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Moodlemoot 2011 a perspective
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Moodlemoot 2011 a perspective



Published in Education , Technology
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  • exam 8 questions 4 weeks ahead – 3 for exam, 1 question (blog entry) unseen.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.
  • Make teaching young and fresh again.


  • 1. moodlemoot 2011
    a perspective
    “...all I learned I learned myself or from others or in the forum of moodle – the course was rubbish.”
    Sydney 2011
  • 2. moodlemoot 2011
    a perspective
    Mary Cooch (UK)
    Jan Herrington (Australia)
  • 3. moodlemoot 2011
    Mary Cooch
    Be precise
    Be humble
    Use everyday language
    Student logins for teachers when learning
    Teach moodle in 2mins, 10 mins or 1 hour snippits
  • 4. moodlemoot 2011
    Jan Herrington
    “Teach carpentry not hammer” Oppenheimer
    Why use moodle:
    Publically polished products created and shared.
    Access anywhere, anytime, any device
    Recognise at-risk learners early
    Creating community
  • 5. moodlemoot 2011
    Moodle contains the process of teaching within the tool.
  • 6. moodlemoot 2011
    Security, system and platform performance, backups etc.
    Training, formal support, policy & governance, moodle mentors and community of practice (NCMUGS)
    Sustaining the system – people and technology
  • 7. moodlemoot 2011
    the best extensions
    The best moodle extensions:
    Mark & annotate assigment
    Collapsed format
    Group selection
    Progress bar
    Twitter feed
    Map module
    Translator block
    Course Contents
  • 8. moodlemoot 2011
    game design
    Game design for teaching
    Usually training is click here do this – not sustainable
    Using conditional release of material using only labels/pages/forums.
    Tasks not related to learning moodle but used to achieve a task.
  • 9. moodlemoot 2011
    Reality is Broken
    The most efficient way to put the ball in the hole in golf would be to walk up to the hole and drop the ball in.
    We decide to hit the ball great distances with very skinny bats and count the number of hits...and enjoy it! – Why?
  • 10. moodlemoot 2011
    open Source vs proprietary
    A limitation or annoyance in WORD – we accept.
    A limitation or annoyance in OPEN Source – we want to change...
    any maybe we can.
  • 11. moodlemoot 2011
    References etc
    A Guide to Authentic E-Learning by Jan Herrington
    Moodle 2.0 First Look by Mary Cooch
    Moodle 1.9 Top Extensions Cookbook by Michael de Raadt
    Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How they can Change the World by Jane McGonigal
    Course design – http://www.notjustanameonawall.com/
    Training and support at La Trobe Uni
    The Moodle Dailies – UNE http://moodle.une.edu.au/enrol/index.php?id=4 Speaker: Sarah Thorneycroft.