CWCF for Professional Advisors 9 Mar 2011
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CWCF for Professional Advisors 9 Mar 2011



An introduction of Centre Wellington Community Foundation to Professional Advisors as part of an educational event at Aboyne Hall on March 9th, 2011

An introduction of Centre Wellington Community Foundation to Professional Advisors as part of an educational event at Aboyne Hall on March 9th, 2011



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  • We are here today to talk about the power of Community Foundations- and in particular how that power can be unleashed right here in Fergus, Elora (and Aboyne)
  • Most of us have worked with charities and NFPsWe love the cause, but one consistent refrain is the charitable sector lives from grant to grantWhat would it be like if charities could have more consistent revenueFurthermore, we have an amazing community of individuals – what if there was a way for people to pool their resources to share in making our community betterLastly, is this some organization that can bring this future about?
  • As you can see, we are a connector and facilitatorIn aggregating the funds generously donated by local citizens and corporations, andGranting to local charitiesWe do help to fill the resource gap we’ve all seen
  • As we grow, our granting will cover all areas of need in our community:Social serviceshealth and wellneseducation,children, youth and recreationEnvironmentArts and CultureI’m sure you can identify the many great organizations that work locally in those categories
  • “Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community. “ Andrew CarnegieAnd, many people create legacies in their wills, this can also be a “living legacy” while people continue to live in our communityAlso, it is not just for the rich, we pools funds large and small to make a huge impact – also, givings can be lump sum, or built up over many years.
  • Increasingly, donation is becoming an investmentOur community foundation can ensure that our funds are used wisely
  • In addition to becoming an important part of local charity fundraising,CWCF helps by building an overall awareness of the link between better communities and personal and corporate philanthropyFinally, for those charities wanting to build a longer term endowment themselves, we can help with that too.
  • We are a young organizationIn the language of my world, just a “startup” coming out of “stealth” modeThis is really our first public eventAs you can see, we have commitments and some money in place to see our first funds.It’s exciting and I believe that over the next few years, all key areas of philanthropy in our community will be well covered.It is important to note that each of these funds already represents a personal passion, knowledge and commitment for a key areaof the Centre Wellington Charitable sector
  • Just to leave you with a few thoughts, this and the next few slides can help youwhen your clients ask about options for giving back to their community
  • Reiterates an earlier slide – it’s the important connection of donors and NFPsBetter connections and better resources over the long term
  • “Giving pays the highest interest rate, and has the longest term, of any investment available” Jeffrey K Wilson
  • An organization is only as good as the people who volunteer the precious time and talentsAs you can see, we are blessed with a diverse, passionate and committed team of community leadersMany are here today
  • There you have it – any questions

CWCF for Professional Advisors 9 Mar 2011 CWCF for Professional Advisors 9 Mar 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Helping Others Give
    The Power of a Community Foundation
  • Imagine If
    Local charities had consistent revenue
    Citizens of Centre Wellington could easily share their money
    There was an organization to help achieve both
  • Centre Wellington Community Foundation
    CWCF: A public, charitable foundation that:
    helps donors achieve their giving goals, and
    helps local non-profits find resources to support their important work
  • CWCF
    We accept donations of all kinds then redistribute these generous dollars to areas of need in our community
  • Why should I give to CWCF?
    I want to create a lasting legacy not just a one-time gift
    I like the ease of donating, the tax benefits and supporting causes that matter to me
  • Why should I give to CWCF?
    I want to support local philanthropy by investing in my community
    I value the vision, expertise and practical help that the foundation offers
  • Why Will Charities like CWCF?
    A personal connection between the charity and those that care about their future
    Working together we can ‘grow the pie’ rather than taking a larger piece
  • Results to Date
    A growing start-up asset base
    Four committed funds already:
    Community, Literacy, Arts & Culture and Youth & Recreation
    Investment guidance from Guelph Community Foundation
  • Giving To CWCF
    Support ideas
    Long-term thinking and giving
    Professional asset management
    Power of pooling
  • Our Vision
    A world in which individual and corporate philanthropy are responsible for developing and growing compassionate and resilient communities.
  • Our Mission
    CWCF strengthens our community by helping donors achieve their giving goals and by helping area non-profits find resources to support their important work.
  • Our Values
    The giving and sharing of time and money
    Connecting organizations, people and resources
    Organizational transparency
    Financial stewardship
    Community commitment
  • Our People
    Board: Dan Allen, Diane Barley, Curt Hammond, Randall Howard, Glen Kelley, John Kissick, Rhoda Lipton, Harry Panjer, Allen Riddell, Tommi Roden, Nancy Wood
    Advisors: Doug Jack, Cindy Lindsay
    Asset Development: Dan Allen, Diane Barley, Doug Jack, Glen Kelley, John Kissick, Harry Panjer
    Communications: Susan Brown, Curt Hammond, Rhoda Lipton, Ellen Pearson, Nancy Wood
  • We Are Here For You
    1 888 713 4083
    PO Box 436 Fergus ON N1M 3E2
    “No one has ever become poor by giving” Anne Frank