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Curso eG/Citytravelreview Travel Writing Reisejournalismus Madrid

  1. 1. MadridCity Travel Review
  2. 2. ContentsBackgroundNeighbourhoodAccomodationTourist SightsFoodNightlifeArts&CultureShoppingParksSportsPractical InfoContributors
  3. 3. BAckground If you think of Madrid as the unsophisticated big sister of Bar- celona, or perhaps the dreary aunt of Ibiza, then you are very History of Madrid wrong. Home to 3.3 million people, the city of Madrid lies in the centre of Spain and has truly become the literal and sym- It would be fair to say that the bolic heart of the country. It may not have one iconic grand building such as the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, where you people of Madrid are friendly might know in an instant where you are; but Madrid can give and most will welcome outsi- so much more to those who are willing to immerse themsel- ves completely into what this beautiful city has to offer. ders with open arms. It is not uncommon for a local to stop on Food enthusiasts will be spoiled by the choices here and sur- the street to help a tourist find a prised by the generally low prices. Tantalised by tapas? Fasci- nated with fresh food markets? Delighted by delicate treats? location or for a waiter to recom- If your answers are yes then Madrid is for you. Prepare your mend a great bar or nightclub eyes, and your stomach, for the feast of a lifetime in Madrid. for you to try after your meal. Of The artists among you can stroll through grand halls and gaze course, like with any large capi- at paintings by the likes of Goya, Picasso, Miro and El Greco; tal city, you should still be wary be swept up into centuries past and pulled in by the pictures depicted on the canvas. Madrid offers some of the best mu- of yourself and your belongings; seums in the world, such as El Museo del Prado. Madrid is fast approaching number one in Europe for pick- If you love to shop, look no further. Madrid provides everything from high-end boutiques and internationally pocketing. In general, though, known brands to stores that provide a true local charm and if you try to understand them have been around for centuries. and maybe charm them with Madrid is not just the Cultural Capital of Europe. It has its own your limited Spanish, a madri- lifestyle, an attitude carried by those who live here. Don’t leño could become a very good be fooled by their relaxed smiles and generally laid-back approach to life, madrileños love to party and know how to friend. Their siesta/fiesta atti- do it right. There is something for everyone, from live music tude might surprise you when and jazz to the grand international clubs. Delve into the city’s you discover much of this great nightlife and you will not be disappointed. city’s history that is enveloped This guide seeks to point you in the direction of the best pla- in fighting and political unrest. ces to go to experience Madrid to its fullest and it is perfect for those who are travelling on a budget.
  4. 4. Historical timeline of madrid 1833: Isabel II be- 2004: March 11th,800: Madrid is occu- comes the first and Madrid is attacked bypied by Arabs, who 1561: Madrid beco- only female Spanish terrorists who deto-name the city Mayrit mes the capital of monarch of modern nate bombs in busyin reference to its ri- Spain when Philip II times. Tension rose Metro stations andver. Mayrit gains im- moves the court from between the monar- trains. This tragic dayportance, rivalling Toledo. 1716-1788: Carlos II chy and the military. saw the loss of 192Toledo, and passes 1118: The same laws turns Madrid into a Isabel abdicated in 1979: The monarchy is people with thou-between the control of Toledo are brought modern city, in line favour of her son in restored and Juan Car- sands injured.of the Christians and to and dictated in Ma- with other European 1870, leading to re- los I becomes King. Muslims many times. drid. capitals. volts and the Spanish Civil War. 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 Present 1083: Under the con- trol of the Christian 1480: The Tribunal of King Alfonso I, Madrid the Holy Office of the 1875: Isabel’s son Al- loses part of its cultu- Inquisition in Spain is fonso XII becomes 1992: Madrid is na- ral heritage when all established to ensu- the King of Spain and med as the Culture Ca- Muslim symbols are re the stability of the the country gains sta- Now: Global eco- pital of Europe. abolished in the city. Catholic church and bility once again. nomic crisis sees expelled Jews and Is- enduring hardship. lamic people if they Governments aim to did not convert to make drastic chan- 1383: King John I of 1939: Spain was taken Catholicism. ges but groups such Castille names Leo VI over by Nationalist as Occupy Madrid of Armenia Lord of Francisco Franco, who continue protests Madrid. interestingly, even against inequality. Adolf Hitler did not Rallies can still be like. seen in Puerta del Sol.
  5. 5. festivals and events BollymadridThere are many different festivals and events occurring in Madrid and its surrounding areas Plaza de Lavapies • 91 522 30 25 • the year. Here is a selection of what not to miss. • Metro: Lavapiés PHotoEspaña Madrid hosted the annual Bollymadrid In-January: Día de los Reyes (The Three Kings Calvacade) Presents are exchanged whilst a pro- Paseo de Castellana • 34 913 601 326 • http://www. dian culture festival. The festival is situated • Metro: Coloncession and party occurs through the streets commemorating the three kings´ pilgrimage to PHotoEspaña is an annual photography and in the Lavapiés neighbourhood, which ismeet baby Jesus. visual arts festival that has been a major at- easily accessible via the metro stop of the traction in Spain since 1998. It runs throug- same name. hout June until August and has createdFebruary: ARCO (Contemporary Art fair) Usually in the second week of February, promoting great international interest showing work When approaching the neighbourhood, you are overwhelmed with the rich scent ofcontemporary art throughout Madrid. It is Europe´s largest art fair. from photographers such as Andy Warhol, food and spices that transport you straight Richard Avedon and many more. to the streets of Bangladesh. There are rowsMarch/April: Semana Santa (Holy Week) Every town and city throughout Spain have mo- The majority of the festival is situated of food stalls lining the squares, serving cu- throughout the Paseo de Castellana in the linary delights such as samosas, bhajis andmentous processions through packed streets. Toledo and Segovia are must visit towns for an various rice dishes - try one for just a euro! city centre of Madrid, with exhibitions loca-unforgettable display. ted in places such as the picturesque bota- nical gardens beside the Prado. In terms of Along with the vast range of Indian food finding out about the exhibitions, you can to sample, there is entertainment runningMay/June: Fiestas de San Isidro, the capital´s patron saint. With half a month of neigh- throughout the day, from English dance check out the website to download the fullbourhood parties, plays and concerts, the city is buzzing with life! Madrileños dress up in festival map. troops to Indian groups performing tradi-traditional costume and celebrate the event with a procession to the Emita de San Isidro. The tional dances. The costumes are mesmeri- As well as the exhibitions there are many sing with both the male and female dancersevent also marks the beginning of the bullfighting season. workshops, lectures and competitions in wearing clothing saturated in rich colours which you can involve yourself. If you have and embellished with intricate beading and sequins . This provides a feast for all the sen-July/August: Veranus de la Villa is an open-air festival across Madrid with a range of music an avid interest in photography, there are ses and is an all round great day of enter- book stalls set up at the end of the exhi-and dance including opera, pop concerts, flamenco and much more. bitions for you to purchase books from fa- tainment, as well as providing some really mous photographers and artists featured tasty foods. So if you are looking to explore a diverse side to the culture in Madrid, Bo-September: La Noche de Blanco is part of Europe’s annual White Night festival which began within the exhibitions. It is a must for those llymadrid is for you. with a keen interest in photography and thein Paris 2002. It brings a range of art and cultural performances to the capital many of which visual arts.are free.October/November: Festival de Otoño is the city´s largest cultural festival including inter-national theatre, jazz, dance and many other events.December: Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve) Annual celebration where madrileños welcome theNew Year at the Puerta del Sol. When the clock strikes midnight, people attempt to swallowtwelve uvas (grapes) between each chime. If they manage to do so successfully, it meansthey will have a prosperous year.
  6. 6. Useful Phrases Contributors Meeting People Practical Numbers Hello- ¡Hola! Who?-¿Quién/Quiénes? 0- cero 16-dieciséis Goodbye- ¡Adiós! Please- Por favor What?- ¿Qué? When?- ¿Cuándo? 1- uno 17-diecisiete 2- dos 18-dieciocho LayoutTeam:MalloryConder,BiancaHoward,ElisaKörtge Thank you- Gracias Yes/No- Sí/No Where?- ¿Dónde? 3- tres 19-diecinueve Excuse me- Perdón Why?- ¿Por qué? 4- cuatro 20-veinte Sorry- Lo siento How?- ¿Cómo? 5- cinco 21-vientiuno Do you speak English? Howmuch?-¿Cuántos? ¿Habla inglés? 6- seis 22-vientidós Do you understand? How much is it? 7-siete 23-vientitres ¿Cuánto cuesta? 8- ocho 24-vienticuatro ¿Me entiende? Yes, I understand. I’dliketochangesomemo- 9-nueve 25-vientecinco MeganBaker The City’s Jungle, The Rastro on a Budget, Shopping on a Budget, Parque Elisa Körtge Tabacalera, 100 Montaditos, Capricho Extremeño, Casa Granada, Si, entiendo. ney 10-diez 26-veintiséis del Oeste, Casa de Campo, Making a Splash, Anarkoli: Along the Curry Gau&Café, Chocolatería San Ginés, Lavapiés, Areia, Sala el Sol, Madrid Rio, Could you please speak Queríacambiardinero. slower? 11-once 27-vientisiete Mile, Crawling around Madrid Parque del Oeste, Puerta Del Sol ¿Puedehablarmasdespacio por favor? 12-doce 28-veintiocho 13-trece 29-veintinueve MalloryConder My Madrid Free Tour, The Royal Armoury, Food Intro, Cava Baja, ElizabethPrekas Practical Information, Museo Arquelógico Nacional, Graffiti and Street Art, Where are the....? 14-catorce 30-treinta Catherdrals, Flamenco, Cultural Centers, Las Letras, Botín Century Plus Old Tiendas, Hombre con Pipa, Carmen, UEFA Champions ¿Dónde hay....? 15-quince 100- cien KathleenCoyle League, Museo del Prado, Goya Feature, Day Trip Info, Toledo:Swords, Effects of Economic Crisis Jessica Salter Taberna del Marciana, The James Joyce Bar, Ernest Hemingway in Madrid, The Recycled Music Center, La Gromola, La Libreria de Lavapies, Petra’s International Bookshop, J&J Book&Coffee, Gran Via, Museum of Romanti- cism, Madrid Book Fair, Dosde Market Palacio de Deportes, Palacio Vistalgre, La Riviera, Festivals and Events List, DawnGoodman Accomodations, Bullfighting Feature, Neighbourhood Intro, Malasaña, Days Transport Food Nest Boutique, Retro, Lolita’s Closet, Sweet Madrid, Plaza Mayor Review Whattimedoesthe...lea- Rummaging through the Rastro, From a Side Street to Circo, Museo del Monday - lunes ve? breakfast-desayuno Prado, Shopping in Madrid, PHotoEspaña, Bizarre Boutiques, Cheuca, BollyMadrid AriannaTrozze BiancaHoward Dolores Promesas, Museo Sorolla, Museo Reina Sofia, Museo Thyssen- ¿A qué hora sale el....? Tuesday - martes lunch- almuerzo Bornemisza, “Waterloo Bridge” by Derain at the Thyssen-Bornemisza, Is this taxi available? La Latina, Marisqueria Ribeira do Mino, Anema e Core, Nightlife top tips, Don Fruta, Museo Geominero,Museo ABC de Dibujo y Ilustración, Blanca Wednesday-miércoles ¿Está libre este taxi? dinner- cena Kapital, Bar 1978, Tupperware, Discoteca Palace, Sculpture: Equal Berlin, “EMT”- Madrid’s Bus System, Majaderitos Cafe, Salamanca, Moe, Thursday - jueves Pleaseputthemeteron. snack- tentempié Parallel, El Corte Ingles, Wine and Cheese in Madrid, Patrimonio Café la Palma, Cardamomo, Background layout JadeW.Wong Comunal Olivarero, Apartment Life, Hostel top tips, Students’ Hostel Luis Friday - viernes Porfavor,pongaeltaxime- bar- bar Velez, Consider Hotels, Fabrizzio Guesthouse, Cat’s Hostel, Hostal Saturday -sábado tro. cafe- café Helena, Master the Metro Introduction to the Guide, History and background of Madrid, Palacio Sunday - domingo How much is it to...? ¿Cuánto cuesta ir a ...? coffee bar- cafeteria Sian Jones Cine Dore, Botanical Gardens, Centro Centro, Cerveza España, Fancy Bread, Real, Theatro Real, Toledo,Teatro Joy Eslava, Juicy Avenue, Taberna la Aguja, Practical Information, Map Pleasetakeme(tothisad- restaurant-restaurante Marvellous Madrid, Mercado de San Miguel, Summer Shoes, Top 10 Madrid, Vegetarian Delight, Vintage Madrid, Madrid on Two Wheels dress.) Porfavor,llévame(aesta dirección.) CITYTRAVELREVIEWMADRID2012