Using Wiki for the Online Publishing course
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Using Wiki for the Online Publishing course






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    Using Wiki for the Online Publishing course Using Wiki for the Online Publishing course Presentation Transcript

    • Overview
      • Wiki
      • Wiki for collaboration
      • Getting started in MediaWiki
      • Edit and format your userpage
    • WikiWikiWeb
      • wikiwiki: ‘quick’ in Hawaiian
      • Ward Cunningham
      • “ The simplest online database that could possibly work”
      • Wiki =
      • a web site with an edit button
      • Wiki =
      • A collaboration space
      • A way to interlink knowledge
    • What is wiki?
      • 1945 Vannevar Bush. “As We May Think,” Memex
      • 1963 Ted Nelson . “hypertext”: "Non-sequential writing with free user movement.“ Xanadu
      • 1968 Doug Engelbart goal: use technology to collaborate better
      • 1987 Apple Macintosh: HyperCard
      • 1990 Tim Berners-Lee: WWW
        • plan: read & write: share information between information workers worldwide
      • 1994 Ward Cunningham:
        • WikiWikiWeb at the Portland Pattern Repository
      • 2001 online encyclopedia Nupedia becomes Wikipedia
      • is wiki new?
      • Wiki as a name for a writeable web dates from ‘94
      • The idea: a collaborative web of knowledge is as old as the concept of hypertext
      • the Web in 2000 = a simplification of how its inventors intended it
    • 1987 Apple Macintosh: HyperCard Hypercard stack on Beethoven's Ninth Created by The Voyager Company, with music and Beethoven expertise from Robert Winter, and HyperCard programming by Steve Riggins. Wiki’s inventor, Ward Cunningham, combined Web technology with concepts used in the Mac program Hypercard .
    • Wiki n°1 : WikiWikiWeb
      • Samenwerking:
      • Strikte taakverdeling
      • Samenwerken = plannings- en afwerkingsfase
      • Plan = blauwdruk
      • Werken in opeenvolging
      • Strikte timing
      Samenwerken aan een tekstbestand via e-mail Assemblagelijnmodel Ford assembly line Pusan sand sculpture contest Zandkasteelmodel: samen schrijven in wiki
      • Bijsturen mogelijk
      • Gedeelde ruimte
      Flexibele taakverdeling
      • Eén ruimte voor:
      • planning
      • samenwerking
      • eindproduct
      • versiebeheer
    • course wiki
    • Overview
      • Navigating the wiki : important pages and special functions
      • Example : creating a new page and putting text and images on it
      • Task : start your personal “User Page ” and put your signature on the Main Page
      • Recent changes is a special page with a chronological list of everything that happens on wiki
      • Special pages :
      • New pages: a handy list of newly created pages
      • File list : a list of all images uploaded to the wiki.
      • Upload file : upload new images here
      • Find :
      • Enter a page title and press Go
      • Enter a search term and press Search
      • Edit :
      • Click “edit this page” to enter text, images and layout in the current page.
      • Click [edit] next to a heading to edit only that section.
    • Special Page: Recent Changes
      • What was edited
        • Which page
        • (diff) Differences between last revisions
        • (hist) Complete page history
      • By whom
        • Link to user page, talk page, list of contributions
      • When
        • Date and time
    • Page History: Roll Back Changes If you want to undo a certain edit in a page : use the ROLLBACK function
    • Example: Creating a new page
      • example case: a page on the film Bringing up Baby
      • Type the new title where you want to create a link Bringing up Baby
      • Make the title an internal link : [[Bringing up Baby]]
      • Save
    • Save & Click the RED link
      • Make Bold text
      • Make Italics
      • Make an [[internal link]]
      • Make an external link (starts with http:// )
      • Make a Heading (sub title)
      • Insert an image (jpg, gif or png)
      • Signature button:
      • Allows you to AUTOMAGICALLY
      • insert a link to your My Page
    • Task: edit My Page and put on Main Page
      • Put an introductory text and at least one image on your personal My Page
      • Organize that text using headers, lists, and whatever seems appropriate
      • Put a link to your My Page on the main page, using your signature
    • Preferences
      • Enable your emailaddress in order to get mails when important pages change.
      • Add your important pages to your Watchlist
    • Good Practice
      • Check the recent changes page
      • Always add a summary to your edits
      • Always preview before save
      • ...but never forget to save before clicking away from your editing screen.
    • Opgelet!
      • Gelijktijdig op 1 pagina werken kan niet
      • Gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid:
        • tekst herwerken, ipv gewoon toevoegen (ervaring met fora?)
        • links leggen en navigatie structuur inplanten
      • “ Vlakke” structuur = nieuw concept:
        • “ waar zet ik iets?” zoals bij mappenstructuur
        • titel = uniek label
      • Userpage staat klaar:
        • invullen en link op voorpagina zetten
      • Voor A.1 moet je een nieuwe pagina maken
    • Tegen volgende week
      • Persoonlijke pagina met bio en foto
      • URL van de website voor Assignment 1