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  1. 1. Pandora Internet Radio
  2. 2. Brief Overview and Link● Pandora Internet Radio is just as it soundsa free internet radio site where you pick asong or band and it will create a radiostation with similar artists for free.●
  3. 3. Creator And Brief History● Pandora was created by a group calledSavage Beast Technologies which wasfounded by Will Glaser, John Kraft and TimWestergarten● They first created an unsuccessful internetradio station, but reformed and becamePandora Media and put out Pandora Radioand now have over 30 million listeners.
  4. 4. Mission Statement● Pandoras Mission statement is "to enrichpeople’s lives by enabling them to enjoymusic they know and discover music they’lllove, anytime, anywhere.
  5. 5. Purpose Of The Company● The purpose of Pandora is for people tohave a place where they can find similarmusic to the things they listen to. They candiscover new songs or new bands all forfree.● Pandora is a place where people can go tolisten to music for free legally and safely.
  6. 6. Pandora At Home and In Business● At home Pandora can be used as a radiofor a party or to help you relax. It can beused anytime you need at home.● Pandora is used in businesses because ofthe ads. If you are not a paying member ofPandora you will receive advertisementsevery couple songs. This can be good forbusinesses if you get an ad on Pandora.
  7. 7. Pandora Making Money● Pandora can be a free radio station. In thiscase the way they make money is throughadvertisements. As I said every few songsbefore you get to keep listening you willhave to listen to or watch anadvertisement.● If you wish to have no advertisements youcan buy a premium Pandora account inwhich you do not have to listen to ads andget all of your music without them.
  8. 8. Similar Companies● Spotify isessentially thesame thing asPandora. Spotify isan internet radiothat has ads andcan be uprgradedto a premiumaccount if you wish,but also offers freeaccounts with ads.
  9. 9. Pandora Article #1● article is about Pandora putting a capon its listening hours per week. It is now only40 hours per week of free music.
  10. 10. Pandora Article #2●● This article is about Pandoras CEOstepping down and they are now lookingfor someone to fill his shoes
  11. 11. Pandora Article # 3●● This article is saying that Pandora islooking to expand its workforce. It is basedin Oakland and is looking for people towork there.
  12. 12. Pandora Dream Job●● This is a video of what a job at Pandoracan be like and this looks like a kind of jobthat I would be interested in.