Lumen and Absorb teams at Crutchfield Chemical Engineering


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Lumen and Absorb teams at Crutchfield Chemical Engineering

  1. 1. Case Presented by : Bharat Lakhwani Bhupendra Nath Tiwary Pradeep Sukumar Saunak Mukherjee Shubham Goswami Suryadipta Guha
  2. 2. CRUTCHFIELD CHEMICAL ENGINEERING  Headquartered at Geneva – manufactures various products through engineering workflows.  Mission – to explore new technologies and product categories • The Polymer department consisted of five teams. Out of those two were  Lumen Team  Absorb Team
  3. 3. THE PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS  THE LUMEN TEAM - Develop multilayer sheets of crystals for electronic monitoring equipment. - To be used in low illumination conditions • THE ABSORB TEAM - To use licensed materials to develop a hybrid organic- inorganic fiberboard - Enable superior heat absorption properties.
  4. 4. THE ISSUE !  Annual HR Study - Bad News  Overall invention disclosures, patent applications, & new product launches were down  The survey also indicated bad news on employee motivation  Significant difference in motivation levels between the two teams
  5. 5. ANALYSING THE ISSUE  Burke approaches the VP - Kohler to seek an advice  The VP - Kohler then advices Burke to hire a HR Consultant to study the problem
  6. 6. ANALYSING THE ISSUE Joanna McKinty – HR Consultant  Looks into the scenario of both the Lumen and Absorb teams  A view into the intrinsic motivation and the team dynamics
  7. 7. THE DIARY STUDY – Methods & Techniques  Collection of diaries from every team member, for every workday over a span of 2 weeks.  Confidential individual information to be aggregated into a set of conclusions and recommendations.  Mission was to –  Improving team effectiveness.  Detailed look at the inner workings in an organization.
  8. 8. Usage of Personality Scores from HR Department  Each person’s score would be evaluated on a Work Preference Inventory. - a questionnaire which describes a persons intrinsic motivation • The idea for the study : - To observe inherent differences among individuals rather than intra-team functionality
  9. 9. METHODS & TECHNIQUES  Questions on qualitative and quantitative issues. - To what extent did you feel challenged by your work today? - You enjoyed your work today?  Allowing employees to give her the information they felt was important rather than requesting information from them. - This would create a respond as if they were writing a diary.
  10. 10. Reviewing the Data  Responses to diary forms  Methodology of detailed analysis adopted Forming a story Stories described confidential information  Specific factors addressed Intrinsic motivation Creativity Overall effectiveness
  11. 11. Reviewing the Data Contd..  Quantitative study Daily intrinsic motivation levels “Motivational orientation personality trait” Score  Intrinsic Motivation items  Feelings of involvement  Enjoyment  Interest  Challenge in work
  12. 12. Reviewing the Data Contd..  Personality differences among people WPI Scores were used
  13. 13. LUMEN TEAM - Characteristics  The team leader Max appreciates and values the suggestions of the team members  The team members complement each other and are ready to share the responsibilities of other members of the team  The leader guides the team members appropriately and also gives them scope to use their creative ideas
  14. 14. LUMEN TEAM - Characteristics  Max also used to take up the team’s issues to the management  The team members valued and supported the actions of the team leader  The team had the willingness to put the extra hours to accomplish their tasks
  15. 15. ABSORB TEAM - Characteristics  The team leader Chip  lacked prioritization of activities  delved too much into his team member’s work  didn’t make much efforts to motivate his team members  failed to understand the problems of his team members  hastened the marketing of the products  lacked team spirit
  16. 16. ABSORB TEAM - Characteristics  The Absorb team had a grossly divided opinion among themselves  Often felt their leader to be pessimistic as a result of which they lacked confidence in their team leader
  17. 17. RECOMMENDATIONS  Clarity in work allotment  Reviewing time should not be too long  Optimum supervision  A leader should not be politically motivated
  18. 18. RECOMMENDATIONS  Understand the requirements completely before starting a work  The leader has to be assertive in his communication with the management  Team members should have open communication among themselves and also with the team leader
  19. 19. RECOMMENDATIONS  The leader should be appreciative of team members’ efforts  Delegation of work should be done in a effective manner  Leader should give consideration to consensus among team members
  20. 20. THANK YOU!