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About INK inc PR

  1. 1. e Value of INK •Accountability •Speed •Flexibility e Value of Publicity •More business •More Interest •More coverage e Publicity Process •Development •Implementation •Evaluation
  2. 2. Why INK makes sense
  3. 3. INK is a public relations firm specializing in media relations, online marketing, and social media... based upon a pay-for-results compensation structure. Weʼre totally focused on bringing value to our Clients…large or small…by making them more visible and relevant in todayʼs continually evolving media driven world. INK is a pioneer in pay-for-results public relations. Weʼve been around for over a dozen years providing great service to our clients in good economic times and bad. The need for solid public relations outreach doesnʼt stop because the economy dips downward. In fact, it is usually the time when an even greater presence is required. But doing so when budgets become restricted and value and ROI become paramount, is the challenge. INKʼs answer is its unique model of accountability, speed and flexibility.
  4. 4. Accountability We believe it is only fair that a PR firm be held to some accountable method of compensation and thus share in the financial risk with the client. INK was born from the idea that all PR should be results-driven and that results should drive the compensation we charge our clients. INKʼs pay-for-performance compensation is based on accountability and value to our clients, not ourselves. INK only charges for actual stories published or broadcast in the media approved by the client…not for the effort, not for relationship building, and definitely not by the hour. With INK, there is never a meter running.
  5. 5. Speed INKʼs compensation depends on actual publicity results, our team of senior professionals is highly motivated and moves fast and wastes little time in achieving results. Our staff has been part of the media at one time or another, we understand that todayʼs media isnʼt just press releases and phone calls…or even email and tweets. Itʼs a complex network of the old brick and mortar publications, television and radio as well as blogs, podcasts, social communities, and more. Traditional and digital media intertwine and being savvy in understanding how to navigate through it, enables our clientsʼ to see their stories appear typically within a four-to-six week period following our initial meetings.
  6. 6. Flexibility Our clients tends to have different needs fulfilled by different combinations of our services. INK designs a compensation package that meets our clientʼs needs and the overall structure of the account. INK can supplement internal PR/Marketing departments with our focus on publicity placements or we can offer full-service public relations, including media training, strategic counseling, video production, writing services, electronic newsletters, online reputation management using the correct channels of communication for your business. In this content driven world, INK has developed a new content driven service using media hosted blogs and blurbing that can raise your companies profile on the web.
  7. 7. Measurement and Results
  8. 8. Forbes Magazine recently published an article “How to Hire a Public Relations Firm”. Robert Wynneʼs advice “Look for a nimble hungry shop. Remember the goal is to land positive and meaningful media placements. If your new PR partner spends 3 months getting to know you, and deciphering your “value proposition” or colorizing your aura before sending a single pitch, youʼve wasted your money. The value of good PR is easy to see: Positive news stories help companies retain clients and attract new ones. Why is PR so powerful? Itʼs “earned media” in the form of an article rather than “paid media” in the form of an ad. The Value of using pay-for performance firms The value with pay-for-performance firms vs. traditional agencies is that they are media focused and usually senior publicistʼs. Because this model is results driven they move fast. Usually the initial meeting to a get a grasp of your business, formulate the strategy of identifying the storylines and the media targets that will benefit you the most. Dick Grove is one of the original pioneers of this model and founded INK on this principle of accountability. You pay for results…not hourly fees!
  9. 9. Potential outcomes of a hit… •More business: a story on your company that runs and a surge of new customers sign up for your service. •More interest: a story on your company runs and traffic to your website swells. •More coverage: a story on your company runs in a small niche outlet, and crosses over to major media channels or gets spread virally.
  10. 10. INK Case Study No.1 Client was interviewed on CNBC In January 2006. Within 24 hours, Client had 800 more sign-ups than Normal for that period. These Sign-ups represented $80,000 in revenue.
  11. 11. INK Case Study No.2 Client measured traffic to site and orders following publicity placements in select markets. Feb 15, 2008: San Antonio Express feature Traffic - San Antonio Orders - San Antonio
  12. 12. INK Case Study No.2 Client measured traffic to site and orders following publicity placements in select markets. Feb 17, 2008: Nashville Tennessean feature Traffic - Nashville Orders - Nashville
  13. 13. INK Case Study No.3 Clientʼs product was included in a post on SheFinds.com, a Fashion blog with moderate Traffic (Technorati ranking: 17,925.)Michelle Madhok, founder of SheFinds,was then asked to do a segment on BetterTV (syndicated program that runs in 25 major markets across the U.S. Because she was familiar With the product and had used it herself, Madhok brought Clientʼs product to the Studio and it was featured on a segment. Clear example of a nominal-impact online hit growing into high-value mainstream media publicity.
  14. 14. In summary: Publicity measurement is not impossible, but no such standard exists to value third-party credibility unilaterally. A subjective measure of media value is needed to determine a placementʼs ultimate impact. The results of publicity placements can be more business resulting in new customers; more interest, increasing website traffic; or publicity can generate more coverage that spreads virally.
  15. 15. Achieving Results
  16. 16. Development Review business goals Set agenda Determine and marketing with client. tactics. objectives.
  17. 17. Implementation Gather client info Identify media and Client approval of to develop compile contacts pitching angles. pitches. for outreach. Assist media with Follow-up and Initial media development of story, persuasion. outreach. coordinate interviews. Monitor media for Leverage coverage publicity and optimize using social media placement. share tools & channels.
  18. 18. Evaluation Reach Content Results •Length of placement. •Increase in interest from •Size of outlet audience. •Positive or negative customers. •Location of outlet audience. sentiment. •Increase in website traffic. •Demographics of outlet •Inclusion of URL, or other •Higher level of visibility audience directives. and brand awareness
  19. 19. The Ink team are pro’s.They’re true partners, sharing in INK inc the success of the organization. They’re motivated to get http://www.inkincpr.com stories published for my business because that’s how they get paid. (816) 753-6222 -Julie Blake, Neumont University Dick Grove, CEO dgrove@inkincpr.com