Bladder pain could be bladder cancer


Published on to learn about the power of spiritual healing and how it can help you by taking this free e-course. First you will find that bladder cancer is not as common as some cancers. However if you are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with bladder cancer, it can be just a bad as any other cancer. So it is definitely worth learning more about this disease.

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Bladder pain could be bladder cancer

  1. 1. Bladder Pain? - Could Be Bladder Cancer - Get the Facts. By Brian Bowie Reiki Master Photo Courtesy of Mckenna71 at Learn How You Can Heal Cancer For Free at
  2. 2. First you will find that bladder cancer is not as common assome cancers. However if you are unfortunate enough to bediagnosed with bladder cancer, it can be just a bad as any othercancer. So it is definitely worth learning more about thisdisease.So what exactly is bladder cancer? This disease is defined as thegrowth of cancer cells in the bladder which is part of theurinary tract. What happens is that as these abnormal cellsbegin to multiply, they will create a tumor. At the time of thiswriting it is not quite known what causes these cells to beginand multiply but they one thing that is known is that changes inthe DNA of normal cells occur.Even though the actual cause is not known, researchers haveidentified some of the risk factors for developing this disease. Acouple of the big risks are exposure to radiation and dangerouschemicals. Smokers also are at a higher risk for developingbladder cancer and as you get older you chances of getting thisdisease are up. Also for whatever reason, it appears that menand Caucasians are also at higher risk. Another risk factor andone that you can control is that of a unhealthy diet. Just likemost cancers, an unhealthy diet puts you more at risk ofgetting cancer.
  3. 3. One bad thing about bladder cancer is that there are not manysymptoms which can make it difficult to diagnose. Onesymptom is the presence of blood in the urine and if you if dosee this you need to seek medical attention. There are notmany bladder cancer symptoms. The most typical one is thepresence of blood in the urine. Other symptoms may includefrequent urination and pain during urination. These areassociated with other conditions as well, so you do not need tofreak out if you have them but it is best to see a doctorquickly.Bladder cancer is usually diagnosed by diagnosed by testing ofthe urine to confirm the presence of blood cells and abnormalcells. Your doctor then may carry out a cystoscopy. This iswhen a tiny tube is inserted into the bladder that will allowyour physician to inspect it closely. If the doctor sees anythingunusual, they will perform an biopsy where some cells aretaken from the bladder to be tested to see if they can identifyany cancer cells.
  4. 4. If you are diagnosed with bladder cancer, you will normally getsurgery to remove part or all of the bladder. With moderntechnology, doctors can create a new bladder using other bodytissues. After you have completed surgery, you will normallyundergo chemotherapy, radiation therapy and oftenimmunotherapy are used for treatment.It is common for bladder cancer to reoccur. For this reasonfollow up checks are an indispensable part of the treatmentprocess. Get a Free Spiritual Healing For Cancer E-Course and healthy subliminal download at