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Facitities Plan for Tattnall County High School Fall 2012
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Facitities Plan for Tattnall County High School Fall 2012

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  • 1. Tattnall County High School Facilities Improvement Plan Curtis Gay FRIT 7132 October 29, 2012 1
  • 2. School Mission The mission of Tattnall County High School is to create an environment that allows all students to become responsible, productive and lifelong learners. 2
  • 3. School Description • Tattnall County High School was established and constructed in 1993. • It is located on GA HWY 23 between Reidsville and Glennville. • Approximately 925 students (Grades 9-12 & Pre-K) {13% Hispanic, 25% Black, 59% White, 3% Other} • 50+ faculty members • One full time media specialist 3
  • 4. School Map 4 The Media Center
  • 5. View from the Commons Area The Media Center is directly across from the main entrance to the school. 5
  • 6. Current Facility Floor Plan 6
  • 7. Entrance of the Media Center 7
  • 8. Magazines / Reading Area 8 Laptop Cart Boxes and Clutter
  • 9. New Books Display 9 Cart blocking the books Boxes and clutter behind the display
  • 10. Computer for Student Use 10 There are 24 desktops and 10 laptops in the media center to accommodate an entire class. T.V. Carts Computers are blocking the reference section.
  • 11. Seating Areas 11 Five rectangular tables that can seat up to 8 students. 3 of the 5 tables are almost completely inaccessible due to clutter.
  • 12. Circulation Desk 12 Mrs. Russell, the LMS checking out a novel to a student.
  • 13. The Stacks 13 There are just under 1,800 books housed in the Media Center, and on average about 400 pieces are circulated per month. Various, unused equipment and carts are lined all throughout the stacks, hindering access to the books.
  • 14. The Stacks (continued) 14 All the fiction titles are lined around the wall of the Media Center, while the nonfiction titles are on parallel shelves. The entire floor is littered with various obstacles for students. This is not a wheelchair friendly environment.
  • 15. “The Junk Pile” (for lack of better words) 15 It is just a massive amount of books, hardware, and empty boxes located in front of the full-length windows.
  • 16. Projector & Screen 16 There is a very nice projector mounted into the ceiling above the rectangular tables that displays on to a large pull-down screen in front of the windows. However it is unattainable at this point in time, due to the “junk pile.”
  • 17. The Reference Section 17 The reference section is not even attainable. It is completely blocked by the computer desks in front of it. Also notice all of the things just “placed” on top of the shelves. The cords create a hazard for any student wishing to attempt to locate something out of this section of the media center.
  • 18. View From the Circulation Desk 18
  • 19. The A.V. Workroom 19
  • 20. The A.V. Workroom 20 I could not tell what was heads or tails in this room. I did see the Channel One television receiver, a copier, and a laminating machine.
  • 21. The A.V. Storage Room 21
  • 22. The A.V. Storage Room 22 I was in total shock when I saw this room!! It helped to explain some of the clutter in the media center. Here was a room with nothing being stored in it because the ceiling is perpetually leaking!!! The entire floor of the room is encompassed with 3 large trashcans collecting water, and the only things on the shelves are magazines that can definitely be weeded. When I asked various faculty members about this room, many of them had never set foot in it, much less were aware of the ceiling. This is a problem that definitely needs to be addressed!!!
  • 23. Media Specialist’s Office 23 There is little to no space to sit and work at the desk.
  • 24. Media Specialist’s Office 24 An entire corner of empty VHS boxes Empty boxes just lying around Spare parts that have been just “lying around” for almost a year
  • 25. Conference Room 25 This is the entrance to the intended conference room, but for many years has been used as a records room by the testing coordinator. It remains locked, so I was not allowed access for photos.
  • 26. Media Center Survey TCHS Media Center Survey Teacher or Student (circle one) Subject Taught (if a teacher) __________________ Grade (if a student) _____________ How often do you use the media center for any of its resources? What resources do you use? Are there ample resources in the media center for our school? Why or why not? What is your overall impression/opinion of the media center? Is the media center being utilized to its fullest potential? Why or why not? List some positive attributes of the media center. List some negative attributes of the media center. What is currently working well in the media center? What are the two Most Urgent changes that are presently needed in the media center? 26 46 Students surveyed from grades 11 & 12 17 Teachers surveyed from various dept’s
  • 27. Positive Teacher Survey Results • Laminator • Plenty of computers • Student access • Laptop carts • “Good variety of titles for ELL/Spanish-speaking students.” • Bright/well lit • Classroom sets of novels are housed in the media center, which increases circulation 27
  • 28. Negative Teacher Survey Results • Cluttered (most popular response) • Unorganized • Filthy • “Hot Mess. I can’t bear to go in there because the disorganization gives me anxiety.” • Ellison Machine had to be moved to teachers’ lounge due to No Room • LMS is a hoarder • Classroom sets of novels need to be replenished • “The clutter does not let me truly know all of the resources available to me and my students.” • “The media center is a large storage unit for outdated magazines, VHS, and books that no one checks out.” • “It is a waste of space, resources, money, and personnel at this school.” • Broken equipment lying around • Outdated books 28
  • 29. Positive Student Survey Results •Accessible/Open throughout the day (most popular response) •Many computers •Computer upkeep 29
  • 30. Negative Teacher Survey Results • Need more updated books (most popular response) • Mostly a hangout spot for kids at lunch and break • Not a friendly environment • Student behavior in the media center • “Not many people go in there.” • “Media specialist is rude and doesn’t like to help.” • “We only use it for the computers.” • Books are in bad condition • “It could be cleaned up.” • “You can tell that not a lot of care is going into it.” • Computer stations arrangement • More space • “Too much of a hassle to get in it or get anything out of it.” • Easier system for checkout • “Teachers never use it.” 30
  • 31. Revised Facility Floor Plan 31
  • 32. Revisions To Be Made 32 I would eliminate the “Junk Pile” and lay down an area rug for the Pre-K students in front of the large windows. This would allow them to spend more time in the media center as well. As shown in the floor plan, I would create a small section of children’s books near the rug. Carpet Bee Attitudes 5' 4"H x 7' 8"L $290.00 www.gaylord.com
  • 33. Revisions To Be Made 33 I would scatter a few of these roller chairs throughout the media center where all of the T.V. carts and other things once were. They would allow individual students to work or use a laptop without being in the way of whole class instruction. www.gaylord.com $1130.00
  • 34. Revisions To Be Made 34 This would replace the 20 year old furniture in front of the magazine rack near the entrance to the media center. www.gaylord.com $1965.00
  • 35. Revisions To Be Made 35 These tables made by Allusion would replace all current tables in the media canter. There would be 8 of them near the reference section where the old computers tables were located, and there would be more on the other end of the center, where the rectangular tables once were. Table Reading Allusion 29Hx42Wx42"D www.gaylord.com ALL tables in the media center will be equipped with built in outlets. This will eliminate cords, wires, and the need to be near the wall (for an outlet.) 8 tables will be permanently housing laptops, while the tables on the other side of the media center will be computer ready, if the need arises. Access Center 4 Patron DF Hinged Lid Hardwired Dual Circuit $1100.00 $750.00
  • 36. Revisions To Be Made 36 Two of these towers would be centered in the media center, where the computer pod once was. They will house all of the new arrivals and additions to the media center. This will attract students to the new things that they are interested in much easier. Displayer Revolving Three Sided 64H x 27 1/2W x 27 1/2"D www.gaylord.com $1180.00
  • 37. Revisions To Be Made 37 My favorite addition to the media center would be to install a self-checkout system at the circulation desk!! This would allow students to check books in and out of the media center without having to wait for the media specialist. They would also be able to check for fines that may be owed by them as well. This investment would definitely free up some of the media specialist's time… 3M Self Check System 9410 BCS-Series w/ Software www.gaylord.com$6999.00
  • 38. Revisions To Be Made • Add a suggestions/comments box near the circulation desk. This way students and teachers could give feedback and/or make requests for resources in the media center. This is also a great way to let the LMS know when books need to be replaced due to “wear and tear.” • Weed through the magazines and periodicals. There are way too many issues being kept for the space that is available. • Make getting the roof repaired in the A.V. Storage Room my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!! I would stay on the heels of the administration until this came to fruition. • Discard all of the outdated equipment and hardware that is not being used. Discard all “broken” equipment. Work with the teachers and administration to develop some kind of timeline that will determine how long certain pieces/kinds of equipment will be housed in the media center before they are to be removed. • And last but Definitely Not Least……Get the Media Center ORGANIZED!!!!!!! 38
  • 39. Current Media Center Facilities Policy {NOTE: The Tattnall County High School has no official written policies, so I used the policies from the previous school that I worked at: Vidalia Comprehensive High School} • Accessibility: Each media center in the Vidalia City School System will be accessible to individual students and groups throughout each day of the school year. Media Centers will open for use before classes begin in the morning , remain open after classes end for the day, and provide sufficient staffing to operate at all times of the day. The media center will provide users with ways and efficient access to all materials. 39
  • 40. Current Media Center Facilities Policy • Cooperative Planning: Systematic and cooperative planning for media services will involve decision-making by system and school media committees which are representative of the total school community and appointed by ranking administrators at both the system and school levels. Media program planning and expenditures will be based on identified media goals which reflect the system's educational goals and promote maximum utilization of materials and equipment. • Instructional Media and Equipment: Instructional media and equipment will be selected, acquired, and used to implement the philosophy and educational goals of the school system and to support the learning activities designed for students. To promote maximum utilization, media will be provided for all instructional levels and curricular content. It will have a diversity of appeal, present various viewpoints, and be provided in a variety of formats. It should (1)relate to the curriculum and meet the developmental needs, varying interests, learning modalities, and differing ability levels of students; (2)stimulate intellectual curiosity and growth in factual knowledge; (3)promote broad awareness and reflect the diversity of our country and the world. 40
  • 41. Current Media Center Facilities Policy • Instructional Media and Equipment (continued) Ample equipment will be provided and maintained to promote maximum utilization of all available material formats, to increase technological applications, and to encourage incorporation of media into learning activities. System- or school - owned media or equipment in use, on order, or recommended for purchase that may be questioned by educators, parents, students, or other community residents will be handled through the reconsideration procedure established by the school system. School-owned media and/or equipment will not be loaned to non-school organizations. School personnel who borrow media and equipment must assume responsibility for damage, loss, and copyright compliance. 41
  • 42. Current Media Center Facilities Policy • Implementation of Policy: The Vidalia Board of Education will have final authority concerning all questions related to this policy. The superintendent, or a designee, will make recommendations to the Board of Education concerning policy and will exercise final authority at the system level, concerning questions of administrative procedure regarding selection, acquisition, utilization, and retention of instructional media and equipment. • Procedures: Written procedures for implementation of the media policy for Vidalia City Schools comprise a portion of the total system wide Instructional Media and Equipment Policy. The plan details implementation procedures for personnel/staffing of the media center; selection and evaluation of media; and purchasing, processing, and utilization of media as developed by the system media committee. • Review and Revision of Policy and Procedures: This policy and accompanying procedures will be reviewed each year and revised when necessary. 42
  • 43. Additions to Media Center Policy • Conduct in media center: The media center is not to be regarded as a place where students may socialize. Respect for fellow students should be evident in the maintaining of a quiet atmosphere. If individual students choose to use the media center during his/her lunch period, it is to be used for reference work, word processing, research, or other, media business • Printing of curriculum related materials may be done at no cost to the student; however, a cost of $.50 per page for personal printing will be accessed. Any student found printing inappropriate material will be subject to disciplinary action. • Confidentiality of Library Records: Records held in libraries which connect specific individuals with specific resources, programs or services, are confidential and not to be used for purposes other than routine record keeping: i.e., to maintain access to resources, to assure that resources are available to users who need them, to arrange facilities, to provide resources for the comfort and safety of patrons, or to accomplish the purposes of the program or service. 43
  • 44. Additions to Media Center Policy • Scheduling: Because the library media program is fully integrated into the instructional program of the school, students, teachers, and media specialists become partners in learning. It is vital that the library program continue to be an extension of the classroom and function with a flexible schedule. The wide range of resources, technologies, and services needed to meet students learning and information needs are readily available. Our philosophy requires that a flexible schedule must be maintained. Classes cannot be scheduled in the library media center to provide teacher release or preparation time. Students and teachers must be able to come to the center throughout the day to use information sources, to read for pleasure, and to meet and work with other students and teachers. Flexible scheduling must be shared by the entire school community. Administration supports the belief that the library program is an integral part of the districts educational program and ensures that flexible scheduling for library media centers is maintained in all buildings and at all levels. 44
  • 45. Tattnall County High School Facilities Improvement Plan Curtis Gay FRIT 7132 October 29, 2012 45