Communication Skills Syllabus


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Communication Skills Syllabus

  1. 1. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Department of ---------------------------- Syllabus for ------------ Session ------------- Semester ------------ Communication Skills 1- What is Communication/Component of communication /Barrier in communication s 2- Kinds of communication 3- Communication at Work Place (Office) 4- Importance and benefits of effective communication 5- Components / Process of communication 6- Better Public Speaking & Presentation 7- The 7 C’s of Effective communication 8- Writing Skills 9- Reading Skills 10- Speaking Skills 11- Listening Skills 12- Planning and Writing Documents 13- Business letters 14- Report writing, Kinds of Reports(Long & Short Reports) 15- Communication Technologies 16- Process of preparing effective business messages 17- Memorandums and special time saving message media 18- Speaking at Public Places, Strategies for Improving Oral Presentation 19- Job Application Process 20- Resume and Cover Letter to Resume 21- Job Interviews 22- Grammar, Style, Punctuation, Practice in Actual Communication
  2. 2. LECTURE WISE SYLLABUS BREAK-UP Of Communication Skills Syllabus for Term I Weeks Sessions Contents Week 1 1 Introduction of Communication Skills & Characteristics of language 2 Importance and benefits of effective communication Week 2 3 Components / Process of communication 4 Better Public Speaking & Presentation Week 3 5 The 7 C’s of effective communication I 6 The 7 C’s of effective communication II Week 4 7 Writing Skills 8 Reading Skills Week 5 9 Speaking Skills 10 Listening Skills Week 6 11 Summary and class discussion 12 ‘Ice Breakers’ in communication Week 7 13 ‘Jargon Busting’ (Communication without creating barriers) 14 Questioning Techniques MID TERM EXAMINATION Syllabus for Term II Weeks Sessions Contents Week 8 1 How to communicate powerfully by e-mail 2 Other communication technologies Week 9 3 Process of preparing effective business messages I 4 Basic organizational plans II Week 10 5 Beginning, Ending and Composing the message 6 Business letters Week 11 7 Memorandums and Special time saving message media 8 Report writing Week 12 9 Short Reports 10 Preparation of Long Reports Week 13 11 Grammar, Style 12 Punctuation Week 14 13 Strategies for improving oral presentations 14 Job application process I Week 15 15 Job application process II 16 Resume and cover letter to resume Week 16 17 Job Interviews
  3. 3. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Communication Skills__ MCS (1st Semester) Instructor: Akbar Ali Class Room: Class Day: Wednesday, Thursday Class Timings: 8:30-9:30 Course Objectives  To introduce students the concepts of English language, communication strategies, verbal and non-verbal communication, and four-fold skills based on English knowledge and comprehension.  To enable students to meet high professional expertise with the help of much developed communication skills.  To enable students for Job applying, making resume and cover letters. And preparing them for job interviews. Teaching Methodology  The students will be given lectures along with discussion and active participation on the part of students. They will be given presentations on different topics. Questions and feedback in their minds will be welcomed. Books Prescribed  Communication Skills, Jane Summers & Brett Smith  Communication Skills, A Hand Book: Judith Dyer  Murphy et al. (1997) Effective Business Communications, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.  Mind Tools. Mind Tools Ltd, 126 Arthur Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8AA, United Kingdom Web Link:
  4. 4. Testing and Grading  The performance of the students will be assessed through Final and Mid term tests, presentations, assignments, and classroom observation.  Students are required to attend at least 80% of the total lectures otherwise they will be ineligible to sit in the exams. Marks Distribution Mid Term 30 Final Term 50 Sessional 20