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Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
Social media b2 b
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Social media b2 b


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Media Marketing for B2B
  • 2. Why Social Media?
    • Social media is highly effective in the middle of the purchase funnel
    • To improve brand or product consideration
    • Used to gather opinions and listening to word of mouth.
    • Social media endorsements have been a great influence on purchase intent.
  • 3. Why for B2B?
    • Direct interaction with Clients
    • B2B buyers rely heavily on 3 rd party Feed Back
    • The target Customers are looking to build online network, share insights, and find solutions
    • Leads from Leadership
    • Cost Effective
    • Facilitates Faster Sales cycles
  • 4. Social Media Engagement
    • Social Media Engagement affects every Step of Decision making Process.
  • 5. Fundamental Concepts
    • Choosing Your Social Media Identity
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Twiter Search
    • Facebook Search
    • LinkedIn Search
    • Search Engines
    • Alerts
    • Social Media Monitoring Software
    • Social Sharing
  • 6. How it Works?
  • 7. Process
  • 8. Where are the Conversations Happening?
  • 9. Search
  • 10. Types of Search
  • 11. Twitter & FaceBook Search
    • Facebook and Twitter are quickly replacing Google amongst core users as their primary source for search…
  • 12. What is a Social Object ?
    • The pictures in Flickr
    • Videos on YouTube
    • Events in LinkedIn
    • Updates in Facebook
    • Bookmarks in Delicious
    • Votes in Digg
    • FourSquare check-ins
    • The docs in Scribd
    • Thoughts shared in the comment of a blog or the post itself, etc.
  • 13. CHECKLIST – Is Your Company Ready for Social Media?
    • My company has clear goals for social media.
    • We have the human resources to commit to social media
    • We produce enough quality content to sustain social media conversations
    • We know which social media sites are popular with our prospects and customers
    • Our company website is prepared for social media attention.
    • We’re ready to incorporate social media strategies throughout the buying process
  • 14. Social Media Tactics
    • Blogging
    • Micro blogging
    • Commenting
    • Social networks
    • Online video
    • Presentation & Document sharing
    • Widgets
    • Bookmarking
    • Photo sharing
  • 15. Metrics
  • 16. Networks
    • Twitter
    • FaceBook
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
  • 17. Twitter
    • Creating the Account
    • Twitter Following
    • Find people by importing contact databases
    • Follow back everyone following you
    • Read the tweets of those you follow and search for tweets on keywords
    • Interacting with Prospects and Followers on Twitter
  • 18. Twitter Check list
    • Be authentic: Write with a human voice
    • Listen: Pay attention to what people are saying
    • Converse: Talk to others even when they’re
    • not talking to you
    • Be responsive: Monitor Twitter at least daily
    • Quality over quantity
    • Avoid link spam
    • Stick around
  • 19. FaceBook
    • Using FaceBook Status updates
    • Adding Picture
    • Creating Groups
    • Using FaceBook Events
    • Searching for Status Updates
    • Creating Fan page
  • 20. Building Fan Base
    • Embed Widgets on Your Website
    • Make a Compelling Welcome screen
    • Use Facebook Apps
    • Run a Contest
    • Link to Twitter
    • Add a Badge/Button to Your Profile
    • Use the Share Button
    • Use the @ Tag
    • Autograph Posts on Other Walls
    • Autograph Other Fan Pages
    • Use “Suggest To Friends”
  • 21. Keeping Fans Engaged
    • Regular Updates
    • Create polls
    • Create Events
    • Develop interactive applications
    • Encourage fan participation
    • Spark ongoing engagement via the Discussions tab
  • 22. LinkedIn
    • Users want to connect only with people they already know in their network
    • The primary goal of LinkedIn is to connect people who already know each other personally to create a network based on “trusted relationships.”
    • There are many restrictions in LinkedIn to prevent potential spamming.
  • 23. LinkedIn Stats
    • LinkedIn has a huge database of more than 60 million professionals
    • 45% of LinkedIn users are business decision makers
    • LinkedIn has Executives from each and every Fortune 500 company
    • Average household income of LinkedIn users is $100,000.
  • 24. LinkedIn Do's & Don'ts
    • Make sure your profile is as complete as possible
    • Try to get recommendations from others that include positive comments
    • Pay attention to the network updates
    • Don't Try to connect with People you dont know
    • Aim to send an invitation to connect with a person soon after your conversation
  • 25. LinkedIn for Leads
    • LinkedIn Q & A Section
    • Join Groups Where Your Potentials Are
    • Promote Events for Free
    • Creating Company Profile
  • 26. YouTube - More Insights More Interactions
    • To increase awareness
    • Demonstrate thought leadership
    • Drive new business
    • Improve your SEO.
    • Get into video viral marketing.
  • 27. YouTube – For Companies
    • Product demos
    • Customer testimonials
    • User generated content
    • Video blog entries
    • Power of Views, Ratings, Favorites and Comments
  • 28. YouTube – Tips and Tricks
    • Use share option
    • Invite to subscribe
    • Add friends
    • Use Other Social Networks for Promotion
  • 29. Tools
    • Google Alerts
    • Social Mention
    • Tweet Deck
    • RSS Feeds
    • Yahoo Pipes
    • Hoot Suite
    • Co tweet
  • 30. CHECKLIST – Pitfalls to Avoid in Social Media Marketing
    • Don’t dive into social media unless you’re ready
    • Don’t be a big brag
    • Don’t be afraid to try social media
    • Don’t use social media sites as advertising opportunity
    • Don’t assume every social media site is good for your business
  • 31. Measuring Success
    • Buzz and sentiment
    • Influence
    • Reach
    • Virality
  • 32. Conclusion
    • Social Media is not about the tools; its about your audience and the relationship you establish with them
    • Your objectives should decide what tools to use; not the other way around
    • Your goals should measure delivery against your objectives
    • The best measure of social activity is the level of audience participation
    • Social conversations about your brand will happen with or without you
  • 33.