Show What You Want To Who You Want!
  18. 18. You Get A Custom Feed of Exactly Who You Need To Connect With!
  19. 19. Strategy #2 - The 5x5x5
  20. 20. The Secret To Connecting Through Facebook • Think about what you do when you post a picture or a link... Do you check who Liked it? Do you Like getting comments? • At a set time each Day / Week login and check 2 custom lists • Referral Partners • Past Clients • Like 5 Posts • Make 5 Comments • Share 5 Links using your Business Page.
  21. 21. BONUS Tip • This is how you put your networking on the Fast Track!
  22. 22. You Run The 5x5x5 To Your Entire Referral Market!
  23. 23. Strategy #3 - Leveraging Your Facebook Business Page
  24. 24. Why Is Creating Your Business Page Crucial?
  25. 25. Capture New Leads Using Facebook Apps
  26. 26. Capture New Leads Using Facebook Apps
  27. 27. Custom Domain
  28. 28. Get Reviews!
  29. 29. Network And Get Social As Your Business
  30. 30. Like Your Referral Sources Business Pages
  31. 31. Like Your Referral Sources Business Pages
  32. 32. Like Your Referral Sources Business Pages
  33. 33. Like Your Referral Sources Business Pages • Make sure you @tag and share your referral partners links and add value!
  34. 34. Now That You Have An Incredible Business Page You Are Probably Wondering... What Do I Post? More Importantly, How Much of My TIME Is This Going To Take? And, What Can I Post To Generate Deals And Referrals?
  35. 35. What Is The Best Day To Post?
  36. 36. Our Content Schedule! • Monday - Motivation • Tuesday - Humor and Entertainment • Wednesday - Current Events. World and Industry Related • Thursday - Interactive Postings - Questions, Surveys, Fill in the Blanks • Friday - Stories of Transformation and Testimonials • Saturday - Helpful Resources • Sunday - Free Day - Personal Bonding
  37. 37. What do I post? • Photos • Interesting • Funny • Info graphics
  38. 38. What Do I Post? • Fill in the blanks and questions
  39. 39. What Do I Post? • Questions
  40. 40. What Do I Post? • Quotes • Funny • Motivational • Puzzling
  41. 41. What Do I Post? • Resources! • Mortgage Calculators • Home Budget Spreadsheets • Debt Repayment Worksheets • Financial Planning Tools
  42. 42. Now That Your Community Is Engaged How Do You Get Clients? The 2 Simple Posts That Get Results
  43. 43. What Do I Post • Testimonials! • Stories of Transformation • Deal Scenarios
  44. 44. Seriously. This Works. You Just Have To Do It.
  45. 45. Strategy #4 - The Different Facebook Ads That Create Opportunities
  46. 46. Driving Mortgage Apps Direct From Local Customers
  47. 47. Building Your Brand and Generating Leads
  48. 48. Generate Referrals From Your Past Customers!
  49. 49. Targeting Customers That Work At A Specific Company
  50. 50. Targeting Local Referral Partners Using Groups and Ads
  51. 51. Create Communities of Local Customers!
  52. 52. What We Have Learned • How To Properly Manage our Personal Facebook Account - Keeping Business and Personal Separate • Set up our Business Page Correctly and Position it so it generates clients, testimonials and referrals • Created a Plan to strategically post our content to engage and grow our social network • The simple strategies to make any campaign successful using advertising
  53. 53. Remember that Success comes from FOCUS! It is important that you don’t try to do all of these strategies at once! Pick 1 strategy to complete. Focus on that strategy till you Learn It. Then move to the next one! Which One Should You Choose?
  54. 54. It Is The One You See Yourself Closing A Successful Deal From First.
  55. 55. I would like to help you go through the steps to be successful with Facebook Marketing... And give you the support you need to get over the techy hurdles you run into.