Changemaker campus presentation students Nov 2013


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University of Northampton Changemaker Certificate Ashoka social change social justice innovation entrepreneurship employability

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Changemaker campus presentation students Nov 2013

  1. 1. Be a CHANGEMAKER Introducing the University of Northampton Changemaker Certificate
  2. 2. • More than 300,000 students graduate each year in the UK • We want you to be more than just a ‘good’ graduate • We want you to stand out from the crowd! We stand out because we are CHANGEMAKERS!
  3. 3. Maybe you don’t realise it, but….. You are already Changing the World Changemaker Manifesto 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I have a responsibility to make positive changes in society I have the power and resources (tangible and intangible) to make a difference I take initiative to bring about innovative change, local and systemic I work with others to maximise impact, working in groups and networks I know and live authentically according to my values I practice empathy; by entering, by a willed use of the imagination, another person's world without judgment
  4. 4. Have you spotted a social problem? What can I do about it?
  5. 5. From poverty to pollution…. Some problems seem just too big to tackle Be a CHANGEMAKER What if it’s not just me? What if there is a group of us, making changes? What if there is a lot of us? What if the whole UNIVERSITY was making changes?
  6. 6. You are not alone Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation gives job opportunities & training to young people, raising their confidence to become world class chefs
  7. 7. One Water send 100% of their profit to Africa to fund water projects
  8. 8. Closer to home Mike Britton started • Recycles household furniture which prevents it going to waste • Sells it cheaply to poor people in Northampton • Hires ex-offenders to give them a new start in a job
  9. 9. Abigail Ehoff Business Student Created Homework Hub, to help her mum and brother work together on his homework
  10. 10. • • • • Environmental Sustainability Changemakers Student Switch Off + Green House Award Scheme Sustainable Business Ethics Social Enterprise Loan Fund • Student Sustainability Fund Grants • Change ME campaign
  11. 11. CHANGEMAKER CAMPUS VALUES empathy + initiative + team work + innovation + transformation = positive social change
  12. 12. NETpositive • Explore social, environmental & financial issues • Measure your starting point • Develop an action plan
  13. 13. Changemaker Certificate 7 Units, Bronze, Silver, Gold (UG) & Platinum (PG) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Understanding social change, innovation & entrepreneurship, Understanding me- my, empathy, my personal assets, skills and resources and my innovation orientation Understanding society, communities and social problems- through voluntary action, scientific research, employment or experience Solving problems- through innovation, ideation and decision-making skills Venture planning- either business, product planning, event creation, performance or media campaigning to achieve mainstreaming Starting and sustaining the venture- financing, governance and selling the venture idea Communicating the venture- marketing and media, personal and organisational branding Start anytime. Learn & act alongside your degree. Peer review. Increase employability
  14. 14. Starting to be a Changemaker • Sign up to the Changemaker Resource Centre • Create your Net-Positive Student profile • Register for the Changemaker Certificate