Messoa customer power point arecont comparsion.
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Messoa customer power point arecont comparsion.






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  • Each pixel in a camera sensor contains one or more light sensitive photodiodes which convert the incoming light (photons) into an electrical signal which is processed into the color value of the pixel in the final image. If the same pixel would be exposed several times by the same amount of light, the resulting color values would not be identical but have small statistical variations, called " noise ". Even without incoming light, the electrical activity of the sensor itself will generate some signal, the equivalent of the background hiss of audio equipment which is switched on without playing any music. This additional signal is "noisy" because it varies per pixel (and over time) and increases with the temperature, and will add to the overall image noise . It is called the " noise floor". The output of a pixel has to be larger than the noise floor in order to be significant (i.e. to be distinguishable from noise ). Source:

Messoa customer power point arecont comparsion. Messoa customer power point arecont comparsion. Presentation Transcript

  • Take a Look at THIS MESSOA in side-by-side comparisons
  • Product benchmark Note: All Cameras were installed under the same environmental conditions. AE were set to the default value, bit rate were set at 4000kbits(max) VBR H.264 Messoa 2MP H.264 Brand “A” 2MP H.264 Brand “V” 2MP H.264 *disable the IR
    • All benchmark images and video were captured from NVR and Camera. All images or videos were actual RAW materials, cameras were installed side by side and set to non stop recording
  • Specification comparison MESSOA NDF821 A brand AV2155DN V brand FD8161 Sensor + DSP 1/3" 2M CMOS sensor TI DM365 1/2" 2MP CMOS sensor Arecont® DSP 1/3.2" 2MP CMOS sensor TI DM365 resolution HD 1920X1080 @15 fps 1600x1200 @24Fps 1600x1200 @15fps Day & Night ICR ICR ICR Lens 3-9mm F1.2 4.5-10 F1.4 3-9mm F1.2 Compression H.264 H.264 H.264 Bit rate setting 4000 VBR 4000 VBR 4000 VBR AE Factory default Factory default Factory default
  • Test condition
    • Recording device:
    • MESSOA NVR832 32ch NVR
    • Location: MESSOA USA office at Chino CA, Parking lot B
    • Note:
    • Cameras were set as similar as possible. Image AE were set to their own factory default value
  • day time performance
  • SUNNY DAY, Clear Sky 12:07PM @ CHINO, CA
  • Ghost image issues Brand “A”
  • White Balance issue Brand “V”
  • Perfect balance MESSOA
  • night time performance
  • NIGHT, Clear Sky 10:06PM @ CHINO, CA
  • Brand “A” 1 3 2 4
  • Brand “V” 1 3 2 4
  • MESSOA 1 3 2 4
  • NDF831 Lumii Technology Brand “V” Brand “A” 1 3 2 4
  • H.264 recording & storage efficiency
  • Noise increases storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Storage comparison Note: 8186 keep dropping video We got 40sec video 9.74MB 60sec app:9.74x1.33=12.95MB All cameras recorded under the same conditions. Model 1 min video 12 hours video size Messoa NDF821 6.87MB 4946.40MB 1X Brand “V” 12.95MB 9324.00MB 2X Brand “A” 30.80MB 22176.00MB 4.4X
  • MESSOA IP Cameras for all lighting conditions
  • SmartIP engine inside
    • Lumii II
    • HyperDynamic
    • - Multi exposure modes
    • - Digital WDR
    HyperDynamic Off HyperDynamic On
  • Natural Color
    • Full HD quality images
    • Balanced lighting
    • Natural tone
    At 1:00PM
  • Lumii II: lowlight
    • High sensitivity
    • Noise Reduction
    • Better lighting control
    At 10:00PM
  • Shadow issues
  • Digital WDR enable WDR on – level II
  • Digital WDR enable WDR on – level IIII
  • EV Compensation Brightness VS +1 Brightness +1 EV +2 EV +2 Brightness Adding brightness does not increase detail. The longer the exposure time, the more detail in the image. EV compensation
  • VS -1 Brightness -1 EV -2 EV -2 Brightness The shorter the exposure time, the more information in the overexposure portions! EV Compensation Brightness Decreasing the brightness does not increase image information in the overexposure portion EV compensation
  • Selectable spot metering Target Exposure control
  • What else we can do?
  • Smart Codec
    • Increase picture clarity without compromise bandwidth and storage
    • Programmable area
      • Selectable area
     selectable area for higher bit rate. Quality without over load your network and storage 8000 Kbits 2000 Kbits simulation image
  • ROI (Region of Interest) Save storage and bandwidth Record higher bit-rate Video or image Record lower bit-rate video or image
  • Blur/Tamper Detection alarm Snapshot/ video . E-mail . SD card . FTP
  • Voice detection Voice Wave alarm Snapshot/ video . E-mail . SD card . FTP
  • Smart Focus A built-in nine-point focus indicator helps the camera focus precisely on objects. It helps focus on object quickly.
  • 2MP Full HD1080 advantage
  • 2 MP 1920 X 1080 1.3 MP 1280 X 1024 VGA 640 x 480
  • 1 Megapixel 2 Megapixel
  • Full HD H.264 network cameras line up
  • simulation image NDF820 Simple, standard 4mm Fixed Lens Digital day/night PoE Indoor vandal dome NDF821 Performance 3-9mm F1.2 vari-focal Lens ICR day/night PoE SD card Smart detection Alarm I/O
  • Outdoor vandal-proof, IP67 NDF831 Performance 3-9mm F1.2 vari-focal Lens ICR day/night PoE SD card Smart detection Alarm I/O NCR870 Performance 3.1mm F1.4 Fixed Lens PoE 20M/ 66 ft. IR distance Sunshield with rain guard
  • Triple stream with TV-out
    • H.264 15fps @1080p
    • MPEG4 20fps @1080p
    • MJPEG 15fps@1080P
    • Max. resolution for single stream
    • TV-out: VGA
    H.264 MPEG 4 MJEG TV-out (VGA) . Storage . Remote Monitor
  • Applications
  • Building applications
    • Shopping mall
    • Retail store, shop
    • Business center, office building
    • Warehouse
    • Banking
    • Entertainment
  • Public applications
    • Airport
    • Subway/MRT
    • Factory
    • Government
  • “ experience MESSOA, experience reliability”.