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Meditation For Lottery Success
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Meditation For Lottery Success


Learn how to win the lottery using meditation

Learn how to win the lottery using meditation

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  • 1. Meditation For Lottery Success Copyright 12-09
  • 2.
      • More and more people are using meditation to help change their lives
  • 3. Example
    • Many individuals are using meditation to help improve their health along with other traditional methods.
    • The reason for using meditation to help improve one’s life is because meditation can have a very positive effect on the mind and since the mind is a very powerful and often underutilized tool, mediation can lead to very positive results.
  • 4. If people are using the positive effects of meditation to improve their lives, why not use it to help you win the lottery.
  • 5. Best Part
    • Is that meditation is relatively easy.
    • Does not require any physical skills and only a minimal amount of mental concentration.
    • You can start out with only 10 minutes per day.
    • As you get more comfortable, you should then increase it to 20 minutes per day.
    • Once you have gained some experience, you may want to do two 20 minute sessions per day to gain the full benefits of mediation to help you win the lottery.
  • 6. Find a Place to Sit
    • To get started, you will want to find a place that you can sit down and relax.
    • It should be somewhere that you will not be interrupted and is quiet and free from distractions.
  • 7.
    • You do not need to sit on the floor with your legs crossed.
    • All you need to do is find a comfortable chair or couch and sit in a relaxed position.
    • You do not want to lay back or lay down because you do not want to fall asleep.
  • 8. Breathing
    • Once you are seated, close your eyes and focus on your breath.
    • Just inhale through your nose and out through your mouth as naturally as possible.
    • If you have a hard time breathing this way then just breathe in a way that relaxes you.
    • As you focus on your breath you should start to feel yourself relax.
    • Keep doing this until you feel relatively relaxed.
  • 9. Mantra
    • Some meditation uses a single word or phrase called a mantra.
    • You are going to use this technique to help you win the lottery.
    • Your Mantra will be the name of the Lottery Game that you are trying to win.
  • 10. Example
    • For example if the game that you play is the Powerball, then you will use the following mantra, “Powerball Winner.”
    • You will just start to say this phrase over and over again for the length of your meditation session.
  • 11. Meditation Technique
    • Your main goal is to have this mantra be the only thought in your mind as you repeat it.
    • Now other thoughts will come to your mind. This is a natural process and there is no way to really stop other thoughts from coming to your mind.
    • As these thoughts come to your mind, just let them come and go and then refocus on your lottery winning mantra.
  • 12. Don't Stress
    • Do not get upset or worry about these other thoughts or you mediation will not be as successful.
    • As you meditate daily, you will gain more experience and your other thoughts will become less and less over time.
  • 13. Relax As You Go!
    • The other thing to realize is that when you begin your session, you will have many extra thoughts.
    • As you session continues and you become more relaxed, your extra thoughts will diminish.
    • Again this is a normal process, even for those with lots of experience meditating.
  • 14. Guided Meditation
    • There are also some meditation CDs that can help you focus on your mediation as you do it.
    • You might want to try one of these CDs in the beginning to help your brain enter the meditative state.
    • Go to
  • 15. Not Get Rich Quick
    • Also remember that when you are using the power of the mind, it will take some time for the benefits to be realized.
    • Make sure that you keep meditating and over time, you will start to see some results.
    • These results may be small at first.
  • 16. Example
    • You may just start to see that you hit three numbers more and then over more time you may start to see even better winning combination.
    • Of course your main goal will be to hit the jackpot, so make sure you keep mediating and who knows maybe you will be the next jackpot winner.
  • 17. Use the Power of Your Mind To Help You With Lottery Success
    • Check out for details.