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  • 1. University Transportation Centers ( (UTC) Program ) g Grant Managers’ Remarks UTC Grantees’ Meeting June 7, 2010 1
  • 2. 1998/99 UTC Grants Closing last of the 26 “old ‘grants dating from the TEA-21 authorization period grants spanned two awarding agencies (RSPA, RITA) and three different accounting systems = final reconciliation not easy thanks for your help obtaining final invoices, reports from your universities invoices 2
  • 3. Sweeps of “Unencumbered” Funds UTCs heard this from somewhere unencumbered = obligated? un-awarded funds are vulnerable in the event of emergency, but -- no indication to date of any such sweeps at US DOT, and -- UTC funds come through FHWA and FTA so they appear somewhat like an obligation FTA, even before award to accelerate award of funds, UTC must provide grant-benefit justification; for RITA, good stewardship t d t d hi trumps speedy award d d flip side of having un-awarded funds: avoids authorization-extension uncertainty 3
  • 4. Change in Submission of Invoices will begin later this month ; instructions via e-mail to UTC and business office mail hard copy directly to RITA’s accounts-payable contractor in Oklahoma City should be fewer invoices lost/destroyed in mail sent to RITA HQ payment not faster, but more reliable USDOT working on electronic grant-payment system for 2011 grant payment 4
  • 5. Revised UTC Grant Reporting Requirements change with this summer’s awards one big unknown = Barbara Post leaving TRB switch to new financial form SF425 update distribution of Final Research Reports -- somewhat more “green”, though no longer same procedure for all recipients new request for reporting stakeholder uses of research results in Annual Report narrative (see next slide) 5
  • 6. Revised Reporting Requirements (continued) Excerpt from new requirements: 6.) Annual Report A. Corporate Style Report: The first part shall be a Corporate-Style Annual Report suitable for general distribution It shall be posted on the Center’s web site and five distribution. Center s hard copies submitted to the RITA Grant Administrator. The report shall include at a minimum the following elements: [skip] □ Examples of products, technologies, or other research results that are being used by stakeholders (state DOTs industry etc ) and description of how they are being DOTs, industry, etc.) used (this may include changes in requirements, laws, regulations, or designs of other products). 6