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CH Design/Advertising Portfolio

  1. 1. CONCEPTION Presentation illusion IDEA Impression Expression DESIGN Image ADVERTISING A T T I T U D E Perception Character V I S I O N PRESENCE Appearance © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  2. 2. I M A G E “Image is Everything” Author Unknown The phrase was originally coined for a Canon advertising campaign. And, whether we like it or not, this has become the norm of everyday life. Image determines what we watch, eat and buy. Today’s information age bombards the public with images and the use of that power helps drive what consumers buy. Whether your customer is the public or another business, it’s your image that sets you apart from your competition. Companies that recognize this and use it to their advantage are the companies ruling their market. Established in 1992 CH Design/Advertising provides fresh, unformatted ideas to help companies solve their visual communication problems. Offering the same level of work that top agencies provide, whether you are a small, mid-sized or large company. As part of a network of independent, interrelated, design, public relation and marketing professionals we provide cost effective solutions to marketing problems. You can trust that your business is handled personally by seasoned, top-level professionals from start to finish. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  3. 3. ADVERTISING Advertising is the creme-de-le-creme of promoting your company’s products or services. An avenue that is not always feasible for some. It can be expensive and requires a commitment for an extended period to truly reap any benefits. It takes months of continued exposure to build recognition, viewer confidence and interest. Because of this, CH Design/Advertising understands the importance of targeting in on the message and finding the best combination of graphics and copy to drive it home. We listen to what you have to say and put a lot of thought into how we can best convey that idea in an ad that sells your product or company with the right strategic approach. You can count that it won’t just be words and pictures on a page but an effective story that gets you noticed and portrays you as a leader. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  4. 4. ADVERTISING Career Education Corporation Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Career Education Corporation asked for an ad to promote their Le Cordon Blue College located in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. Working with their in-house Creative Services department our end result was this half-page, four-color ad which captured the spirit and enthusiasm of the school’s curriculum and student body. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  5. 5. ADVERTISING Schumacher Electric Corp SpeedCharge Trade Ad Launching their new line of faster chargers, Schumacher needed to get the word out to the automotive aftermarket industry. This ad was created to help spread the word extolling the faster technology and product line depth. Well received throughout the industry it helped continue the product’s quick rise in the market place. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  6. 6. ADVERTISING PowerFlo/HomeRight PaintStick Trade Ad PowerFlo wanted to continue the market awareness of its PaintStick painting system. In particular they wanted an ad for the Paint Dealer trade publication. The response to their problem was this ad which sold the product category innovativeness of the Paintstick. In particular the ad generated the most reader response to an ad that the issue generated. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  7. 7. COLLATERAL Collateral pieces are the backbone of a company’s image. These items, whether a catalog, brochure, product flyer or capabilities piece, tell your audience who you are, what you do and defines you from your competitors. They are the things people will keep at hand, and on file, to constantly remind them of you and your presence. That’s why it should reflect your image as a front runner and a force to be dealt with in the arena where you do business. Each project is approached from a fresh prospective. Great deliberation and effort is put into understanding who you are and finding the appropriate graphic solution to convey this to your target audience. Whether the final piece is a single flyer or a multi-page document the same amount of care is put into defining and communicating the message. Because of this approach, you can be sure the final result will be something that sets you apart and makes people notice who you are. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  8. 8. COLLATERAL Career Education Corporation Brooks Institute High School Poster Career Education Corporation wanted a poster design that was low key and functional. One they could use to send out to high schools to promote Brooks Institute, one of their schools. Working with their internal Creative Services department this poster/calender was our collaborative solution. Its clean design promoted the 4 divisions of Brooks using images produced by students. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  9. 9. COLLATERAL Fastball Delivery Service Fastball was looking to market their medical supply and set-up capability which was a subsidiary service they offered to their regular messenger delivery service. This self-mailing brochure was the cost effective answer. Designed using stock illustrations and set up to run on a direct to print press it successfully promoted this service with minimal expense. The result was increased awareness and clients. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  10. 10. COLLATERAL Schumacher Electric Corp SpeedCharge Brochure When Schumacher launched their new line of battery chargers they needed a product brochure that relayed the product’s nature and showed the entire line. The result was this 6-page gatefold brochure that continued the overall graphic look of the highly successful package design and further created buzz and product awareness. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  11. 11. COLLATERAL Stepo LeisureTech Travel Agent Direct Response Mailer Stepo was looking for a cost effective mailer with response card to introduce their LeisureTech software to the travel agent instdustry. A simple, 2-color answer was the ticket to their problem. Dramtic lighting and bold graphics sold the viewer on this novel solution to the idea of video graphics in the travel booking indusrty. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  12. 12. COLLATERAL Troy Corporation Product Catalog The Troy Corporation is a reseller of brand name T- and Sport shirt attire to small silkscreen and embroidery shops. They were letting their printer design their product catalog and realized they needed something more distinctive and eye catching. The answer was a design that used the same supplied photography from the brand shops but used in a way that set it apart. Adding colorful drop-ins and pic fonts added a fun feel that reflected the way these items get used and helped increase sales by 15% for three consecutive year. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  13. 13. IDENTITY Corporate and Brand Identity are sometimes two of the most overlooked aspects of imagining. They are often the first thing people see when dealing with your company or product. That’s why it’s so important that you truly put “your best foot forward” To be taken seriously you must . look professional from the start and your identity sets the tone. CH Design/Advertising comprehends this and strives to create marks that reflect the tone, character and vision of your organization or product. Each identity/brand project is an earnest endeavor to establish your image and make you a serious presence. Setting your mark, or stamping your identity, as one who takes what they do or sell for real. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  14. 14. IDENTITY Chicago Maritime Society 6th Annual Festival Logotype The Chicago Maritime Society needed a logotype commemorating their 6th Annual Festival celebrated at North Pier. This was the chosen design which featured illustrative depictions of North Pier and the Chicago Skyline all set in a frame and border reminiscent of nautical themes and images. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  15. 15. IDENTITY Peter Dean Ross Photography Chicago photographer Peter Dean Ross needed a logotype for the launch of his new business. We created a mark that was distinctive of his style of photography which relied heavily on tonal values and darks and lights. The symbol used components of the first letters of his name blended to make a unified mark. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  16. 16. IDENTITY Peter Dean Ross Stationery Set This letterhead, envelope and business card were the application of the PDR logotype. The usage of screened-back black and white photography helped to emphasize the tonal quality of Peter Dean’s photgraphic style. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  17. 17. IDENTITY Schumacher Electric Corp Battery Companion Schumacher Electric wanted a brand logo for their existing line of battery chargers that served a variety of small vehicle applications. The solution to the problem was this logotype. Using the positive/negative symbols placed strategically to quickly communicate the electrical aspect of the product line quickly reinforced the idea of the product’s usage. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  18. 18. IDENTITY Schumacher Electric Corp SpeedCharge Schumacher Electric needed a product name and brand logo for their newest line of battery chargers. A line of chargers that worked faster and smarter based off computer logarithms. First, the SpeedCharge name was created to identify the nature of the product. Secondly, the “Computer Smart” reinforced the high-tech nature of the product. The split color was used to highlight the product’s faster capabilities, underscored with the efficiency of the computer based technology. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  19. 19. PACKAGING For some companies packaging is their only form of advertising. With limited resources making it impossible to place ads to inform the public of their product, the package stands alone as the only way of setting their product off and capturing the consumer’s attention. That’s why it is so vitally important to their overall success. It’s said, that with today’s busy lifestyles and schedules, you have approximately 3 to 5 seconds to capture the buyers attention before they move on to the next item. In that time, it’s vitally important that you grab the attention of, and get your main point across to, your intended market. Understanding this problem and helping companies develop awareness arresting graphics that sell their products and make them stand out in the market place, is what sets CH Design/Advertising apart. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  20. 20. PACKAGING OmniFilter Corporation Cartridge Cartons OMNI wanted individual cartons for their specialty replacement cartridge filters that would quickly let the consumer identify their need. The fix were these paperboard cartons that used simplified graphic illustrations and die cut windows that quickly let the viewer see and relate to their old cartridge and make the selection process easy and accurate. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  21. 21. PACKAGING OmniFilter Corporation Refrigerator Water Filter When OMNI entered the market with their refrigerator water filter they needed a versatile package. The request was for a design which could be stacked or hung that sold this filter’s application. We delivered with an eye- catching design that quickly relayed the positive results of using this filter. The crisp clear ice cubes visually told the story while selling the advantage. The market success of the design had the product flying off store shelves. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  22. 22. PACKAGING Schumacher Electric Corp Battery Companion Schumacher’s decision to expand their existing line of chargers targeting small vehicle batteries required a new look. After developing the brand logotype, we bannered it across a clean background giving it a prominent display. Then we used different application photos on each panel to reinforce the product’s versatility. The product received so much market attention and acceptance that the line was expanded even further. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  23. 23. PACKAGING Schumacher Electric Corp SpeedCharge When Schumacher Electric developed a line of battery chargers, incorporating new microchip and computer technology, to battle competitor encroachment into their established marketplace, they turned to CH Design/Advertising for help in creating the look. Developing the brand name SpeedCharge, and the identity, we created a high-tech look and prominent brand placement to reflect the chargers advanced capabilities. This led to wide spread acceptance at the marketplace and expansion of the product line. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  24. 24. POINT-OF-PURCHASE For companies with limited resources and budgets, Point-of-Purchase can mean the difference between sale and no sale. It is the the salesperson when no one is there to answer the buyer’s questions. Good PoP educates and informs the end user in their decision making process of which product to buy. CH Design/Advertising gets the vital importance this aspect of marketing plays in a product’s success. An analytical thought process guides our approach when producing Point-of-Purchase materials. What questions the buyer might have and how best to walk them through the selection determines the approach. From live product displays to header cards and how-to-pamphlets all elements work together to create a user friendly experience that makes the buyer feel they are making an informed decision. Simple graphic solutions and deductive reasoning are the answers that make each project a success. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  25. 25. POINT-OF-PURCHASE OmniFilter Corporation Four-Foot Gondola Display A condensed version of the eight-foot warehouse display/header system was needed for their product line. This version featured the eye-catching product category header and a flip book version of the product selection guide. Allowing OMNI to use the same materials without having the added expense of separate items for this smaller display. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising
  26. 26. POINT-OF-PURCHASE OmniFilter Corporation Eight-Foot Warehouse Display OMNI needed a warehouse display system that quickly and easily told the category story and how to choose which filter system was right for the customer’s needs. The result was this PoP system that featured an eye-catching product category header, how-to- choose header with icon product identification, channel, slide-in product description cards and take home pamphlet. Making the buyer’s decision an informed, smart decision. DESIGN ADVERTISING © 2009 CH Design/Advertising