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How to Make Routed Wood Signs Using Cedar
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How to Make Routed Wood Signs Using Cedar


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  • 1. How to Make Routed Wood Signs Using CedarThere is nothing as good as something homemade. It gives one the feeling of true satisfaction that what theyhave just been given is of high quality since it took effort to make. Well, look no further for more homemadethings because now you can do something for your community by making routed wood signs from cedar.One can order custom made wood signs but the ones made by hand have a rustic look that makes themunique. Wood signs are not affected by weather like printed signs. So, what are the things one needs to makewood signs?1-A pencil.2-Cedar for the wood signs.3-A sander.4-A router.5-A router bit.6-Varnish.You should select a good cedar board for wood signs to work with. Cedar boards are usually sold at lumberyards or at craft shops. You will also need to shop around for the router bit that you will be using since you willinsert it in the router. The router bit should not be more than a quarter inch deep. Why should the bit this deepsimply because you do not want any wood burning.The process of making wood signs usually will take some hours but you will definitely be proud of what youcreate. Take your pencil and draw letters on your sign. You can do this freehand but if you want somethingpolished then it is better you use a stencil. You will then have to secure your cedar board with clamps to astable bench. This is to ensure that the wood sign does not move when you are working on it.You will now slowly and carefully route out the letters using your two hands. To smoothen the edges use thesander and then brush away any shavings. Now you can apply any finish that you want and the wood signswill be ready and steady. One can design many wood signs that they want and there so many types. You canhave carved wood signs for your business, your home or make one to advertise your products for that homelyeffect. These plaques give a sense of uniqueness and beauty. So, if you want some routed wood signs orsimply want to make a change in your community you can make some routed wood signs and make your worlda better place thanks to wood signs.For more information on Custom House Numbers, including other interesting and informative articles andphotos, please click on this link: How to Make Routed Wood Signs Using Cedar