Branding Yourself Online


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You might be respect--or worse, you might be losing business or job opportunities--just because your online image needs a little polishing.

All it takes is a little dose of branding yourself online--the RIGHT WAY!

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Branding Yourself Online

  1. 1. BRANDING YOURSELFChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst We’re ALL Online! What do other people see when they search for YOU…or YOUR COMPANY? Are you REALLY prepared?
  2. 2. What is your reputation? You have more than one!You have, at least, 2 DIFFERENT Reputations:1. With people you KNOW2. With people you DON’T KNOW This is Key!Question: How are other PEOPLE YOU DON’TKNOW learning about your reputation?Answer: Probably though the Internet(Do you know YOUR Online Reputation?)
  3. 3. Biggest Branding Goals for You!• Learn your ONLINE Reputation• Figure HOW to Control your Reputation based on what people see on the Internet. You might be LOSING Job Opportunities or Business… and DO NOT KNOW IT!
  4. 4. Chris Wechner: Introduction-Internet Marketing• Partners: SEO Internet Marketing Service – Service Industry Specialist • 5 National Franchises • Over 100 Small Businesses Pay Attention! – Digital Marketing Expert • Fortune 500 Company Representation• Customers: Current & Past – Real Estate Investing, Real Estate Donation Charity, Weight Loss Convention, Self-Directed IRA Target, Granite Supply, Vent Cleaning, Fire Pit Retailer, etc.
  5. 5. Chris Wechner: Online Branding Accomplishments• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Press Release Writing: Multiple Event Coverage – Created Niche Website: Over 1000 Visitors/Month – On Google Page 1: Over 100 Keyword Phrases• Social Media Marketing – Top Influencer: LinkedIn: Multiple Groups & Weeks – Created Blog Post: Topic-LinkedIn-Over 1000 Reads• Internet Marketing Trainer – Led multiple Group Training Sessions & Webinars
  6. 6. When YOU don’t know…Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • A Person – You go to the Internet and research that person. • Basic Info (including pictures) • Pending Lawsuits • A Company – You go to the Internet and research that company. • Basic Company Info • News about the Company • Complaints against Them
  7. 7. What about YOU?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • When people look up YOU on the Internet, what do they find? • HAVE YOU typed YOUR NAME into Google, Yahoo, and Bing lately? – What did you see? – If you did not know you, …….would YOU be impressed? (Can you expect someone else to be impressed?)
  8. 8. Are you sure this is you?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst You are wonderful! Everyone sees NOTHING but Great things about you!
  9. 9. Or is this you?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst You are awful! Everyone sees NOTHING but Rotten things about you! Oh oh!
  10. 10. Or is THIS you?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst Where am I? There’s nothing here. Do I even exist? On the Internet? Really?
  11. 11. Are you sure THIS is you?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst LOTS of Wonderful things about YOU This CAN be YOU!
  12. 12. How can you MAKE yourself look better in YOUR Search Results?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Key Tips: How to Look Better Online 1. Create a Clear Message 2. Make Your Message Easy to Read 3. Dominate Your Page
  13. 13. Create a Clear MessageChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Create a Clear Message – Know the message you want people to get – Make it CLEAR to EVERY reader. • Goal: Make it IMPOSSIBLE to MISUNDERSTAND Example: Kelloggs Frosted Flakes “THEY’RE GREAT!” (tasting for kids) (Are you confused? I’m not!)
  14. 14. Make Your Message EZ to ReadChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Make Your Message Easy to Read – Make your Main Message the one of the FIRST (1st) things people can see about you. – Make your material easy on the eyes to see. • Use LARGE LETTERS or Bold Font or Different Color • Use White Space around Main Message I need someone just like you. MAKE IT EASY FOR ME TO READ!
  15. 15. Dominate Your PageChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Dominate Your Page – Describe yourself on many different websites. – Know which websites tend to rank more highly (and likely will be viewed more often). Control what people see about you …and OFTEN they see it!
  16. 16. Big Question to Ask YourselfChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • If THAT’S my brand, is THAT the BRAND I really want for myself (or my company)? • You can have – No Brand (Bad!) – The Brand that OTHER people pick for you. (Bad!) – The Brand that YOU CONTROL. (Good!) Which Brand do you want?
  17. 17. Search Results: Most PeopleChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst Facebook Profile …but NOT MUCH ELSE!!!
  18. 18. Search Results: Better ExampleChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst Personal Website Personal Website Wikipedia Entry More Baseball Entries
  19. 19. Better Example (MORE)Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst Baseball Entry YouTube Video YouTube Video Image Pictures
  20. 20. Simple QuestionChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • What does Mike Epstein (the last person) do? • What STUCK IN YOUR MIND about him? – Baseball – Rotational Hitting (if you’re really good) • Was that hard to notice about Mike? That’s HIS Brand!
  21. 21. Compare: What does Cathy do?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst Facebook Profile …but NOT MUCH ELSE!!! What does Cathy do? Who is she? WHO KNOWS?
  22. 22. Whose Brand is better: Cathy’s or Mike’s?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Cathy – 1 Facebook Profile (about ???) • Mike – 2 Website Pages: – Wikipedia Entry – Entry – 2 YouTube Videos (Rotational Hitting-Baseball) – Pictures (Baseball) Any doubt how to BRAND Mike?
  23. 23. When They Take a Closer Look (At Things They See on Google)Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Now that they “Google’d” you, Do most people STOP THERE? – Probably not! • What will they (likely) do next? – They will click on some websites…check you out… ….MORE CLOSELY!
  24. 24. Example: Rocky SChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is his 1st Result. Good impression? (No)
  25. 25. Example: Regina MChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is her 1st Result. Leave ANY impression?
  26. 26. Good Example: Martha Miller (Artist)Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is HER 1st Result. Stronger impression?
  27. 27. Good Example: Martha Miller (Artist)Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is HER 2nd Result – Different Page of Site
  28. 28. Stronger Example: Andrew GrojeanChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is his 1st Result – Facebook Profile (OK)
  29. 29. Stronger Example: Andrew GrojeanChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is his 2nd Result – His Website
  30. 30. Stronger Example: Andrew GrojeanChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is his 3rd Result – An Article (Blog Post)
  31. 31. Stronger Example: Andrew GrojeanChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst This is his 4th Result – LinkedIn Profile
  32. 32. What do you think of Andrew?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • If you were looking to hire someone, and you were considering Andrew, does he look like he has is “act together?” – Most people would agree that he presents himself very professionally online. (NOTE: I never met him.) Do you represent yourself like this? You CAN!
  33. 33. Ways to Brand Yourself Online (Like Mike or Andrew)Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Build a Website (or Modify Your Website) • Create or Edit Account Profiles • Create a Blog and Generate Blog Posts • Create a Business Directory Map (for Companies) • Write and Submit Articles & Press Releases • Submit Pictures to Websites & Photo Sharing Websites • Create & Submit Videos • Participate, Post, and Comment in Forums • Comment on Blogs • Post to Social Media Platforms
  34. 34. You can do this for yourself!Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • You can pay someone, but if you… – Don’t HAVE the money – Don’t WANT to spend the money • You CAN do things to brand yourself. – It just takes time and effort, but you can do this.
  35. 35. Want it done, but… Don’t WANT to do this yourself?Chris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Personal Branding Packages Available – Starting at $159.97 • Company Branding Packages Available – Starting at $209.97 • Consulting Session Available – Only $50 for 1 Hour Individual Services are Available, too!
  36. 36. Individual Services AvailableChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst • Branding Services Available: Chris Wechner – LinkedIn Profile Refreshing – Business Map Listings (Google Places, Yahoo Local, etc.) – Personal & Event Promotion – Article Creation & Internet Submission – Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) – Blog Creation & Maintenance – Websites (Personal & Company) – Personal & Company Branding Packages – Videos Marketing (Introductions, Overviews, and Demos) – Coaching – Ongoing Maintenance
  37. 37. Brand Yourself Right…Right NowChris Wechner - The Ultimate Analyst Begin the 1st step to branding yourself… TODAY! Call Now…(248) 905-1290 Are you doing this yourself? If not, why are you waiting?