You Can’T Do It All On Your Own Ppt


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Project Support Made Easy!

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You Can’T Do It All On Your Own Ppt

  1. 1. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy You Can’t Do it ALL on Your Own and Succeed By Chris Van Petten Your Pro Virtual Business Professionals 480-367-1315 © 2008,, All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy When you own a business of any sort, getting everything done on schedule can be challenging. In addition to being the CEO, Chief Operations Officer, Technical Wizard and Sales and Marketing Support Professional you may be managing staff and in some cases accomplishing payroll. Try adding a balanced family and social life and overwhelm can quickly set in. According to the Small Business Administration trying to do everything required to run your business on your own is costing you 40 to 60% in lost revenue. You’re losing that $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 every year for every $100,000.00 your business generates.
  3. 3. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy If you’re like many successful people, you may think that tasks are easier to do on your own, rather than having to train someone to do them and then manage the task to completion. If that’s the case for you, the solution to the problem may be more of finding qualified people to accomplish things you don’t have the time or expertise to do on your own. Having a partner who extends your capabilities and brings skills you do not have to the table is required. Imagine how much easier your work life would be with executive, technical, creative, administrative, and sales and marketing support available on a consistent basis, whenever you need it.
  4. 4. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy CEO’s, business owners, doctors, attorneys, real estate agents and experts in every field imaginable have found that hiring talented outside help, on a contract basis, has benefited them immensely. The greatest value gained immediately is providing you with the time to work ON your business and not just IN it. Our clients consistently report that Your Pro Virtual Assistants made a difference in both their professional and personal life. Statements like, “I can finally get projects finished that I am not capable of achieving alone,” are commonly heard by relieved business owners. For people like Phoenix labor attorney, Jack Cassari, having a partner who knows the ins and outs of working with technology helps him stay focused on what he does best. A Virtual Assistant who regularly works with your business can easily handle even time-consuming tasks like responding and organizing emails.
  5. 5. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy No matter what field you work in, a Virtual Assistant, who works with you on a consistent basis, will help you achieve more in less time with minimal stress. For example, experts in a variety of fields use a VA to do the time consuming and detailed work of editing proposals, articles, books and other content they must create to remain competitive. Many have found it very efficient to turn over maintaining their blog or email auto responders to a VA who knows the ropes of online communication. Realtors who must send out regular promotions to their large lists of clients can use a Virtual Assistant to help manage and fulfill mailings and maintain consistent communications with past clients who are both homebuyers and sellers.
  6. 6. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy In fact, the different ways a Virtual Assistant can help your business grow are immeasurable. Imagine having a partner who is ready to work on your important projects, areas such as: Building and maintaining web sites and blogs – Technical details are completely handled and every online marketing project is completed on time. Database management – Mailing list development, mailing campaigns, email newsletter fulfillment, and complete management of auto responder marketing programs. Strategic Planning – System plans, training plans, business plans, marketing plans, internet research – spend your time accomplishing your plans instead of worrying about gathering details. PowerPoint – Publisher / Desk Top Publishing (DTP) Projects – Client and prospect communication happens consistently and more effectively when Your Pro handles your presentation and DTP projects. Create PDF files for eBooks and other marketing pieces – set yourself apart from the competition. Create information that generates sales and builds instant credibility for your business. Maintain project files for engineering firms using programs such as MS Project. All of the details of even the most complex projects are handled efficiently. A Virtual Assistant handles financial statement updates and related technical services for CPA’s saving them hours of time weekly so that they can focus on client needs.
  7. 7. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy Virtual Assistants can create and customize a workable solution to solve any project challenge you have. In some cases, a Virtual Assistant can even extend your personal network. For example, our company, Your Pro Virtual Assistants, maintains strategic partnerships with an extensive support network that will get any project done or any question answered in the shortest time possible. Our clients benefit because they have an unlimited resource readily available. Any question can be answered and any type of project completed quickly, simply by making one telephone call.
  8. 8. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy According to the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce, there are 7-benefits to getting the right help. You’ll gain: More Energy. You'll have more energy by letting go of work you hate or don't do well. More Time. You'll have more time for the energizing work you love, and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. More Focus. You won't be distracted and overwhelmed with work you shouldn't be doing as the business owner. More Productivity. With more focus, you will be more highly productive and effective, getting more done in less time. Less Stress. When you are getting things done and actually making progress, your happiness, energy and creativity levels soar. Stronger Foundation. You will be creating and instilling a strong foundation for the continued profitable growth of your business. Increased Profits. All of these benefits together are the key ingredients for generating revenue. With $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 for every $100,000.00 your business generates at stake, the monthly investment you make in a Virtual Assistant puts you $1,000.00’s ahead, every month, quarter and year.
  9. 9. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy Your partnership with a trusted outside resource can extend your staff’s time as well. Instead of struggling to get tasks they are not familiar with done, your administrative team can work on projects that they do efficiently. There is no time wasted and an unlimited amount of work can be completed when you add a knowledgeable and talented Virtual Assistant to your team.
  10. 10. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy What types of business people benefit most from an ongoing relationship with a Virtual Assistant? The list is endless. Professionals who use Virtual Assistants can include: Executive secretaries whose do not have the expertise to complete some complex projects. Ministers and counselors, whose caseload work requires someone knowledgeable to assist in getting reports completed on time. Real estate agents, financial planners and mortgage industry professionals who need help in completing desktop publishing projects on time so that they can create consistent marketing touches with their clients and prospects. CPA’s who need help updating financial statement updates. Attorney’s, CEO’s and other busy professionals who are out of the office frequently but still need to have client communications and follow ups go out on time without fail. Authors, trainers and experts, who must continuously post newsletters, generate articles, write books, and handle day-to-day activities that keep their personal brand strong. Engineers, doctors and technical professionals who need project support from someone who understands how to speak the language of people in highly technical fields. CEO’s in women owned businesses that require executive level assistance from a professional who understands and relates well to the woman owned business culture. Business owners, executives, or professionals in almost any field can extend their revenue and productivity by working with a talented and knowledgeable Virtual Assistant.
  11. 11. Project Support to Make Your Tough Tasks Easy About Chris Van Petten, Your Pro Virtual Assistants Chris Van Petten, Owner of Your Pro, has worked for some of the top names in the business world today, including IBM, as a site manager, and as a consultant with Micro Age. She also worked with American Express, helping them improve processes for the company and their merchants. In 2008, Chris is serving as President of Arizona Association of Business Support Services (AABSS). She has received the prestigious Chairman’s Award for Quality from American Express. Chris also served as a Board Member for National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in 2007. Today, Chris Van Petten uses her extensive business background to help business owners, professionals, experts, and executives get all of their toughest tasks done on time every day.