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This guide aims to highlight some of the many must see places in Berlin. Whether you are visiting to remain in an alcohol induced haze, to blow your mind with some incredible street-art, to sample foods from around the world, to enjoy the history of a great city and of ancient worlds or just to enjoy a leisurely break from the usual hustle and bustle; Berlin is the one city that will fulfil every desire.

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Curso24/CTR: The Best and The Wurst

  2. 2. EDITORIAL EDITOR Jason Bosworthick SECTION EDITORS HISTORY AND LANDMARKS Chris Meigh ACCOMMODATION Victoria Brown THE ARTS Anna Paul & Lucy Richardson FOOD AND DRINK Ben Kendall MUSEUM ISLAND Kate Martin BARS AND NIGHTLIFE Ben Kendall LEISURE AND OUTDOORS Jason Bosworthick SHOPPING Victoria Brown LANGUAGE Rosalind Lakka SURVIVAL GUIDE Natalie Perry & Laura Phelan CONTRIBUTING WRITERSJess Astbury, Hannah Dowds, Sarah Slater, Louise Gill, Hera Sparnon ART DIRECTOR Hannah Dowds LAYOUT Hannah Dowds, Sarah Slater & Hera Sparnon PHOTO EDITOR Louise Gill
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONWhen asked about the great cultural cities of the world it would comeas no surprise to hear London, New York, Paris or Rome amongst theimmediate answers. Somehow though, none of these places deliver quitethe same vibe of creativity, of history and of sheer adrenaline fuelled,outrageous and insurmountable night-life that Berlin does.Home to more museums, more art galleries, open-air exhibitions and in-genious street-art pieces, Berlin offers an eclectic mix to sate any artisticor historical thirst you might have.The cultural plethora that makes up Berlin amounts to an incrediblerange of cuisine. Anything from Turkish kebabs to Korean speed-friedchicken, from fine dining in pitch darkness to a simple Kaffee und Kuchen(coffee and cake) on a summer’s day is sure to satisfy any hunger pang. As the founding city for techno music it comes as no surprise that Ber-liners party harder than anywhere else. Refurbished factories housesome of the world’s greatest clubs; pumping knee-shaking bass nightlyand hosting infamous all-weekend raves. As well as this there is no endto bars and clubs blasting out almost every music genre that’s out there;some even inventing new ones.This guide aims to highlight some of the many must see places in Berlin.Whether you are visiting to remain in an alcohol induced haze, to blowyour mind with some incredible street-art, to sample foods from aroundthe world, to enjoy the history of a great city and of ancient worlds orjust to enjoy a leisurely break from the usual hustle and bustle; Berlin isthe one city that will fulfil every desire. Jason Bosworthick
  4. 4. THE BEST AND THE WURST CONTENTS5 Map of Berlin 14 Shopping7 History of Berlin 15 Internet Access10 Survival Guide 17 Language11 Transport 19 Berlin on a Shoestring
  5. 5. THE BEST AND THE WURST22 HISTORY AND LAND 95 Berghain MARKS46 ACCOMMODATION 111 Clarchens Ballhaus54 THE ARTS 114 MUSEUM ISLAND69 A Recycled City 120 LEISURE AND OUTDOORS72 FOOD AND DRINK 121 Sanssouci Park73 Flavours of Berlin 138 SHOPPING94 BARS AND NIGHT 151 Writers Profiles LIFE
  6. 6. THE BEST AND THE WURST MAP OF BERLINCHARLOTTENBERG Berlin’s most prestigious museums for ancient antiquities and art. Burst-Home to both the Tiergarten and the ing with shops and eateries, Mitte is aHauptstadt Zoo, any tourist has more hotspot for tourists and locals alike.than enough reasons to venture intothe district of Charlottenburg. This PRENZLAUR BERGaffluent locality is mostly famous forit’s shops due to the Savignyplatz and A beacon of by-gone bohemianism,it’s stones-throw distance from the Prenzlauer Berg is now an elegantlyKu’damm; both fine shopping sites and decked-out haven popular with artists,a true shopaholics mecca. It should be gays, young families and creative types.noted that the prices here will gener- Whether you want to calmly caffein-ally prove higher than elsewhere in ate amid the sparrows, blond babiesBerlin, so it is probably not the most and ‘macchiato mothers’, indulge in aideal of places to go if you’re spending spot of relaxed shopping or party inon a budget. But hey, a little window the myriad cool bars and Berlin’s on-shopping never hurt anybody. line central sound-proofed club, it’s the perfect district.MITTE FRIEDRICHSHAINAptly named Mitte (which translatesinto English as middle or centre) is the Freidrichshain could be perceived asvery heart of the city. As Berlin’s his- the ‘chameleon district’ as it assumes atorical core, it encompasses dynamic number of different guises. It proudlylandmarks from former East and West assimilates itself with squatters andBerlin areas such as the Brandenburg has an exciting vibe with it’s funkyGate, the Holocaust Memorial and the bars and clubs offering space for theReichstag. It also includes key areas young, poor and sexy to rub shoulderssuch as Potsdamer Platz, Alexander- in reckless abandon. It’s boundariesplatz and Unter den Linden. Mitte is also house the famous East Side Gal-the home of the famous Museuminsel lery which serves as a busy tourist trap,or Museum Island, the site of five of especially in the height of the summer 5
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION PRENZ- LAUERBERG TIERG- ARTEN MITTE FRIED- CHARLOTTENBERG f RICH- SHAIN KREUZBERG SCHON- EBERG n neu NEUKOLLN TREPTOWmonths. However, venture into thequieter back streets such as Koperni-kusstrasse and you will stumble acrossedgy urban designer boutiques and ahost of subdued coffee shops whereyou can do as the daydreamers do andwistfully relax, whiling away the hoursin a state of cool calm. the city itself, with abundant elegant streets and edifices.SCHONEBERG TREPTOWFamously once home to none otherthan Christopher Isherwood, Mar- Formerly a district belonging to Eastlene Dietrich, Iggy Pop and David Berlin this leafy area is dominatedBowie, Schöneberg has maintained its by the beautiful Treptower Parkrenown for unbridled hedonism since which occupies several kilometres andthe 1920s. Accommodating the largest merges into the Planterwald district of Berlin, it is never short The park offers a leafy haven fromof a good party. Not to be outdone in the livelier party street, Schlesischeother respects though, the district is a Strasse, which links Treptow to thebustling multi-cultural microcosm of district of Kreuzberg. 6
  8. 8. THE BEST AND THE WURSTCHRIS MEIGH ian having spent the last year livingThough graduated in Journalism and there. He studies classics and is unableCriminology, Chris is our resident his- to function without his morning coffeetory, literature and film buff. A long- fix. Ben is a self-proclaimed café enthu-term Berlin-lover, he is never short of siast and the only thing more extensivesome factual titbit, quirky suggestion than his vocabulary is his cardigan andor information of an otherwise use- blazer collection.lessly fascinating type – particularlywhen fuelled by his new-found fond- JASON BOSWORTHICKness for a good, chilled Riesling. Meet our editor Jason: Creative writ- er, dodgy joke teller, and one half ofKATE MARTIN CTR’s very own super couple, “Jackie”Kate is a Journalism and Creative (Jason and Vickie). With a damn fineWriting student who enjoys sampling taste in music and an extensive knowl-German cuisine and historical sites. edge of film, Jason is an all-round coolShe has managed to last a month in kid. Having been assigned the role ofBerlin unscathed, despite her pen- editor by his fellow team members,chant for impersonating german ac- he had the mammoth task of siftingcents. When she’s not nearly being through all 150 reviews in this guide,robbed by fake deaf people or acciden- and for this we thank and applaud him.tally gate crashing legalize marijuanademonstrations, she likes a ‘gid’ night VICTORIA BROWNout, which usually ends by jumping in Adding comedy value to even the dull-a rivers, or with a kebab or burger (no est of subjects, Vickie belongs on asalad). stage. Her hilarious impressions and animated utterances would regularlyBEN KENDALL leave the group in stitches, and spicedBen has a passion for all things Ital- up some grueling hours spent in the 151
  9. 9. WRITERS PROFILESproject rooms. When’s she’s not im- LUCY RICHARDSONpersonating, Vickie is an avid napper Within minutes of meeting Lucy you’lland claims she’s still catching up on feel like you’re best friends. Holdinglost sleep from her childhood. But de- claim to a delightfully, bubbly person-spite this, she still manages to keep su- ality this Oxford girl will effortlesslyper organised and always stays on top charm you. A lover of music; rock, in-of every task at hand. die and electro, and adorned with the music aficionado’s obligatory pierc-LAURA PHELAN ing you’ll be sure to find her happilyOh Laura, Laura, Laura. There is far tapping her foot as her laptop pumpstoo much to say about this bubbly tunes or dancing the night away likeblonde from London/ Brighton to be it’s 1984. Lucy is also a keen shopperable to condense into so few words, and whether it’s venturing throughso I’m not going to try. I could talk stalls at the local flea market, divingabout her adoration for concoctions of through the high-street stores or justVietnamese food, but I won’t. I could window shopping at the more expen-discuss how wholeheartedly she has sive luxury department stores a goodthrown herself into the programme, bargain is something that can rarelyparticularly exploring the outdoor evade her keen eyes.activities available in Berlin, and howmuch she has developed as a result of HERA SPARNONher passion, but I shall not. I could ex- If she’s not singing her heart out atpostulate at length about how she is some Kareoke bar, or bartering forundoubtedly the messiest, most hilari- a second hand guitar at the local fleaous and nicest roommate a girl could market, Hera can normally be foundwish for, but to be honest, I really can’t frequenting one of the many pubs orbe bothered! clubs that Berlin has to offer. Keen to talk about anything from obscure 152
  10. 10. THE BEST AND THE WURSTbands to graffiti and street art, Hera’s Berlin, Jess has red hair bondage spikeda girl who has seen it all and still isn’t shoes and a love of all things bizarre.finished exploring. Spending her free time exploring aban-It’s probably worth making an ap- doned and transformed buildings andpointment with her though – between vehicles, catch her either in a bunkerlate nights and her globe trotting or eating ice cream on an old schooltendencies, this punk-haired rocker bus. She provides a refreshing outlookis constantly on the move. Blink, and on what to do in Berlin if you’re just ayou’ll probably miss her. little bit weird. She has sacrificed both of her legs in her mostly by-foot pur-SARAH SLATER suit of kookiness, and although now aIf ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ swallowed near cripple, she has successfully guid-a Thesaurus, you would get Sarah ed other group members towards manySlater! The English teacher’s won- new and exciting experiences.derful way with words, combined withher contagious positive energy certify NATALIE PARRYher status as a creative catalyst within With her incredible encyclopaedicthe group. Though incompetent with knowledge of film, music and moredirections, the modest Miss Slater’s recently the kebabs of Berlin, there ismulti-talents have unofficially secured never a dull (or quiet) moment withher the positions as layout team, proof Natalie around. Natalie is the queenreader and editor. of look-a-like spotting and a night out won’t feel complete without her 80’sJESS ASTBURY dance moves and glass of Absinth.Singlehandedly tracking down the With her amazingly creative reviews,weird and wonderful curiosities of you may even pick up a new word or 153
  11. 11. WRITERS PROFILES two. a healthy-eater who is seemingly im- mune to spicy food, and loves meeting ROSALIND LAKKA new mates on the underground. As the most proficient German speak- er, Rosalind came in particularly useful LOUISE GILL when asking for directions and fend- A fun, happy go lucky girl to say the ing off creepy guys for the rest of the least. With her vivacious smile and group. Her writing isn’t too shabby endless amounts of energy it’s hard either, particularly when it comes to not to warm to this eccentric lady, even food. From gummy bears to potatoes, when she rolls in at 6 am with a cheeky Rosalind did her best to eat up Berlin. smile on her face, ready to throw her- Buffets everywhere, look at this face, self into the next challenge (bar) she and beware. Apart from eating and comes across. translating, Rosalind has spent her time coaxing terrified full-grown men out of labyrinths, attracting probing looks from passersby with her short shorts and playing Harvest Moon. ANNA PAUL When she isn’t losing her posses- sions, or getting lost herself, Glasgow gal Anna can usually be found wan- dering one of Berlin’s art galleries. A dab hand at photography, English Literature and Film student Anna is 154