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2011 newsgator Cuneyt Uysal 6 Steps to Social SharePoint Intranet
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2011 newsgator Cuneyt Uysal 6 Steps to Social SharePoint Intranet


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See the top 6 steps in order to realise the full benefit of an engaged and effective social network in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

See the top 6 steps in order to realise the full benefit of an engaged and effective social network in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 6 Keys to Social Intranet SuccessCuneyt Uysal, Director of Business Development Asia Pacific
  • 2. about me@cuneytuysal uysal director, apac
  • 3. About NewsGator TechnologiesSharepoint enterprise social leader, founded in July 2004Gobal Presence in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia3 Million+ Paid Enterprise Users all on Sharepoint350 Global 2000 enterprise customersDepth Managed Partner with Microsoft – 2011 Partner ofthe Year
  • 4. Social Sites Capabilities5
  • 5. “If only HP knew what HP knows, we’d be three times more productive.” Hewlett Packard CEO Lew Platt Key #1: People are your organisation’s most valuable asset NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 6. SharePoint 2010 Out of the Box Team Site NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential8
  • 7. Case Study: Accenture NewsGator Technologies © 2010 – Company Confidential
  • 8. Spotlight Silverlight Recognition Browser #Hashtag-Custom Badges Based Search Expertise Social Graph Location User Behavior My Top Tags Measurement NewsGator Technologies © 2011– Company Confidential18
  • 9. Customer Use Case: Medtronic • Communities are rich hubs • of expertise; 225 public communities; 75% US participation • SocialPedia rolls up all community wikis, turning informal learning into a more formal, 24/7 accessible environmentMedtronic has implemented a “Top Solver Award” to publicly recognize peoplewho have significantly helped others with the expertise sharing. They have alsolaunched a program called “Unleash Your Minds” to encourage employees to trynew ways to work, learn, and innovate. NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential21
  • 10. Key #2: Social can’t succeed in isolation Jakob Nielsen, Aug. 2009 NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 11. “No matter what your organization’s goals for internal social……the chief selection criteria should be theease with which a platform can be used and itsability to integrate with other coreenterprise software investments.” Rob Koplowitz, Forrester Research NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 12. Use Case: MerckBusiness Need ‘OneMerck’ • Merck’s vision was to build a social computing platform for all employees, including employees from the Schering-Plough acquisition. • OneMerck would provide enhanced collaboration, content distribution, knowledge sharing, social networking, expertise discovery, and Web 2.0 interaction methods .Results • Centralized place to do work and Bob Maguire trusted source for information Executive Director of Shared Business Services • Helps drive employee-centric "NewsGator in essence has become culture the innovation area for Microsoft.“ • 100k seats, fully deployed
  • 13. Key #3: Ignore Governance, Risk and Compliance at your own peril NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 14. NewsGator already integrates with your existing Sharepoint governance model and partnerships Our System Integrators are vital to We extend our product capabilities our success. with key ISV alliances. Implementation Services Email Management Information Architecture Backup & Recovery UX/UI Content Visualization Migration Product Management Thriving partner ecosystems enable enterprises to address businessrequirements without introducing the complexity and risks associated with point solutions and custom application development. NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 15. Key #4: Tap into the wisdom, creativity and passion of the crowd NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 16. Idea Stream Idea Center Module Activity Stream IntegrationCampaign andIdea Creation Community IntegrationCommenting Searching & Sorting Voting Categorization MyIdeas ‘Most Popular’ ModerateConversations NewsGator Technologies © 2011– Company Confidential40
  • 17. Customer Use Case: Ericsson Eliminate IP risk from external services Create ad-hoc networks to exchange ideas and knowledge Avoid siloes of information Quickly find experts and peers with similar interests and experiences NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential42
  • 18. Key #5 Your workforce is younger,globalised and more mobile than ever NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 19. Email, Mobile & Desktop Clients Upload Videos, Links, Docs Post Status Updates View Activity Stream Post an Idea iPhone, iPad, & BlackberryAsk a Question Clients Android andLike/Comment Windows 7 Clients – Coming soon!Inbound Emailfor Microblogs Receive/ & Questions Configure Notifications NewsGator Technologies © 2011– Company Confidential44
  • 20. Mobile Client Screen Shots Submit an IdeaiPad Activity Stream Ask a Question Community iPhone Activity Content Stream and Filters NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential 45
  • 21. Lync Integration: Screen Shots Comment in Lync also appears in Activity Stream Receive and Respond to Notification in Lync NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential49
  • 22. Customer Use Case: Kraft Foods Focus on the user experience 70K + users to the cloud Improve employee efficiency & collaboration Deliver value with Web 2.0, social networks, mobile, and desktop integration NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential50
  • 23. Key #6: Video is the new classroom teacher (again) NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential
  • 24. Video StreamMost Recent Inline ViewingMost Viewed Comments Most Liked “Like” Option Community Integrated into Integration Activity Stream Smooth Upload via Streaming Rich Clients NewsGator Technologies © 2011– Company Confidential52
  • 25. Customer Use Case: MilSpace • Integrated Forums for Professional Development and eLearning • Sophisticated Enterprise 2.0 Ecosystem“MilSpace is a growing network of junior officers who are dedicated to the cause ofexceptional leadership at the company level. Thousands of us are connecting in anongoing conversation — sharing our hard-earned knowledge and experiences,becoming more effective and advancing our profession.” - Tony Burgess, Cofounder,Company Command & Platoon Leader NewsGator Technologies © 2011 – Company Confidential54
  • 26. Engaging With NewsGatorContact us: Cuneyt Uysal, Director of APAC, +00 65 9736 4447 or +00 61 2 80066738, Laura Farrelly, VP of Microsoft Alliance, +00 1 303 552 2046, lauraf@newsgator.comDownload a free 15 day trial: www.newsgator.comLearn how our customers are using social computing: Kraft - Deloitte - Accenture - Merck Webinar - additional webinars, case studies, and videos: NewsGator Technologies © 2012 – Company Confidential DO NOT DISTRIBUTE