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  • Around 90 percent of businesses in US are family owned or controlled, making them the lifeblood of American economy. In South Jersey, these companies range from printers and engineering firms to office furniture shops and even deli meat empires. Read on to find out what makes these companies so special, and how their services can meet your business’s needs.At 15, Brian Radwell began working with his father, Jerry at Speck Industrial Controls (pictured), where Jerry held a minority business interest in the struggling industrial control distributor. When Brian was 18, the majority owner decided to close and so Brian joined his father upon graduation from high school in taking control and ownership of Speck. Brian’s mother, Darlene was also a part of the company at the time. Together they worked hard to build it back up to a break even point while adding products and an industrial electronics repair service to bolster capabilities.In 2005, Speck Industrial Controls became Radwell International, Inc. and moved into a new 70,000 square foot facility with a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art repair center in Lumberton, New Jersey. Radwell's new facility also contains 35,000 square feet of inventory space including the massive two-story "Area 51" stock system. In 2008, Radwell's net sales reached $37 million. In May of 2009, Radwell added more warehouse space making the Lumberton headquarters 110,000 square feet.
  • Plants In US, England and Canada.
  • "Radwell International, Inc. sells and repairs industrial electrical and electronic control devices. We sell and repair timers, counters, photoelectric sensors, circuit breakers, pushbuttons, PLC's, motors, speed control and any other devices used to make machinery run." SpecificallyRadwell services automakers, chemical plants, food processing facilities, municipalities, government agencies, bakeries, power plants, amusement parks, exporters, plastic molding and extruders, steel plants and a long list of other business sectors.
  • Radwell's division, is the largest provider of new and used surplus,  industrial electrical and electronic control equipmentin the world. "We buy back new and used controls from plant closings, auctions and inventory overstock. We certify the parts, and then we ship them in custom PLCCenter packaging and sell them for half of their original price. We sell 30% of our products outside the US,"
  • Today, Radwell employs over 500 people and has customers all over the world. Radwell's customer base continues to expand. Radwell is determined to create the best industrial repair, distribution and surplus automation company in the world.Radwell International target to reach its lofty goal of $100 million in annual sales by the year 2014, but it never forgets its humble roots. Radwell International is proud of its commitment to customers, employees and to the community.
  • LUMBERTON, NJ, 6/22/12 – Radwell International, Inc. today announced that President and CEO Brian Radwell was named the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Greater Philadelphia region. The award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. The award was presented at a special gala on June 21 at the Terrace Ballroom of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia.
  • -aphis is a division of the USDA-focus on protecting agriculture from disease and pest issues-responsible for applying quarantines over flagged areas-able to manage between 26 different systems-streamlined inspection processes, increased insight across all operational systems and data-
  • -system allows farmer to apply for export certificte-automatically triggers inspection of farm and commodity-automatically issues certificate if inspection is passes for printing-30000 / week issued -fully automates and records data on: -point of origin -commodity -treatment commodity has received -destinations allowed to be shipped to
  • -if shipment is inspected and flagged for problems EAN-new system was able to take from one full time position to fully automated-ensures pests and disease don’t enter the country
  • Success stories utilizing analytics

    1. 1. * Bus 336-Team 3 Chris Garrison Arkadiy Gazaryan Trevor Opps Aaron Meyer
    2. 2. ** What is Google Analytics? • Analysis Tools • Monitor traffic to your Website. • Content Analysis • Determine what links bring consumers to your Website. • Advertising Analysis • Determine what Ads consumers are clicking.
    3. 3. ** The dashboard
    4. 4. ** Matt Miller MobileDemand • MobileDemand uses Google AdWords and Analytics to deliver 90% of its leads and reduce monthly advertising costs by 56%“ • in our ad text, we highlight our tablets’ unique features, “We knew we’d convenient slate style, made it big when integrated numeric Disney contacted keypad, and credit card us,” Matt readers.” remembers. “Sure • Since we started using enough, they’d AdWords, our site traffic found us through a has increased 500 percent Google search.
    5. 5. ** People said Douglas Twiddy was crazy when he started renting vacation homes in the Outer Banks community of Duck, North Carolina. • Twiddy shifted its focus to driving traffic to its website “We started with the simple question: how do people find us on the web?” • “If somebody’s going on vacation, the first place they search is Google. • shortly after Twiddy began advertising online with Google AdWords™.Twiddy used Google AdWords and Google Analytics to transform the way it does business and boost its percentage of bookings made online by 50% in the past year.
    6. 6. * • Where is traffic coming from • Drill down into the data • What Advertisements are effective • What Social pages are consumers visiting • What Content are visitors reading
    7. 7. * Radwell International, Inc
    8. 8. *
    9. 9. *
    10. 10. *
    11. 11. *
    12. 12. *
    13. 13. ** Fuel Consumption* Maintenance Costs* Driver Downtime* These are London’s version of the Greyhound bus.
    14. 14. ** Inputed a Chip in each of the buses to determine the amount of usage*
    15. 15. ** Reduced Fuel Consumption* Fixed repairs before they happened* Logistics became more efficient* Had a chip in car that let them know driver downtime that abided by law
    16. 16. ** Reduced fuel consumption by 58%* Became 30% more timely by efficiency of delivering goods* Only had 1 law violation in the last year
    17. 17. ** The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)* Applied IBM Cognos Business Intelligence* Reduced need to manually gather, process, format and distribute data
    18. 18. * Farmer Application Farm and Commodity Inspection Certificate Issuance
    19. 19. ** Emergency Action Notification * Inspections and instructs on proper handling * 350 possible recipients