How to earn extra cash


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How to earn extra cash

  1. 1. How to earn extra cash doing what to know or whatyou like to doFind the best and funniest way to earn money online at:http://onlineprofit4all.comMany people do not earn enough money to cover all expenses. It is difficultfor them to reach the end of the month with money in the wallet and theonly solution is to seek to earn extra income to help pay the costs of day today. Others seek to earn an income apply only to increase savings, buysome good or make a trip because sometimes it is through the secondsource of income, plan b, some people can achieve their dreams.EXTRA INCOME WITH WHAT YOU KNOW OR LIKE TO DOIf you have no idea how to earn extra income, start recognizing your skillsand expertise to earn extra income with what you already know or like todo many activities practiced on a daily basis as a hobby can turn into extraincome .- DIRECT SALES AND NETWORK MARKETING - Work with directsales, re-clad and trinkets, resell cosmetics, lingerie or resell importedclothes to earn extra income. Thousands of people in Brazil are in thisactivity and for many, the extra income becomes their main source ofincome.- DIGITAL PRODUCTS - Work with sales on the internet, sell digitalproducts from others or create your own digital products to earn extraincome on the internet, an e-book or video lessons on any subject you likeand have knowledge and can add value to people.
  2. 2. - BLOG - Creating a blog is quick and easy, but making money from blognot require passion, hard work, patience and persistence. You can evencreate a blog for free to gain experience on the platform Blogger orWordPress, but to make money with your blog is recommended by expertsto have your own domain and hire a hosting company to blog. If you enjoywriting and have knowledge about a particular subject and be willing tostudy to learn how to make money with blog, over time you can monetizeyour project in several ways, join affiliate programs, advertising usingGoogle AdSense, promote and sell products themselves or others, as wellas create your own digital product, like an e-book or video course-lessons,etc., and promoting the sale on its blog.- AFFILIATE PROGRAMS - For those who want to earn extra income onthe internet affiliate programs are to promote and sell products and servicesof other companies and earn commissions for that.- CRAFT - Learn how to make a purse, costume jewelry crochet craftstowels, etc., or create your own products and sell to your friends, neighborsor on websites such as Elo 7, disclose his work on classified sites, socialnetworking . You can also make crafts courses in your town or online, buymagazines for learning, or do a search on Google and You Tube for videos,blogs and websites that teach artisans make various products and that willgive you more information about how to earn extra income with crafts.- CULINARY - Many people love to cook, if you have an affinity with thatarea, you can make cakes, pastries, snacks, etc. to sell to friends andneighbors. Some people take advantage of regional festivals to sell typicalfood and earn extra income. You can take cooking classes or take a coursein video teaching cooking classes to sell on the internet.
  3. 3. - CUTTING AND SEWING - This activity opens up many possibilities forincome generation. You can work in creating tailored clothing, repairs andadjustments, work with faction or customizing clothes. You can takeclasses in sewing or doing a course in video classes teaching sewing to sellon the internet.- BEAUTY - The Beauty market is always growing. You can doprofessional courses to learn a course of professional makeup, for example,and start serving customers at home. You can create a course ininstructional videos teaching different types of makeup for differentoccasions to sell on the internet.- PRIVATE LESSONS - If you have knowledge and skill with somematters, such as Portuguese, for example, you can give lessons to people ofall ages with learning difficulties and work as a tutor. If you know English,you can take lessons or translations of documents.- LECTURES OR CONSULTING - If you have expertise in a certain area,financial, for example, may give lectures or do consulting for individualsand businesses on issues related to their area of expertise, on personalfinance, for example. You can create an e-book to sell on the internetthrough Hotmart, which is an e-commerce platform for digital products.- SERVICE - You can provide services in various areas in which you haveskill and expertise. Working as a consultant online, do electrician services,firefighter, painter, gardening, companion to elderly, curriculumdevelopment, converting videos from VHS tapes to DVD and cleaning tapeVHS, are activities that generate extra income for many people.- COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - If you have knowledge,can provide formatting services and virus removal, software installation,computer repair, computer teach for elderly, etc.. If you are web designer
  4. 4. or graphic designer can make websites, logos and banners for websites andblogs, and earn an extra income from this activity.- FESTIVALS AND EVENTS - Earn money with parties is an idealopportunity for outgoing and friendly people, start organizing parties offamily and friends. If you have manual dexterity to do crafts, makedecorating childrens party, Jerk, christmas, favors. Work as DJ orchildrens party entertainer to earn extra income. Fairs and congressesalways bring opportunities. It is important to qualify, take online coursesfor professional qualification, animation course and recreation, productioncourse of events.- WRITE - If you enjoy writing and have knowledge about certain topics,write articles for blogs and websites is another alternative to earn extraincome.Find the best and funniest way to earn money online at: