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General knowledge quiz about Scotland (with multiple choice answers).

General knowledge quiz about Scotland (with multiple choice answers).



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Scotland Quiz Scotland Quiz Presentation Transcript

  • Quiz
  • Why was Hadrian's Wall built?
    • To stop the Romans from invading Scotland.
    • To stop the English from raiding Scotland.
    • To stop Scottish tribes from raiding England
  • Who was the first King of Scotland?
      • Kenneth MacAlpin
      • Donald MacAlpin
      • Donald MacDonald
  • When did he become king?
      • 843
      • 834
      • 884
  • Who was William Wallace?
      • The main character in Braveheart.
      • A resistance leader during the Wars of Scottish Independence.
      • A Scottish King.
  • What was the relationship between Scotland and Norway (9 th - 14 th centuries?)
      • They had no special relationship.
      • Some Scottish islands were ruled by Norway.
      • Some Norwegian islands were ruled by Scotland.
  • Why did Mary, Queen of Scots, grow up in France?
      • To protect her from Henry VIII, who wanted her to marry his son.
      • She was frail and needed a warmer climate.
      • To give her a good education so that she would be able to rule well.
  • Who played in the first international football match?
      • Scotland v Wales
      • Scotland v Norway
      • Scotland v England
  • What was the result of the Acts of Union?
      • Scotland and England had a single King.
      • Scotland became part of England.
      • Scotland and England joined to become the Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • Who is this?
      • Montgomery Burns
      • Robert Burns
      • William Burns
  • What is he famous for?
      • Writing poems
      • Writing plays
      • Writing short stories
  • What happened in Scotland in 1997?
      • Citizens voted on EU membership.
      • Citizens where asked about whether they thought there should be a Scottish parliament .
      • Citizens voted on whether or not they wanted to keep Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State.
  • What is a flash?
      • A part of a kilt.
      • A Scotsman lifting up his kilt.
      • A part of the outfit worn with a kilt, attached to the socks.
  • Complete the chorus:
    • For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne, ___________________
      • We'll drink a cup of kindness yet.
      • We'll take a cup of kindness yet.
      • We'll have a cup of whisky yet.
  • Why shouldn’t you look under a Scotsman’s kilt?
      • Because this would be a marriage proposal (if you are female).
      • Because he may not be wearing underpants.
      • Because it is illegal.
  • A haggis is…
      • A common Scottish animal that is hunted to keep the population under control.
      • A mixture of different meats cooked inside an animal's stomach.
      • An endangered Scottish animal that is good to eat