Chakra meditation


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Learn to do this chakra meditation to become more balanced and healthy

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Chakra meditation

  1. 1. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For Cancer E-Course at MeditationIf you want to open yourself up to unlimited healing potential thatmay help you prevent or heal your cancer, then you may want totry Tantric Chakra Meditation. To get started, lets cover what theChakras are. It is a common belief that there are only sevenchakras. In actuality there are none chakras. There also used tobe nine days of the week. Why is this important? It is importantbecause 9 is the frequency of the universe. Nine is a perfectnumber because its foundation is three times three. That makesa perfect triangle.Before we discuss the chakras, lets discuss the three centers ofthe body. The three centers of the body are the head, the middleand the lower body. You will find that each center of the body ahsthree chakras. This makes for the number nine and as you cansee they are evenly divided by three in each section of the body.This is because the universe is balanced so this brings balance toyour body. We want to ensure we awaken all nine chakras ensureour body works as a whole to heal itself.The first chakra is the root chakra. It is located in the lower area ofyour body where you sit down. Because this chakra is the rootchakra, it is advisable to sit on the ground when working withchakras. You want to do this to ensure a good connection with theearth. You will want to concentrate on this area of the body andthink to yourself "I release fear". Then let this thought go into theground. You will then think the following thought "I embracesurvival". As you are thinking this thought, you will bring positiveenergy back upward and say the mantra "LAM." The next thingyou will do will be to think the following thought "The earth, root
  2. 2. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For Cancer E-Course at is blooming open. Bold, brave, dharmic destiny to be me. Ican, I will, I dare, and I do!" You will want to feel solid andgrounded as you do this.You will find the next chakra in the region of the genitals. You willnow want to focus your concentration on this area of the body.Think to yourself "I release guilt." Then let this thought go into theground. Think to yourself "I embrace pleasure." As you think thisthought bring the positive energy back upward and say themantra "VAM." You will now think to yourself "The water, sexchakra is blooming open in fluid fulfilling ecstasy!" As you thinkthis thought, feel how good it feels.The last chakra in the bodys lower region is called the fire chakraat belly. You will now want to concentrate on the belly. You willthen think this thought yourself - "I release shame" You will thenlet this thought go into the ground. You will then think "I embracecourageous power" bringing the positive energy back upwardand say the mantra "RAM." Your next thought will be "The fire,belly chakra is blooming open. I am live, wild, fusion fire!" As youthink this thought feel how invincible you are.You will now move into the middle region of your body. The nextchakra is called the air chakra. chakra. You will then focus yourconcentration on the solar plexus. As you are focusing on thesolar plexus, you will think this thought to yourself - "I releasetension" You will then let it go into the ground. Then you will think"I embrace freedom" Bring the bring the positive energy backupward and say the mantra "POM."
  3. 3. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For Cancer E-Course at next thought will be "The air, solar plexus chakra is bloomingopen. Free from ignorance, fanaticism, and tyranny, I float, flow,and fly." As you think this thought, you will feel this lightness. Youwill continue this releasing of the negative energy into the groundand bringing the positive up for the rest of the chakras. So letsbriefly cover the rest of the chakras .You will now move onto the heart chakra which is located in themiddle of your chest beneath your breast bone. Think to yourself"I release grief" Then think "I embrace love as you say the mantra"YAM." Think to yourself "The spirit, heart chakra is bloomingopen. Its all about the love, love is all that matters, only loveprevails." Feel the love as you do this.Now turn your focus to your throat and think this - "I release thefalsehood of limitation." Now think to yourself "I embrace allpervasive universal truth and say the following mantra "HAM."Your next thought will be "The sound, throat chakra is bloomingopen. I express love!" Feel the happiness engulf you.Now we will move to the third region of the body and the last threechakras. We will start with the third eye which is between the twoeyebrows. Think to yourself "I release the illusion of separation."Let it go into the ground. Next think - "I embrace the light ofoneness with the wonderful ONE." Bring the positive energy backup and say "OM." Now think to yourself "The third eye sunawareness chakra is blooming open perceiving the integratedbeauty of everything!" You will want to feel the radiant warmth allabout you.Now we will concentrate on the fourth eye chakra in the center of
  4. 4. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For Cancer E-Course at forehead. Think to yourself - "I release humility, inhibition,and hesitation." Let this energy go into the ground. Then think "Ileap to divine manifestation" and say the "AH" Bring the positiveenergy back up into your body. Now think this "The fourth eyesweet spot eclipsing moon bow kaleidoscope connection bridgechakra is blooming open. I am that I am. I am all!" Feel the pureenergy, joy and love all about you.You will now will want to open the ninth chakra at the top of thehead. Focus on the top of your head. Think to yourself "I releasethe sticky stagnation of ego and attachment to free and liberatethe soul to ultimate union, total absolution." Let it go into theground and automatically the transformed energy comes back upfrom below, breaking through and letting in energy from aboveopening your crown chakra to the swirling energy of cosmicconsciousness. Say "HUM." You will then want to think this to youyourself - "The imagination crown star chakra is blooming open inlove absolute!" Enjoy your spiritual power.By doing this chakra meditation you are balancing your body. Inaddition to all of the other benefits that this chakra meditation willbring to your spirituality, it will also potentially help you heal yourbody when it is not in a healthy state.