Slides for November 4, 2012


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News and prayer requests for Community United Methodist Church, Oakdale, CA.

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Slides for November 4, 2012

  1. 1. Prayer Update Nov. 4, 2012...look for able men ... set such men over them as officers ... Exodus 18:21
  2. 2. Prayer ConcernsScott Friel’s cousin, Carrie Davis is still in a coma after a car accident. You can donate to a trust fund: “Bring Carrie Baby Home” at USBank in Modesto.
  3. 3. Prayer ConcernsPlease pray for our men and women serving in the Military who keep us free from danger.
  4. 4. Prayer ConcernsPray for ourchurch,neighbors,congregation,and the nationfor peace afterthis upcomingelection.
  5. 5. Prayer ConcernsPray for those with illness and spiritually lost that they may find healing from the Lord.
  6. 6. Prayer ConcernsDoreen Stever has glaucoma and is scheduled to see an eye specialist in Oakland due to increased pressure.
  7. 7. Prayer ConcernsDon Iwahashi, Ken’s father, had his gall bladder removed this week and has now developed an infection.
  8. 8. Prayer ConcernsJoyce Riddle’s sister-in- law had an operation to repair her intestine. She is expected to have a long recovery.
  9. 9. Prayer ConcernsBud Urban’s sister, Eleanor Hoss, passed away yesterday.
  10. 10. Continued Prayers• Pat Patterson• Cathy Machado• Tom Bicknell
  11. 11. Continued Prayers• Joe Prezel• Elaine Matthews• Byron Crail• Marguerite Lloyd
  12. 12. Saying GraceA Contemplative Retreat for Women • The day will offer a rhythm of solitude, with activity, sharing, rest and reflection. • Saturday Nov. 17, 9 am to 3 pm • Led by Rev. Denise Bowman Wylie • Denise has flyers with more information and how to sign up
  13. 13. Divine Reading (Lectio Divina) How to Pray Over the Bible • Tuesdays 10 a.m. • Led by Pastor Scott and Denise
  14. 14. The Sermons of John Wesley • Mondays • (but no class Nov. 12) • 6:30 a.m. • In the Chapel • Led by Pastor Scott
  15. 15. Cycles of Discipleship Today: A Place for You There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.
  16. 16. Help the Sandy Recovery• UMCOR is helping and there are many ways to do your part: – Volunteer, pray, make flood bucket kits, donate – See the bulletin insert for details
  17. 17. Attention Raley’s Shoppers!• The “Quality of Life” cards are no more…• They’ve been replaced by “Raley’s Something Extra” – These earn credits towards your groceries and – Earn funds for our churchSee the bulletin insertfor sign-up instructions
  18. 18. Events Today• Coffee Fellowship after church in Johnston Hall• Lunch with Friends 12:30 pm at the Oakdale City annex
  19. 19. More Upcoming Events• Thursday – UMW Luncheon “Dancing with the Stars”• Next Sat. – All church workday• Next Sun. – Men’s breakfast• Next Sun. – Ad Council Meeting• Nov. 15 – Finance Meeting• Nov. 18 – SPRC Meeting• Nov 21 – Thanksgiving Service• Nov 25 – Potluck & Hanging of the Greens• Dec. 1 – UMW Winter Tea