Georgia’s Juvenile System


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Georgia’s Juvenile System

  1. 1. Georgia’s Juvenile System
  2. 2. Standard      SS8CG6 The student will explain how the Georgia court system treats juvenile offenders. a. Explain the difference between delinquent behavior and unruly behavior and the consequences of each b. Describe the rights of juveniles when taken into custody. c. Describe the juvenile justice system, emphasizing the different jurisdictions, terminology, and steps in the juvenile justice process. d. Explain the seven delinquent behaviors that can subject juvenile offenders to the adult criminal process, how the decision to transfer to adult court is made, and the possible
  3. 3. Who are juveniles? Juveniles are citizens under the age of seventeen.  As a citizen, juveniles must follow the same local, state, and federal laws that all other citizens follow.  But juveniles have special status under the law, and they must also follow some laws that do not apply to adults. 
  4. 4. Essential Questions       What is a juvenile? What is the difference between a delinquent act and an unruly behavior? What are the consequences for a delinquent act and an unruly behavior? What rights do juveniles have when taken into custody? What are the steps in the juvenile justice process? What are the seven delinquent behaviors, and how are decisions made to send juveniles accused of these behaviors to adult court?
  5. 5. Two terms that are important to understand when dealing with juvenile laws and courts. A delinquent act – is an act that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult.  A status offense- also known as an unruly behavior. It is an act that would not be considered a crime if committed by an adult. 
  6. 6. Law and Order e_choice_polls/pnAcIGqNHi5J7nd  ext_polls/juSqMPxWdv52Vf9  ext_polls/eHkuaFkdwT427eP 
  7. 7. Georgia’s Juvenile Court System In 1906, the Georgia General Assembly passed a law establishing a special court for juveniles.  In 1911, Fulton County became the first county in Georgia to set up a juvenile court.  Today, every county in Georgia has one. The judges in juvenile courts are appointed to that position by the superior court judges. 
  8. 8. Juvenile Court System’s Purposes are: 1. 2. 3. To help and protect the well-being of children. To make sure that any child coming under the jurisdiction of the court receives the care, guidance, and control needs. To provide care for children who have been removed from their homes.
  9. 9. Steps in the Juvenile Justice Process Intake- When a juvenile is taken into custody. 2. Detention -If juvenile is detained, a probable cause hearing before the juvenile judge must be held within 72 hours. The juvenile judge has three options: dismiss case, have an informal adjustment, or have a formal hearing. 3. Informal adjustment –This is held for first time offenders, and the juvenile is held under supervision of the court for at least 90 days. 1.
  10. 10. Formal hearing (is the third step if informal adjustment is not held.) This hearing is divided into two parts. 1st Adjudicatory hearing- somewhat like a trial, juvenile judge hears the case and evidence against the juvenile and the defense. 2nd Dispositional hearing- where judge determines punishment for the offense. 4.
  11. 11. 5. 6. Sentencing Appeal- A juvenile has the right to appeal his or her case.
  12. 12. Show your S.W.A.G  Speak when your cup is turned up!  Work with your group!  Analyze the situation you have been given!  Generate a court case!
  13. 13. Each Group will have these characters: A juvenile  A parent/guardian  Intake officer  Attorney  Record keeper-you will decide which act the juvenile character in your group committed, and why. 
  14. 14. Characters: Tray, Sarah, and Emily Analyze what Georgia’s Seven Deadly Sins are.  When each case is presented your group will decided whether the act committed by the juvenile character was one of Georgia’s Seven Deadly Sins.  If a case is taken to the superior court you three will be the jury. 
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