10 Rules of Memetic Marketing


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Laszlo's presentation at the CEU Business School's NYC Modul, 6/10, 2014.

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10 Rules of Memetic Marketing

  1. 1. Presented by B. Lazlo Karafiath, CEO 11.19.13 10 Rules of Memetic Marketing A surprising journey into the world of memes Presented By: Balazs Laszlo Karafiath Producer CultureCulture Inc. CEU BS NYC Modul New York City, 6/10/14
  2. 2. 22 CultureCulture Inc. !  We use Meme Science for True Listening. We find new patterns & predict what is possible.
  3. 3. 3 Our Partners ¤  Change-makers: enlightened leaders of companies, political organizations, communities, working toward the global mind-shift ¤  Creating Shared Value ¤  Social responsibility ¤  Collective impact ¤  Sustainability ¤  Social potential ¤  Climate change ¤  Conscious co-evolution Parent  Project:     re-­‐design  the   the  culture   around   learning   disabili5es       Sustainable   Brands  Conf.:  the   Sustainability   Meme  Research   /The  Rules:     re-­‐framing  the   global  poverty   debate   IWA  Interna5onal  Water   Associa5on:  re-­‐thinking  the   global  communica5on   around  water   JuniperPath:   spreading  the   memes  of   medita5on  
  4. 4. 4 “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” ! – Peter Drucker!
  5. 5. We are cultural designers. We all are. One billion of us. We create our world through thoughts. We can change what is possible. It’s not about ‘going viral’. It’s about changing the collective mind. Meme change is individual. Behavior change is social.
  6. 6. 6 „Freedom torches” Edward Bernays, 1929! “The Business of Doubt” !
  7. 7. erős erős nemzet forint
  8. 8. 11 Waves of Culture splash surf shape Memes as waves are our cultural life force, they generate the flow of our thoughts&ideas.
  9. 9. 12 Memes are Cultural Genes Memes as particles The idea molecules Essentially: memes are the DNA of culture, business, communication & technology. networks + memes = spreading
  10. 10. 13 Culture is an Ecosystem Ideas Thoughts Gossips Theories Opinions Beliefs Views Behaviors Technologies Clues We don’t have common thoughts – we have common memes. The meme is not the thought, but whatever gets through to you hearing my thought.
  11. 11. 14 Memes in Minds archetypes memes quotes thoughts
  12. 12. 15 Memes Create Megamemes Ancient gods Hermes Zeus Apollo Cultural Icons Sherlock Holmes Batman Pac-Man Brands Coca Cola Citibank Facebook …what we worship
  13. 13. 16 Recent Cultural Waves
  14. 14. 17 The Sharing meme?
  15. 15. 18 No meme-center to spread OCCUPY SHARINGvs
  16. 16. Symbiotic MemesDefining MemesHostile Memes Memes that cannot be fought with the “memetic immune system” of our own meme. Memes that define your meme from the negative or shadow side. Memes of the external world that threaten the existence of your meme. Memes that undermine or inhibit the spread of your meme. Parasitic Memes Memes which depend on our meme for their existence & spreading. Memes that specifically define your meme. Your ‘forté’. The memes that differentiate you from any other meme construct. Reinforcing and complementary memes that exist together with your meme. The blue ocean of memes. Integrate many of them. Shadow Memes Culture2 Meme Ecology ©2004-2014 Darwin’s Marketing Evolution, Budapest – Culture2 Inc., San Francisco
  17. 17. 1.  Cultural Evolution. There is a paralel evolution that is going on, darwinian selection in culture and technology, and it does not favors the genes of humans. 2.  Culture is physical. There is an interconnectedness that creates a media-meme-mind space that you can regard as a biological system, an eco-system. 3.  Find your niche and grow it. Learn your memetic makup and control your meme. Otherwise others will. 4.  Marketing as „gardening” & Epidemiology. The key is to indentify the „cultural genes” of your message, and then start the evolutionary development: design, spread, refine. 5.  We are equipped with the Big Brain, full of mirror neurons, humans think about other humans! And 90+% of consumer behavior is imitation, what spreads with imitation can be called a meme. 21
  18. 18. 6.  Memes spread in networks, humans live and think in social networks. There are hubs and treshold effect. There are differences between humans by the quantity and the quality of their connections (Gladwell) in the social network. We all do social grooming in villages of 150 (Dunbar) 7.  We are tribal. We think in in-groups and out-groups. People will connect with the memes of the product and will stay for the community. They will join your tribe – or won’t. 8.  Archetypes rule memes. Human biases, the hero’s journey, the cognitive dissonance reduction, emotions, the environment around memes in the mind. 9.  Ego is a memetic construct, it is a narrative 10.  Emergence. That is the holy grail. Our consciousness explained. New stories grow. The ant and the anthill. Swarming. If it emerged, it is too late. 22
  19. 19. 23 Insights & Surprises •  Why we should stop spreading the meme of climate change? •  Is Coca-Cola the next Philip Morris? •  Is make-up about beauty?
  20. 20. Culture2 Inc. presents Analysis of the Coca-Cola Meme on Twitter A QUICK RESEARCH REPORT
  21. 21. Somebody please tell me: why am I suddenly in love with the song on the cocacola commercial? World of coca cola is an amazing museum and entertainment. Coca Cola supports animal abuse! Help stop this! People are using Coca- Cola to clean their toilets and saying it works really well. 5000+ memes collected from tweets in Aug, 2012 I like your lips like I like my Coca-Cola, yeah. Oh how it pops and fizzes Your nails would dissolve in a cup of Coca- Cola in about 4 days. Coca-Cola played both sides during World War Two, they supported the American troops but also kept making soda for the Nazis.I hate when people ask dumb questions like "Why do you smoke kush", I usually answer with "Why do you drink coca cola? my dads insane, they say im to blame & my brothers on the coca-cola. Can I have a Coca-Cola Please? Is Pepsi ok? Is monopoly money ok? When it originally appeared in 1886 - Coca Cola was billed as an "Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage". That guy who found a condom in a coke bottle, should be thanking cocacola for protecting him from cancer. Coca-Cola Company sponsors 100 students for a summer entrepreneurship Coca Cola and Ice, admit it, no matter what your age it's always been one of the best things ever. I'm chilln like a polar bear in a coca-cola commercial...
  22. 22. •  The following slides showcase the results of the memetic discovery and details the perception of the Coca-Cola meme in the mind-space of the tweeters in August, 2012. •  This is a preliminary report. The full report mapping the meme space will include language guidelines, messaging recommendations, communication strategy suggestions about how to build a better meme Culture2 methodology and results
  23. 23. Prestige Hatred - Love Emotions Low – High Sincerity Cultic Legends – Facts Dishonest – Honest Meme Dimensions of Coca Cola •  Four memetic dimensions were found that explain 62% of the variance among the memes (this is good, textbooks say that above 60% is fine) •  All the four dimensions were quite well interpretable •  These are the drivers of the perception for Coca Cola 32% 13% 9% 8%
  24. 24. Weighted  Sta5s5cs  for  Meme  Dimensions   0  -­‐100%   +100%   Dishonest   Honest   Hatred   Love   Low   High   Emo5ons   Facts  Legends   Pres5ge   Cul5c   Sincerity   •  Coca  Cola  is  more  loved  than  hated,  in  spite  of  the  many  hatred  memes   •  According  to  the  memes,  its  pres8ge  is  rela8vely  lower  than  how  much  it  is  loved   (posi8ve  emo8ons  more  influen8al  than  cogni8ve  aspects)   •  It  is  accompanied  more  by  ‘legend  memes’  than  by  ‘fact  memes’   •  In  spite  of  the  love,  it  is  considered  rather  dishonest.  This  is  a  very  real  mid-­‐  to   long-­‐term  risk.  The  Coke-­‐meme  can  flip!   Dimension:  
  25. 25. Take-­‐Aways   The  meme  landscape  for  Coke  is  deeply   ambivalent  and  conflicted…  crea5ng   uncertainty  and  risk  about  its  future   prospects  as  a  global  brand.   •  Look  for  the  8pping  points  in  culture.  At  these   resonance  point  culture  will  change   •  Here  one  can  create  a  mul8plier  effect,  these   points  act  like  meme  aGractors.   •  Memes  can’t  be  stopped  but  the  memespace   can  be  altered   •  Meme8c  fitness  is  important,  contextual   consistency  is  crucial,  good  memes  fit  their   informa8onal  environment   •  If  you  don’t  control  your  own  meme    somebody   else  will  try!  
  26. 26. People  have  no  direct   experience  with   climate  change.    It  is   not  an  object  they  can   touch  to  confirm  that  it   is  real.       And  so  it  only  lives  in   the  minds  of  people  as   an  idea  –  a  very   threatening  idea!   THE CLIMATE MEME RESEARCH
  27. 27. •  Some  people  have  been   “infected”  with  the  global   warming  meme.       •  Their  minds  then  tried  to  fight   it  off  by  either  ac8vely  denying   the  meme’s  existence  or   striving  to  rid  the  world  of  it   •  Both  of  these  groups  represent   a  small  percentage  of  the   larger  society.       •  The  majority  of  society  have   not  been  infected.  
  28. 28. If  you  think  the  economy  is  more   important  than  the  environment,   try  holding  your  breath  while   coun5ng  your  money.   Friends  don’t  let  friends   date  climate  change   deniers…   “I’m  definitely  going  to  change   this  year.”      -­‐-­‐  Climate   Happy  to  agree  that   climate  change  exists.  Not   sure  if  reality  exists   though.   We  began  with  5000+  memes  from  TwiZer  and  harvested   during  MemeHunter  Hackathons  in  San  Francisco  and  SeaZle.   Global  warming  =  the  result   of  the  sun  trying  to  give  the   earth  a  hug.   Global  warming   is  increasing  UM   NO!!!!    We   cannot  control   the  weather   The  most  effec5ve  green   house  gas  is  not  carbon   dioxide,  but  water  vapor.     The  trend  of  co2  in  the   atmosphere  is  following   the  rise  in  temperature,  not   the  other  way  around.  If  climate  scien5sts  find  any  evidence  of   global  warming  then  their  funding   throughout  eternity  will  be  assured.   It  would  be   great  if  assault   rifles  could   shoot  climate   change…   The  Doha  climate   conference  made   more  hot  air  than   global  warming   Remember  when  a  Tornado  was  just  a   Tornado  and  not  a  commercial  for  global   warming?   One  of  the  main  weapons  of   the  power  elite  is  climate   change.    People  are   supposed  to  be  panicked…   If  we  all  just  got  real,  as  a   culture,  then  we  would  fix  it…   Don’t  believe  in   climate  change,  rap   fans?    Tell  that  to   Vanilla  Slush,  Water   Cube,  and  LL  Warm  J.   Adjust  your   spine,  adjust   your  actude.  
  29. 29. Meme Dimensions of Climate Change •     Five  dimensions  were  found  that  explain  63%  of  the  variance  among  the  memes              (this  is  good,  textbooks  say  above  60%  is  fine)   •     All  five  dimensions  can  be  interpreted  clearly  to  reveal  strategic  insights   •     These  are  the  drivers  of  percep5on  for  climate  change   17%   15%   12%   11%   8%   Harmony   Disharmony  —  Harmony     Survival   Ex5nc5on  —  Survival   Coopera5on   Disintegra5on  —  Unity     Momentum   Stall  —  Advance   Eli5sm   Populist  —  Vanguard  
  30. 30. The  popula8on  infected   by  the  ClimateMeme  virus   represent  about  5%  of   humanity.    Whatever   messaging  worked  to   infect  them  will  not  work   on  the  larger  popula8on.   We  need  to  discover  how   they  differ  from  the   mainstream  popula8on  to   design  different   messaging  strategies  for   the  rest  of  society.   All  People   Infected     Popula8on  
  31. 31. 35 It only creates anxiety! •  Are we out of harmony with nature? •  Is it going to kill off everyone we ever loved? •  Does this mean there’s something wrong with us? •  Do we have the power of gods to shape the planet in such profound ways? It’s good it doesn’t spread!
  32. 32. 3636 It reached the minority… Images from Archetypes in Branding by Margaret Hartwell
  33. 33. 3737 It reached the minority… archetypes reached & activated: hero, outlaw, warrior, explorer, adventurer, pioneer Images from Archetypes in Branding by Margaret Hartwell
  34. 34. 3838 The majority is not activated archetypes not reached/activated: innocent (+others from the majority: everyman, citizen...) Images from Archetypes in Branding by Margaret Hartwell
  35. 35. 39 Challenges to core beliefs
  36. 36. •  New dissemination strategies •  Work with memes that live •  Work with monies that are out there •  Build bridges between memes and networks •  Sometimes invisible bridges Our strategy is to finance spreading of existing memes in the heartland of America by existing donors on the bi-coastal bubble. Example: www.creationcare.org 40
  37. 37. 41
  38. 38. 42 Belief: System: Change You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. – R. Buckminster Fuller “ ”
  39. 39. B. Lazlo Karafiath, CEO lazlo@culture2.com facebook/culture2.com twitter.com/culture2 www.culture2.com Our Memes Thank You for Your Attention! facebook.com/culture2inc twitter.com/culture2inc www.culture2inc.com Balazs Laszlo Karafiath laszlo@culture2inc.com CultureCulture Inc.