Grazing in the grass @ ithaka


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Grazing in the grass @ ithaka

  1. 1. Cultural Policy
  2. 2. • First idea: working with Museum M• Invite French speaking part of Belgium• Organize events, May ‘68? Bert Kruismans? Improgroups?• We visited Louvain-la-Neuve. Learned about possibilities.• Bad communication with Museum M. Decided to work with Ithaka.
  3. 3. • Ithaka was a great partner and we elaborated our idea:• Grazing in the Grass @ Ithaka• We invited students from Louvain-la-Neuve as well as students from Leuven to a have a pick nick near Het Kartuizerklooster• Tea and Sandwiches accompanied by acoustic music (Big Nose Jim, Ledgendaddy and Jef)• Guided tours in French by organizer Geert Janssen• At 20u30 there was a performance by The Talking Donkeys
  4. 4. • 16.30 Afternoon Tea with sandwiches 17.00-20.00 Acoustic Music>17.00 Big Nose Jim>18.00 Ledgendaddy>19.00 Jef 18.00 Guided tours in French 20.30-23.00 The Talking Donkees>L’ame Buccale (music)>Duchka Walraet (word)>Little Boy (music)>Jan Baetens (word)>Wide Vercnocke (music)
  5. 5. • Strong connection between Louvain-la-Neuve and Leuven• Museum M brought this to our attention. They said they had few visitors from the French speaking part of Belgium• We always wanted to keep this idea, also after our collaboration stopped• Distance not too big, but no activities together• The more we organize events, the more the two cities will grow to each other
  6. 6. • What has to be paid? • Bread, ham, cheese and lettuce • Napkins, teabags • Flyers and posters • Artists • Thankyou gifts• What we got for free • Thanks to partners Ithaka and LOKO cultuur: teacups, in case of bad weather the use of the library of the cloister, the tour in French by Geert • Blankets, pillows, water boilers, cake and other desserts• Galerie Walravens • They kindly offered us 250 euro to sponsor our event so we could pay everything
  7. 7. • Regular meetings, discussing change of plans• Trying out various concepts for our project: Radio a Gogo, de Vlaamse Improcup,…• 20/03 trip to LLN to test our ideas. Very informative! Adapted plans to the needs of the students. Good contacts with KotVerdom. Also met with Musée de LLN. Everybody very enthusiastic.• Met with Ithaka and finally had a clear view of event• Galerie Walravens (250 euro!)• Promo tour at LLN, handing out flyers and putting up posters.• Professional photographer• Promo plan• Checklist
  8. 8. • Facebook: general page and event page• Twitter• Ithaka website• Radio Scorpio: Scorpio Scoops• Press Release in e-cultuur and Veto• The Flyer and the poster
  9. 9. STRENGHTS WEAKNESSES• Original idea • Bad weather• Goodwill from LLN • Little time to organize due to bad• Great partner Ithaka communication with Museum M• Help from friends & family • Hoped to see more people form• Generous sponsor amount LLN• FREE!• Johanna as project leader OPPORTUNITIES THREATS• People from both parts (Leuven and • Start on time! Students have a Louvian-la-Neuve) are really excited school rhythm. On certain periods of about doing projects together. the year they just won’t come. Remember for future events! • The distance and the price might be a stumbling block.
  10. 10. We had to work hard, especially the last twoweeks before the event. But we did learn a lot and had a great time!
  11. 11. Photos: Liesa Olislaegers
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