Muscular & Flexibility Project
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Muscular & Flexibility Project



by Caroline Walentukonis

by Caroline Walentukonis



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    Muscular & Flexibility Project Muscular & Flexibility Project Presentation Transcript

    • Flexibility & Muscular Fitness The Busy Traveller Class
    • Health Overview Most who travel often tend to carry luggage and suitcases through airports, resulting in good upper body strength. Walking through airports results in good lower body strength as well. Lack of time to participate in flexibility exercises usually results in low overall flexibility. However, many travellers have good muscular endurance from walking so much.Limitations include •Little time to exercise •Little accessibility to workout equipment •Inability to have a consistent routine
    • Sample Workout Routine Flexibility Training Monday: Torso & Upper Back Stretches (20 reps) Tuesday: Modified Hurdlers Stretches (20 reps) Wednesday: Calf Stretches (10 reps) Thursday: Lying Abdominal Stretches (10 reps) Friday: Chest/Bicep Stretches (20 reps)
    • Stretching1.Lying Quad Stretch: Hold for a minimum of 20 seconds.2.Modified Hurdlers Stretch: Hold for a minimum of 20seconds.3.Upper Back & Torso Stretch: Hold for a minimum of 20seconds.4.Calf Stretches: Hold for a minimum of 20 seconds.5.Lower Back Stretches: Hold for a minimum of 20seconds.6.Chest/Bicep Stretches: Hold for a minimum of 20seconds.7.Shoulder/Tricep Stretches: Hold for a minimum of 20seconds.
    • Sample Workout Routine Muscular Training Monday: Push-Ups (20 reps) Tuesday: Calf Raises (20 reps) Wednesday: Dumbell Curls (15 reps) Thursday: Front Raises (8 reps) Friday: Tricep Kickbacks (15 reps)
    • Major Muscle Groups Deltoids Trapezius Pectoralis Triceps Biceps Latissimus DorsiAbdominalsQuadriceps Hamstrings
    • *Muscular Safety*NEVER work the same muscle group two days in a row.Muscles must have at least one day to recover between training sessions. Instead, vary your workouts so that you areonly working the same group every other day.
    • SPORT/FITT PrinciplesSpecificity Perform specific exercisesProgression Increase activitiy in a logical mannerOverload Stress the body beyond normal levelsReversibility Continue your workouts to continueTedium Vary your workouts to prevent boredom progressing Apply these principles to your flexibility & muscular training to increase results.Frequency Slowly increase the intensity of your workouts Set up a schedule for your exercisesIntensity Choose the right exercise for your goalsType Gradually increase the duration of your workouts
    • Training on a Budget Here is some training equipment for under $25 that are small enough to carry around with you when you travel:ls•dumbbel $12 •yoga mat $3 $10 curls raisesdumbbell stretching running/calf use for use for use for •ankle weights for a total of only $25 !
    • I Can Use THAT for Training?! Almost all hotels provide phonebooks. 1.Use a larger phonebook as a substitute for dumbbells. 2.Stack phonebooks and use them as a step for aerobic steps. If your hotel is more than one story tall . . . 2.Use the stairs to complete stair lunges. 1.Take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Your hotel room more than likely contains an ice bucket. 1.Fill the ice bucket. Use the full ice bucket to complete bicep curls.
    • Want to take these tips with you on the go?Download the Busy Traveller Class app! Available for iPhone & Android! Its FREE! No copyright infringement intended.