Managed replicas in Notes & Domino 8.5.2

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My Speedgeeking slides from Lotusphere 2011

My Speedgeeking slides from Lotusphere 2011

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  • 1. Implementing Managed Replicas Mitch Cohen| Colgate-Palmolive
  • 2. What is Managed Replica?
    • Managed Replica differs from a Local Replica
      • Limited to x days to save local disk space
      • 3. Automatic failover / failback if the Managed Replica needs a fixup
      • 4. New Mail Polling / Replication is automatic
    • To deploy Managed Replica you need
      • Domino 8.5.2 Server
        • NAB Template must be 8.5.2
      • Notes 8.5.2 Client
  • 5. Implementing Managed Replicas
    • Policies / Desktop Settings Document / Mail Tab*
    *If you really wanted to you could set via Notes.ini
  • 6. Gotcha
    • For Managed Replica mail file location is “on Server”
      • “Local” will create a standard local replica
  • 7. Managed Replica Settings
    • Use local to send messages – reccomended to set to “1” when using Managed Replica
    • 8. Managed Replica Settings – controls replica size, and set minimum disk space to check on creation
  • 9. Client Settings
    • These are the recommended values when using Managed Replica
      • Enables server to poll new mail and trigger replication – when enabled this is the fasted method for delivering mail down to a(local or) managed replica
      • 10. Enable Silent Failover – if you have clusters make sure this is enabled to make failover silent
  • 11. Resources and Contact
    • Resources - Bundled here
      • Technote 1437957 Configuring managed replicas using the Desktop Settings Document
      • 12. Lotus Notes and Domino Wiki – Managed Replicas explained
    • Show 'n Tell SHOW 101 Using IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 to Manage Your Clients
      • Darren Duke presented on Monday download the slides for more on policies including managed replica
    • Contact me
      • My Blog:
      • 13. Twitter: @curiousmitch
      • 14. E-mail: