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Organic Search, PPC or Both? What's The Way Out?
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Organic Search, PPC or Both? What's The Way Out?


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Presented at the International Conference on Travel Technology India in Kerala, India on June 8, 2013.

Presented at the International Conference on Travel Technology India in Kerala, India on June 8, 2013.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Organic Search or PPC or Both?What’s the Way Out?Presented to:International Conference on Travel Technology IndiaKerala, IndiaPrepared by:Chad WiebesickDirector of social media & interactive marketingTwitter: @WiebesickJune 8, 2013@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 2. Most Popular Online ActivitySearching is the 2ndmost popular online activity@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 3. Travelers Use Search Engines96% of travelers start their hotel planning with search@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 4. Biggest Global Search Engines1. Google – 114 billion searches, 65% market share2. Baidu – 14.5 billion searches, 8.2%3. Yahoo – 8.6 billion searches, 4.9%4. Yandex – 4.8 billion searches5. Microsoft – 4.4 billion searches@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 5. Search Engine Results PagePaidPaidOrganic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 6. Should I Use PPC or SEO?Example: “Travel to India”PaidPaidOrganic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 7. Example: “India”Organic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 8. Difference #1: Direct Response– PPC• Direct response and rapid traffic• Immediate results• However, when a paid search budget runsout, traffic stops– SEO• Long lasting traffic• Free traffic – no monthly advertising fees@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 9. Should I Use PPC or SEO?Example 2: “Vacation in Australia” #ICTT2013
  • 10. PPC: Custom Landing Page@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 11. SEO: Can’t Control Where Users Land@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 12. Difference #2: Control– PPC• Ability to control message, timing, and landingpage• However, can be expensive and costs can beunpredictable– SEO• Build credibility by appearing in Google• However, long lead time to see results• No guarantees that your improved web siterankings will remain@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 13. SEO Can Hurt Your Business@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 14. Does Having Both Hurt or Help?Expedia@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 15. PPC Steals SEO Traffic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 16. PPC Adds To SEO Traffic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 17. SEO and PPC Case• Top 10 biggest sources of traffic to– Organic search traffic– Direct traffic– Paid search traffic– Email newsletters– FacebookSeptember 2012@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 18. PPC Tip: Use Google Sitelinks• Show links to pages from your website beneath your ad• Google sitelinks produce a 398% higher CTR and a 37%less expensive CPC that ads without sitelinks• Acquire newsletter subscribers directly from a search listing• Available to a limited number of Google advertisers at thistime@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 19. SEO Tip: Social Media CanIncrease Your Search Visibility• SEOMoz study found social media activity is highlycorrelated with higher Google rankings• Start a blog and include it under your domain• Include “Share This” links on your website• Consider creating a Google+ Page for your businessGoogle+ Page@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 20. SEO Tip: Responsive Web Design• Universally accessible across all devices and platforms• Saves money and time by updating only one set of code• Improves SEOPhoneLaptopTablet@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 21. It Can Be Affordable@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 22. SEO Tip: Google SEO Loves BlogContent• Easier URL to remember• Better integration into main website• Improves SEO@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  • 23. Thank You• Chad Wiebesick•• Twitter: @wiebesick••• (517) 335-1083@Wiebesick #ICTT2013