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Where Do We Go From Here?
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Where Do We Go From Here?



cVidya's Senior Director of Product Strategy, Tal Eisner's in-depth presentation on the historical and current state of the telecom industry from a Revenue Intelligence aspect given at Revenue ...

cVidya's Senior Director of Product Strategy, Tal Eisner's in-depth presentation on the historical and current state of the telecom industry from a Revenue Intelligence aspect given at Revenue Management & Fraud Prevention Latin America in October 2011



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  • Show a linear line that presents the progression of technology and Fraud with it
  • Show a linear line that presents the progression of technology and Fraud with it

Where Do We Go From Here? Where Do We Go From Here? Presentation Transcript

  • Where do we go from here ? October 24 & 25, 2011 Windsor Barra Hotel, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Tal Eisner – Senior Director Product Strategy
  • TODAY How did we get here and what happened on the way?CurrentLandscape Where should we What’s go from Interesting here ? Today?
  • Telecom Evolution3
  • Current Landscape IRSF Cloud & SaaS Controls & Alerts Behavior analysis Roaming fraud Data Fraud Content Fraud Subscription fraud PrePaid Fraud Risks in ConvergencePBX Hacking Reporting Back Office Fraud Handset Fraud Managed Services PRS Mobile Money Risk Assessment Wangiri Fraud WIFI Roaming ByPass Fraud SMS Fraud Interconnect
  • 1 9 7 0 payphone ‘tapping’ 1 9 9 0 3rd party billing, calling card, 1 0 tumbling ESN, cloning, 9 8 ghosting and PBX DISA GET HERE meter tampering, black box, red box 2 0 0 0 Subscription, IMEI cloning,2 0 1 5 free phone, call forward, pre-paid, PRS, CDR suppression, magic 2 0 2 0 phones, social engineering, voice mail hacking, IRSF, Roaming Fraud
  • Trends in TelecomsEnterprise & Privacy Issues Mobile Telecoms Risk Corporate get Focus Money is expand to methodologies as a target getting its Utilities and become momentum other essential sectors financial (M2M) tools, not just Security-Fraud oriented 6
  • Trends in FM&RAFM entered RA only Fraud FMS’s need Scenarios mature gained management to “digest” basedmainstream prominence and revenue tremendous on datamany years as a separate assurance are volume of “beyond ago discipline in merging data usage” the mid-2000s 7
  • Today’s Focus PBX Hacking Back Office Fraud Mobile Money
  • PBX Fraud
  • PBX Hacking PBX stays a headline topic along the years Financial damages are increasing Reputation issues re-occur Corporate customers suffer and complain Detection is in place but is that enough ?10
  • TURNING a lemon to Limoncello MEANS Alerting options Increasing Via SMS/Emails internal positioning for Fraud Departments Detection mechanism to Protection monitor outgoing offering for Behaviorand incoming traffic corporate analysis to PBX / PRI’s customers capabilities FMAAS (Fraud Management As A Service)
  • FRAUD12
  • Trademark as Asset"It takes 20 years to build areputation and five minutesto ruin it. If you think about that, youll do things differently" Warren Buffet 14
  • Sales at Telecom Sales forces are divided to several groups: − Telemarketing (over the phone) − D2D (divided to geographical areas) − Stores and sales channels − Distributers Telecom carriers strive their sales representatives towards highly aggressive targets Often, the sales personal does E-V-E-R-Y T-H-I-N-G15 to meet these targets!
  • How strictly are you monitoring their actions ? The What is the level of freedom permanent you provide in order to dilemma pursue “the desired signature on contracts “ ? What will be the price of constant critique ? Sales organizations often avoid asking too many questions when the contracts keep coming…16
  • Insiders Fraud – A growing concern £1.3 billion internal fraud in the UK 2009 - highest in 22 years “Fraud in the workplace is likely to accelerate during downturn“ UK Fraud Trends in the 2000s Fraud Value (£m) Source: KPMG UK January 201017
  • Risks & Threats Inflation of bills on innocent customers Debit – Credit Method − In order to cover tracks and go unnoticed new accounts will be created and activated in relevant systems (CRM) but on the same time 100% credit will be given systematically Unauthorized perks18
  • Company policiesCorporate awarenessLook for linkage between employeesand known fraudstersLog aggregationReactive investigations But is this Enough?
  • Lessons learned from reactive investigations showed each actions leaves “a footprint in the IT surrounding sand” – monitoring reactively will reveal fraud − A shift to a proactive approach Awareness ,education and policies are important BUT > > Prevention is better than an endless search for cure No privileged /”invisible” employees Security oriented offenses are often related to fraud21
  • Unique Approach to Combat Back office & Insider Fraud New approach of “sniffing” the activities in IT − Recording of Business processes within sensitive applications − Less susceptible to ‘privileged users’ covering their tracks A single integrated solution Unique capability to make sure your employees are accountable for sensitive business processes Manages all fraud threats and risks − All are displayed, analyzed and managed in a single case management screen Integrated link analysis visualization Rapid deployment23
  • Teaming of Mobile Operators (MO)with Financial Institutions (FI),offering “money transfer” capabilitiesby using the mobile handset as anidentifier & enabler.Offerings:• Mobile wallet• Money transfer (remittance)• Payments (utility companies, other agencies)• Salaries• Corporate usage (e.g. money for traveling employees)• NFC-Near Field Communication
  • Revenue Assurance • Detect leakages (lost transactions/records) • Detect deviations (trends) • Margin Analysis • Tools: KPIs Alerts, comparisons, trends Fraud • Theft (e.g. impersonation, hacking, etc.) • Subscription fraud • Internal fraud • Tools: rules, time-space engine, data mining, behavior analysis, link analysis26 26
  • Regulatory • “Money Laundering” patterns • Verify reports to regulators & governing agencies • Provide required transparencies (e.g. SOX like)27
  • US say all That
  • About cVidya Mission – Leading the Revenue Intelligence and protection category – Providing profit maximization product-based solutions – Impact of 2-7% of operator’s revenues – Targeting Telecom, Media & Entertainment service providers – #1 Provider by Gartner – > 150 customers – “10 Companies to Watch” by – > 1 billion subscribers Frost and Sullivan – “Fast 50” by Deloitte – > 15 billion CDRs per day – TMF Ambassador and RA – Global presence in 18 leadership locations Market Presence Recognition29
  • Razorsight 2011 cVidya Overview Worldwide Leading Customers Prestigious Awards World Class Partners Driving Industry Standards
  • Customer Base31
  • New technologies propose new turns at the Revenue Intelligence stream FM&RA units need to keep track and be ahead of challenges Keep a head of products Launch to asses Risks Increase your department’s position in the company by offering prevention services to your customers Awareness to sales channels becomes essential Telecom = Bank , How will you prepare ?32
  • Thank You for ListeningCome speak to us at the Booth #3 Tal.Eisner@cVidya.comwww.cVidya.com | www.cVidyaCloud.com