Trilogiq Company Introduction


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Trilogiq Company Introduction

  1. 1. Trilogiq USA: Company Introduction
  2. 2. 2 Production Philosophy Results and Examples Trilogiq Overview Executive Summary
  3. 3. 3 Unique Project Support Integration with Existing Items Comprehensive Part Protection Full Facility Application Trilogiq USA’s custom material handling solutions enable your lean production and continuous improvement goals. All improvement programs focus on solving the critical production challenge: maximizing flexibility.
  4. 4. Flexibility is created through reducing direct and indirect costs in target areas while managing desired throughput. 4 Productivity Production by product per personnel 20% Production by product per area Safety Confine forklift traffic Reduce travel loops 50% Quality Reduce defects and damages 15% Design end-to-end part protection Inventory Reduce line side inventory 30% Reduce facility inventory 20% Floor Space Reduce utilized floor space 20% Enable same line, mixed production Target Area Improvement with Trilogiq Successful producing companies in all industries use Trilogiq in their manufacturing strategy to generate competitive advantage. Focus Metric
  5. 5. 5 Production Philosophy Results and Examples Trilogiq Overview Executive Summary
  6. 6. Producing companies are facing new competitive challenges that their manufacturing operations were not built to cope with. 6 Strategic production plans must adapt to these challenges while balancing cost efficiency and revenue metrics.
  7. 7. Evolving external threats makes optimization of these conflicting metrics a constantly moving target. 7 Safety Asset utilization Personnel capabilities Capital return Standardization Knowledge transfer Quality The challenge is to create an adaptable production system to maintain balance as the external forces change. External footprint Footprint per end product Inventory Movement Variable cost per unit Waste generation
  8. 8. Proven systems like lean manufacturing and material handling allow for these necessary adaptations. 8 However, implementing and sustaining these systems requires experience and solutions that most suppliers cannot deliver. Safety Forklift free Standardization Visual management Quality Part protection Footprint Right sizing Inventory One piece flow Movement Point of use storage
  9. 9. Our experience and broad offerings provide the tools for your improvement efforts to succeed. 9 • Service Best in class price / quality / delivery package • Presence Multi country or continent supply agreements • Solutions Cross industry best practice transfer • Innovation New products developed to fulfill demand • Scope Broad supplier network for “one stop shopping” 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. We are the bridge between concept and implementation – our solutions successfully build your vision on your shop floor. Deliverable Trilogiq Advantage
  10. 10. 10 Production Philosophy Solution Examples Trilogiq Overview Executive Summary
  11. 11. 11 Improvement Area Solution Type Productivity Safety Quality Inventory Footprint Results are achieved by employing a variety of solutions in a comprehensive program targeting specific improvement areas. A systematic approach can generate substantial savings and quick payback.
  12. 12. While each solution can be successfully implemented individually, improvements are multiplied by system wide application. 12 In an environment of ever changing demands and competitive forces, the time to create lasting flexibility is now. Towable Carts Supermarket RacksTransfer Carts Display Boards Kit CartsWorkstations
  13. 13. 13 Production Philosophy Results and Examples Trilogiq Overview Executive Summary
  14. 14. Trilogiq began in 1992 and utilizes local presence in 22 countries: 19 with direct representation and 3 through distributor partners. 14 Direct representation Distributor presence
  15. 15. Trilogiq covers North American customers from two main facilities: one in Livonia, MI, USA and one in Querétaro, QT, MX. 15 US/Canada Headquarters: Livonia, MI Incorporated: 2000 Mexico Headquarters: Querétaro, QT Incorporated: 2006 Customer support capabilities at each facility include engineering design, assembly, and new product development.
  16. 16. Our ideas generate results across a broad range of processes and industries, with new applications in development daily. 16 Whatever your improvement goals may be, our solutions can make success an achievable milestone starting today. General Motors Chrysler / Fiat Volkswagen Nissan Pratt and Whitney Embraer Eurocopter Dell Calsonic Epson Whirlpool Electrolux General Electric Louis Vuitton General Dynamics Oshkosh Volvo Construction Case New Holland Detroit Diesel Cummins