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Curing Nail Fungus The 7 Step Revolution
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Curing Nail Fungus The 7 Step Revolution


Do you suffer from nail fungus? If so, do you want to learn a revolutionary seven step process to completely eliminating it for good and making sure it never comes back again? …

Do you suffer from nail fungus? If so, do you want to learn a revolutionary seven step process to completely eliminating it for good and making sure it never comes back again?

Curing Nail Fungus The 7 Step Revolution, will guide you through this easy process. All you need to do is take action on what you learn and beatiful, healthy nails are all yours!

Published in Health & Medicine , Technology
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  • 1. Curing Nail FungusThe 7 Step RevolutionCutting Edge Methods To Eliminate Nail Fungus Quickly And Easily! Alexis Jonas www.CuringNailFungus.Net www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 2. Table Of ContentsA Quick Word From The AuthorIntroduction To The RevolutionStep One - Experience The RevelationStep Two - Protect Your NeighborsStep Three - Mind Over FungusStep Four - Assemble Your Anti-Fungal ArmyStep Five - Tip The BalanceStep Six - The Chill FactorStep Seven - Trust Father TimePutting It All Together - The Magic Of ConsistencyFinal WordsResources www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 3. DisclaimerThe information provided within this information product should not be construedas personal medical advice, consultation or instruction. No action should betaken based solely on the contents of this product.The publisher of this book has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of theinformation contained herein. We make no warranties with respect to theaccuracy or completeness of the book.We cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, or other damages due to your use ofthe information contained in this product.It is the responsibility of the reader to use the information in this book responsiblyand to verify any information before use.Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating totheir health and well being prior to following the information contained within thisinformation product.“Curing Nail Fungus – The 7 Step Revolution” was created for informational andeducational purposes only, not to replace any advice from a health careprofessional.The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate andsound, based on the best judgment available to the authors, but readers who failto consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. Thisinformation product and the author is not responsible for errors or omissions. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 4. A Quick Word From The Author:I would like to thank you for downloading this free guide“Curing Nail Fungus - The 7 Step Revolution”. You now haveat your virtual fingertips a powerful step-by-step method tooverpower nail fungus and experience the joy of healthy andbeautiful nails once again.I hope you enjoy reading this guide and more importantly,that you experience long lasting relief from nail fungus.Put each step into action and you will be amazed at theresults that you will witness occurring right before yourvery eyes.Remember, stick to the plan and you will be rewarded withnails that you no longer have to be embarrassed about or tryto hide away from the judging eye of family, friends, andthe public.Learn, take action, and enjoy the process of transformingyour nails into something that you are proud about and feelexcited to show off.All the best,Alexis JonasP.S. If you didnt receive “Curing Nail Fungus – The SevenStep Revolution” as a free gift for signing up to the CuringNail Fungus Newsletter, I urge you to do so now.In the free newsletter I pack a lot of additional tips,tricks and methods to help make the process of eliminatingnail fungus even faster!So if you havent done so already, Click Here to sign up forthe free newsletter.You will be glad you did :) www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 5. Introduction To The RevolutionWith over 35 million people in the United States alone,suffering from nail fungus, people are screaming (oftensilently) for help to cure this embarrassing problem. Nailfungus is a notoriously challenging condition to eradicateand stop from coming back. But don’t worry help is at hand!You may be doubtful that you can eliminate nail fungus ifyou have tried (and failed) in the past to fix this problem.Most sufferers attempt to treat nail fungus using only onemethod alone in complete isolation but this is largelyineffective against this elusive and highly destructiveenemy. A smarter approach is needed to outwit thisformidable opponent.If you have tried various potions, creams, lotions,medicine, and just about everything under the sun, you maybe wondering what you will learn in this guide that will bethe missing piece of the puzzle.It’s not so much what you will learn but how you willcombine all the techniques and methods that you are about tolearn into a smart an effective system that is resultsdriven.Just like a wild dog is much more powerful when it’s in apack or a sporting team is much more effective when allmembers actually work together rather than in isolation, sotoo is this revolutionary treatment plan for curing nailfungus.So if you are ready to learn a system that will help yougain the advantage over nail fungus and quickly eliminate itby overwhelming the infection from multiple angles all atonce, then today is the day you can make your dream of beingfree of nail fungus a reality.Remember, as effective as this step-by-step system is, youwill still need to take action on what you learn. If all youdo is read this guide, have a few “aha” moments but then do www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 6. nothing with the valuable information you learn, then youare just wasting your time!So make sure you read and also take action.In this exciting guide, you will be learning the following:Revolutionary Dietary Techniques - These will address thecause of nail fungus and create an inner environment wherefungus cannot survive, let alone thrive.Powerful Mental Imagery Techniques - Your mind is a powerfulweapon that is capable of wiping out deadly disease. Don’tyou think it would be a good idea to turn on this powerfulweapon and use it to cure nail fungus? Learn a power mentaltechnique to help you do this.Effective Lifestyle Changes - Learn about proper nailhygiene and other simple things you can do to help speedyour way to transforming ugly nails into ones that arehealthy and beautiful.Topical Applications 101 - Killing bacteria and infectiondirectly on the site of the nail can be difficult. I willshow you the right topical application to get the job doneand how to use it in the most effective way possible.Plus many more tips and tricks along the way!Right now I would suggest that you make a commitment toyourself to read through this guide, numerous times if youhave to, and then take massive and consistent action eachday on what you learn. If you do this, you will finally befree of the nail fungus curse once and for all.Are you ready to get started on your adventure towardsbeautiful and healthy nails? If you are, then take a minuteto go grab a cup of coffee, water, or a tea, come back andthen get stuck into this life-changing guide.I wish you all the best on your adventure! www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 7. Step One - Experience The RevelationYour mind and the information it contains or doesn’t containcan either be your greatest asset or your biggest liability.Knowledge is indeed power but you must have the rightknowledge, combined with massive action if you want toexperience “true power”.The first part of this step towards curing nail fungus is toexperience a revelation on a mental level. Once you “get”why this seven-step process is done in the manner that itis, you will realize why you have been unsuccessful in yourpast attempts to eliminate nail fungus. And you will alsorealize what you have to do in order to achieve the dream ofbeing free of nail fungus.The revelation I am talking about is to realize that thetruth behind curing nail fungus and making sure it neverreturns is to focus on overwhelming nail fungus through asmany different “effective” avenues or actions as possible,all at the same time.The approach to curing nail fungus that I recommend (andwhat is taught in this guide) relies on hitting the rootcauses of nail fungus from all different angles. Oneapproach by itself rarely works. In isolation, both powerand effectiveness are weakened. But when you combinemultiple elements all designed to eliminate nail fungus atthe root cause, you will have a powerful weapon at yourdisposal.You will shortly be learning how to destroy nail fungususing your mind, body, and emotions. When you combine allthese elements together into one cohesive synergistic unit,the results are spectacular!Once you understand the value of treating nail fungus with amulti-level approach, this is what I am referring to as“experiencing the revelation”. So trust in the process thatfollows and you will find that your current state of nailfungus doesn’t stand a chance and it will never again make www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 8. an encore appearance in the future.Make the commitment right now to follow through and takeaction on each of the steps that you are about to learn.Freedom from nail fungus can be a reality when youunderstand the revelation and you assault nail fungus fromall different angles at the same time.Do this and you will win the battle and far quicker than youmay have ever though possible? If you continue to try thingsin isolation, unfortunately your results may continue toelude you and slip through your fingers.Make the choice now to open yourself to the revelation orturn you back on it. One choice will lead you down the pathto a nail fungus free life, while the other will lead youdown a path where your nail fungus problem only becomesworse as it continues to spread to other nails and causesmore pain and embarrassment. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 9. Step Two - Protect Your NeighborsJust like any type of infection, if left unchecked for toolong, it can spread and cause damage to other parts of thebody. In the case of nail fungus infection, you need to doall you can to stop it from spreading to neighboring nails.Personal nail hygiene is an important part of any nailfungus treatment plan. The following tips are easy toimplement and are something that must become a daily habitif you are serious about curing nail fungus in the quickestperiod of time possible.You may have heard about some of these recommendationsbefore and if you have, ask yourself the question: “have Ireally applied what I know?” If your answer is “no” then youneed to get serious with yourself. You must do everything inthis guide, even if you think it’s a waste of time or it’ssomething you don’t believe in.Keep Your Feet DryFungus and bacteria grow and thrive in wet, moistconditions, so you must stop creating the conditions thatthey love. This means keeping your feet as dry as possiblethroughout the day.After bathing dry them thoroughly. Carry 2 - 3 pairs ofabsorbent cotton socks with you and change them throughoutthe day at regular intervals (before moisture builds up).Shield Your FeetWhen you are in a common shower area or at a public swimmingpool, always where footwear (sandals or flip flops) so youshield your nails from picking up any additional infections. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 10. Protect Your HandsKeep your hands dry at all times. If your hands are prone tosweat, carry around disposable tissues and get into a habitof keeping them dry. when you wash dishes, wear cottongloves under the rubber gloves for additional protection.Keep Your Nails TrimThe infected nails should be trimmed regularly, this isimportant for when you reach step four but also somethingthat will help minimize the risk of further infection.If it’s impossible to cut your nails due to them being extrathick (common with many types of nail fungus) you may needto visit your doctor of podiatrist to do this as they havespecial equipment and instruments for cutting thick nails. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 11. Step Three - Mind Over FungusThe mind is a potent tool and it has been medically proventime and time again that by utilizing the power of the mind,you will dramatically increase the “healing effect” thatyour body is capable of.Using mind techniques to help in curing nail fungus willboost your overall results and allow them to come muchquicker than if you chose not to use them.The following mind technique is very simple but don’t letits simplicity fool you as its very potent and powerful. Themore times you do this technique, the quicker your resultswill be. Ideally you should run this mental exercise threetimes per day. Each session should last anywhere from 5 - 10minutes.Mind Over Fungus Mental Technique1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths from thelower stomach region (not your chest). Deep breathing fromthe lower belly is very relaxing and will help your mindcalm down and focus. Continue breathing in and out throughyour nose until you feel sufficiently relaxed and calm.2. Next, using your mind, picture a close up image of yourbody part that has the infection. Make sure it’s adissociated image, so you will be looking at yourself fromanother persons view. See it completely healed in every way.Spend a minute or so looking at your foot or hand beingcompletely healed.3. Next step into your body, view your body part from anassociated point of view, looking through your own eyes,seeing what you would see, hearing what you would hear, andfeeling what you would feel if you were experiencing yourfoot or hand without any nail fungus.4. Make the image bright, colorful, and close. See your www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 12. nails as perfect, strong, and healthy. Say the things youwould say to yourself if you were excited about havingperfect nails. Feel a deep sense of gratitude for havingthese perfect nails and feel certain that they will staythis way.5. Once you have spent a few minutes doing this exercise,say to yourself either mentally or out loud “my nails arehealthy and strong” and feel a sense of certainty as you saythis. Then open your eyes.This exercise is quick and easy but helps program your mindand body to create what you are imagining. Practice thisquick Mind Over Fungus mental technique as much as possible.The more you do it, the better your results will be!Note: Many people concern themselves with the mental images.Don’t worry if they are not crystal clear. Mental imageryand visualization is still powerful even if your mentalimages are fuzzy. Just keep applying this exercise and youwill get the results! www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 13. Step Four - Assemble Your Anti-Fungal TroopsOkay, it’s time to assemble and send in your anti-fungaltroops to ambush the nail fungus right at the site of theinfection. This is an important step to this revolutionaryapproach.Unfortunately, most people either don’t know how to commandtheir army to do the most damage or they sent in theirtroops without any back up (the complete seven stepprocess).This army I am talking about is an all-natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal topical solution. It does notcontain any harsh chemicals and can easily be applied toyour nail and nail bed.The best natural solution I have found is one that combinesthe following ingredients: tea tree oil, undecylenic acid,jojoba oil, almond oil, and clove oil.Together these ingredients make for a perfect combination todirectly kill the infection. But be warned this preparationdoes not work for everyone and not all the time. Nomedication does, whether it’s natural or over the counter.Also natural medication takes time so you will need to delaygratification and just get into a habit of applying thesolution multiple times each day.Hot TipsIf you want to get the full benefits of assembling yourantibacterial troops you will need to give them a helpinghand. Time and time again, I find people not applying thetopical solution properly or doing things that willinevitably sabotage the results they should be getting.The following tips will allow you to get the full benefitfrom the topical solution and significantly boost theeffects of it. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 14. Tip One - Make sure you cut back and trim your infected nailso that you can apply the topical solution directly to theinfected area. If you do this you will find that resultswill be far superior than if you were to just paint thesolution onto the nail, like many people do.Remember, if you have very thick nails you will need to getthem regularly trimmed by your doctor of podiatrist.Tip Two – Allow the solution to dry for 5 – 10 minutes afteryou apply it. This means no socks or shoes. If you ignorethis advice, your socks will absorb the solution and theconcentration of the liquid will be affected. So basicallyyou will be sabotaging your results.Tip Three – Get into a habit of applying the solution toyour nails. It takes roughly 21 days before something donerepetitively each day becomes a habit. So stick to applyingthe solution twice per day, every day, and after three weeksit will become something you do automatically.If you are only sporadically applying the solution, you willnot see results at all and you’re just wasting your time andmoney.There are a variety of natural products that contain theantibacterial ingredients I recommend. But be warned manydifferent brands, makers, and companies will vary theiringredients. Many don’t use therapeutic doses, which willresult in you getting limited results if any at all.The brand I recommend and have found to offer the rightamount of ingredients (plus many more) at the right dosageto kill nail fungus infection quickly can be found byClicking Here.This powerful formula also contains an internal homeopathicremedy that you spray under the tongue. Using both thetopical application and the internal spray together are apowerful infection and bacterial fighting dynamic duo!But remember, I recommend using a topical solution as part www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 15. of this Curing Nail Fungus 7 Step Revolution. If you use italone, you may experience great improvement but combinedwith all the steps, the power of this solution will begreatly boosted and magnified. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 16. Step Five - Tip The BalanceBodily fungus lives and thrives in acidic conditions. Eachof our bodies has a fine balance between acid andalkalinity. An acid body is one that is unhealthy and breedsfungus, harmful bacteria and micro forms. While a body thatis more alkaline, will be full of health and stop any fungusfrom taking hold in the body.Since you are suffering from nail fungus, it’s highly likelythat your body is more acidic than alkaline. This needs tobe addressed if you want long-term freedom from the curse ofnail fungus.So how exactly do you tip the balance towards being morealkaline that acid?Here are a few tips:1. Introduce More Raw Vegetables To Your Diet - Rawvegetables are highly alkalizing and will help todramatically swing the balance in your favor. Eat rawvegetables at every meal. The easiest way to do this is toeat plenty of salads and lightly steamed vegetables.2. Drink A Green Drink - There are some amazing “greendrinks” that are highly alkalizing in nature and workwonders in curing nail fungus. These drinks can be taken upto five times a day. Look for preparations with wheat-grass,barley grass and cholera. Also make sure they are organicand haven’t been treated with any chemicals.3. Feel Your Taste buds Come Alive - This is another drink Irecommend you take. It’s one that I continue to drink andhave been taking for the past three years every day. It’scheap to make but very powerful.Twice a day drink this preparation of one half squeezedlemon juice (surprisingly lemon changes to alkaline basewhen ingested) and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper(extremely alkalizing spice). Be warned you will feel your www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 17. taste buds jump around when you drink this one!4. Drink Another Drink! - I know I have suggested plenty ofdrinks but they are a wonderful way to get your body into analkaline state fast and are great at helping to dramaticallycure nail fungus. The last drink is one make with oneteaspoon of baking powder (bicarbonate powder) in water.Take this twice a day.Bicarbonate powder is extremely alkaline but make sure thatyou choose a brand that is aluminum free!If you eat more raw veggies each day and drink these threesuggested drinks, you will find that your body will becomehighly alkaline and nail fungus will start to quicklydisappear. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 18. Step Six - The Chill FactorIf you are a highly stressed person, not only are youweakening your immune systems fighting response but you willalso be contributing to a higher production of acid in yourbody (which fungus loves). So if you want to beat fungus forgood, you’re going to need to chill out!This means learning to consciously relax throughout the dayat various intervals so that you keep your stress levelslow. To do this use the following tips:1. Practice consciously slowing your breath down during theday, breathing from the lower belly and taking deeperbreaths. The mind and body influence each other. If youbreath deeply, you will relax your body, which will in turnrelax your mind.2. Get 8 hours sleep each night. I know you have heard thisone before but it’s essential to managing stress and feelingthe best you can each day!3. Listen to a relaxation recording once or twice each day.There are some very good hypnosis and relaxation audiosessions that you can load up on your iPod or phone as youkick back and listen to it each day. This daily practicewill help you keep your stress levels in check.Click Here for my recommended relaxation audio mp3. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 19. Step Seven - Trust Father TimeTime is the greatest healer of all! We have all heard thisphrase when it’s told to someone with a broken heart but itapplies equally to you if you follow this Curing Nail Fungus7 Step Revolution plan.Most nail fungus “cures” can be expected to work withinanywhere from 6 - 12 months. This is too long to wait! Ifyou follow each step in this outlined plan, you can minimizethe time it will take to see results and dramatically!Depending on how much effort you put into this plan, it’spossible to be totally free of nail fungus within 2 - 3months, sometimes even less. Of course, everybody isdifferent but following this step-by-step process will helpyou get far better results than you could expect to receivefrom any other treatment plan used alone.So take massive action on each step and then trust fathertime to work his magic! If you do this you will be amazed atthe results that you will achieve. www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 20. Putting It All Together - The Magic Of ConsistencyNow you know the method and the madness behind it! CuringNail Fungus – The 7 Step Revolution guide is a powerfulresource. But again, I must stress the importance of actingon what you have learned. This section of this guide willhelp you organize and put all the steps together.But before I get into that, I want to address the importanceof staying consistent. Many times, someone will come acrosssomething, whether it’s a piece of life changinginformation, a brand new diet, or a fancy gadget, and getexcited about it. But after a few days the life-changingpiece of information is forgotten about, the brand new dietis old history, and the fancy gadget is gathering dust.You must apply what you’ve just learned and stay consistentwith each of the seven steps. This system, when followedsimply works. But “you” must work it if you want toexperience the results. And you will need to stick with itlong enough to experience the magical transformation thathappens when you discover powerful knowledge and stayconsistent as you apply it.So please follow each of these steps and stay consistent. Ifyou do this you will reap the rewards and totally transformyou nails from “ewwww” to “wow”.Plan Of Attack1. Understand the importance of attacking nail fungus frommultiple angles and make the choice to follow and implementeach of the steps. See step one for more information aboutthe “revelation”.2. From day one, make nail hygiene and protection, prioritynumber one. Re-read step two to learn about how to do this.3. Do the “Mind Over Fungus” mental technique three timesper day. The best times are first thing in the morning when www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 21. you wake up, last thing at night before sleep and when youhave a quick break sometime during the day. For instance,when you’re on a lunch break you could go the restroom anddo this technique.See step three for the specifics of how to do this powerfulexercise.4. Purchase a topical solution. Apply it to the site of thenail both morning and night. Make sure the area iscompletely dry before applying the solution and allow 5 – 10minutes for it to dry before putting on shoes and socks.Click Here to check out the recommended formula. For moreinformation and tips to assemble your anti-fungal army go tostep four of the seven-step process.5. Start tipping your body’s balance towards alkaline ratherthan acidic. At every meal make sure you are getting a goodserving of raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Also starttaking the recommended drinks every day as outlined in stepfive.6. Learn to chill using the steps outlined in part six. Ifyou want a boost, download the recommended relaxation mp3 byClicking Here and using it once or twice per day.7. Do each of these steps, stay consistent in yourapplication and trust father time to work his magic! www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 22. Final WordsI hope you have enjoyed Curing Nail Fungus - The 7 StepRevolution guide. Even more important, I hope you diligentlyapply what you have just learned so that you can experiencethe magic that is contained within this guide.Opportunity has knocked on the door; you chose to open it,now it’s time to act on the opportunity that has presenteditself to you. So take action and reap the rewards of havingbeautiful and healthy nails that put a smile on your faceeach time you see them!Wishing you the best,Alexis Jonas www.CuringNailFungus.Net
  • 23. ResourcesThe following is links to resources mentioned within thisguide:Recommended Antibacterial Topical Application – Click HereRecommended Relaxation Audio mp3 – Click HereCuring Nail Fungus Newsletter (For even faster results) –Click Here To Sign Up For Free www.CuringNailFungus.Net