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My Writing Experience - Preparatory
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My Writing Experience - Preparatory


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My Writing Experience - Preparatory …

My Writing Experience - Preparatory

MWE is the Writing textbook for pre-school which features online activities, and handwriting demo lessons to supplement learning

•A textbook that teaches pre-schoolers to write manuscript alphabet to enhance letter recognition.

•Positions writing as an essential element of a complete literacy program

•Molds pre-schoolers to become independent and fluent in writing manuscript and cursive letters

•Uses the Zaner-Bloser method by using the Zaner-Bloser font family

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  • 2. My Writing ExperiencePreparatoryTextbookPhilippine Copyright 2010 by DIWA LEARNING SYSTEMS INCAll rights reserved. Printed in the PhilippinesEditorial, design, and layout by University Press of First AsiaNo part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronicor mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval systems,without permission in writing from the copyright owner. Exclusively distributed by DIWA LEARNING SYSTEMS INC 4/F SEDCCO 1 Bldg. 120 Thailand corner Legazpi Streets Legaspi Village, 1229 Makati City, Philippines Tel. No.: (632) 893-8501 * Fax: (632) 817-8700 ISBN 978-971-46-0154-3The Editorial BoardAuthorLourdes Grace M. Esteves holds a master’s degree in Special Education and a bachelor’s degreein Psychology both from the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She has doctorate unitsin Child and Family Studies from Miriam College. Her preschool career started at MontessoriSchool and Claret School. She is a composer of children’s songs and poems, a scriptwriter, achoreographer, and a director of children’s stage plays. She has also organized and facilitatedseveral teacher training seminar-workshops as outreach projects to as far as Mindanao.Consultant-ReviewerMona R. Alagar holds a master’s degree in Pre-Elementary Education from St. Joseph’sCollege in Quezon City and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Paul College inQuezon City. She is currently the preschool area coordinator and a college instructor at St.Pedro Poveda College.
  • 3. TO THE LEARNER My Writing Experience will help you discoverhow fascinating it is to work with basic lines andshapes. Mastering this skill will allow you to formletters and words that will guide you as you goalong. The activities in this book are easy andfun that you will look forward to working on therest of the pages! Remember, your teachers andparents are also there to guide you as go througheach activity. The Author
  • 4. TO THE TEACHER My Writing Experience has been designed toprepare your pupils to master the basic writingskills beginning with lines and shapes. Thispractice will enable your pupils to understandthe formulation of letters starting with basicstrokes in writing. The activities have beenprepared in such a way that the children will findit challenging and fun to do while learning takesplace with ease. Some identified activities come with DearParents. This is a vital part in the developmentof your pupils. Assistance from their parents andan assurance of what they are doing is right willboost their interest to learn more. So, as educators, let us make each activitya memorable experience for our pupils and letthem know that learning is indeed fun! The Author
  • 5. TABLE OF CONTENTSUNIT 1 All about Me ....................... 1Lesson 1 I Can Draw Different Kinds of Lines ................................. 2Lesson 2 I Can Color My Drawings Using Different Strokes ........................ 7Lesson 3 I Can Write My Name ...................... 10Lesson 4 I Can Write the Letters of the Alphabet ........................... 12Lesson 5 I Can Write Numbers and Number Words .....................44Lesson 6 I Can Copy and Write Words .........47Lesson 7 I Can Copy Phrases............................55Lesson 8 I Can Copy Sentences.......................62UNIT 2 My Family and Friends .......... 63Lesson 1 This Is My Family ..............................64
  • 6. Lesson 2 Preparing for Cursive Writing ........69Lesson 3 Writing the Alphabet in Cursive....77UNIT 3 My School and My Community .. 137Lesson 1 Writing Words ................................. 138Lesson 2 Writing Phrases and Sentences ... 150UNIT 4 My Beautiful World ............ 181Lesson 1 Copying Sentence Groups and Short Poems ........................ 182Lesson 2 Writing a Journal ........................... 225Lesson 3 Writing a Letter ............................. 230
  • 7. 1 All about Me ime un T !It Is F iting with Wr
  • 8. LESSON 1 I Can Draw Different Kind s of Lines Tell what type of line your teacher is showing.Then make the same line using your arms.1. 2. vertical line horizontal line3. 4. diagonal line curved line 5. crooked line 2 My Writing Experience–Preparatory
  • 9. Trace the outline of each picture. What kind of line is it made up of? Draw a straight , curved , or crooked line on the line beside the picture.______ 1. ______ 2.______ 3. ______ 4. ______ 5. ______ 6. All about Me
  • 10. Trace the broken lines to form the picture. Draw objects using the given straight lines.1. 2.3. 4. Dear Teacher, Please do number 1 as example. Create or draw a door from the given vertical line. My Writing Experience–Preparatory
  • 11. Trace the broken lines to form the picture. Draw objects using the given curved lines.1. 2.3. 4. Dear Teacher, Please do number 1 as an example. Create an apple using the given curved line. All about Me
  • 12. Trace the broken lines to complete the picture. Draw objects using the given crooked lines.1. 2.3. My Writing Experience–Preparatory
  • 13. LESSON I Can Color My Drawings 2 Using Different Strokes Trace the square. Color it with a red crayon using horizontal strokes. Trace the rectangle. Color it with a blue crayon using vertical strokes. Copy the name of each shape on the line. square rectangleDear Parents, Demonstrate to your child the horizontal and vertical strokes in coloring. Guide your child on what strokes to use in coloring the shapes. All about Me 7
  • 14. Trace each shape. Color it using diagonal strokes. Copy the name of each shape on the line. triangle diamondDear Parents, Demonstrate to your child the diagonal stroke in coloring. My Writing Experience–Preparatory
  • 15. Trace each shape. Color it using circular strokes. Copy the name of each shape on the line. circle ovalDear Parents, Demonstrate to your child the circular stroke in coloring. Start from the center, then move outward until the whole shape is shaded. All about Me
  • 16. LESSON 3 I Can Write My Name Read what the girl is saying. My name is Grace Miranda Esteves. My first name is Grace. My middle name is Miranda. My last name is Esteves. How about you? What is your name? Write your first name. Write your middle name. Write your last name.Dear Parents, Read with your child the sentences in the speech balloon. Then help him or her identify his or her first, middle, and last names. 10 My Writing Experience–Preparatory
  • 17. Write your complete name on the lines below.Dear Parents, Practice your child in writing his or her complete name. Let him or her write only the initial letter of his or her middle name with a period. All about Me 11